Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Most Precious Brother/ Sister Story

When Katelyn had her 12 month well check up, it is a routine test for them to prick the baby's finger and check for anemia (iron deficiency) in the doctor's office. Unfortunately, the level needs to be over 11 and Katelyn's was 10.2. The pediatrician's office is not a blood lab so they know their tests are not completely accurate so they send you to a lab for an "official" test. Worse case scenario is that if she is anemic, then she has to go on iron supplement for 30 days then go back to the lab to be tested to see if her levels have gone up. I was anemic in college and my mom was anemic in her younger years... neither one of us are now so I am not really worried. However, the more likely scenario is that the lab test will show she is fine.

Anyway, I picked Daniel up from pre-school today and told him we had to take Katelyn to the lab to get a little shot.
He completely starts protesting.... "Please mommy, take me to Grandma's house!"
Me: "No, Daniel, she is at the church today."
Daniel: "Take me to Leigh Anne's house!"
Me: Daniel, this will take 5 minutes and we will be done then it is nap time.
Daniel: I can't watch my sister cry!
Me: Maybe she won't cry...
Daniel: Shots hurt and little babies cry... mom, it is going to make me very upset!
Me: I am sorry Daniel but we need to support her... she needs mommy and her big brother to be there for her.

So, we enter the lab (I know a secret Sonora Lab where it is always empty and only elderly people go there so they LOVE it when I take my kids!) and 2 ladies take us into the room.

Daniel: Can I stand in the hallway? Mom, I really cannot watch this.
Me: Sure, just stand where I can see you (because I had Katelyn on my lap)

So, the tech's put the rubber bands really tight around her arm and she starts crying then we hear Daniel say, "It is okay, Katelyn!" And the entire time they drew 2 containers of blood from her, he sang her favorite song from the hallway. Even through her tears, she turned her head often to watch him.

This is a story I want to tell them one day so they can know that they have always been there for each other!

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