Sunday, October 25, 2009

October 18 - 24

Tuesday.... my mom invited us and Jenny and Owen to go to Chandler Mall because they just got a train and they will take you for a ride around the mall. Daniel loved it and was waiving to everyone! Then we had a treat at McDonald's and did some shopping too!

Wednesday... we had our hospital playgroup over and they always have lots of fun playing in the playroom!

Thursday was football training at Sports class!

Then we went to Sue's house for pizza and cookie decorating! I love seeing the kids sitting around the table like little people! I just need to interject that Sue is a SuperWoman! She moved into her new house on Monday or Tuesday and had us all over on Thursday and she was totally unpacked! WOW!!!

Friday... Brendon took Daniel for a haircut... the hairdresser said the shorter we go with his hair the more crazy it will get! So, we are sticking with the long look for now as it is the most manageable for his curls!
Saturday... our neighborhood HOA had their annual Halloween party. We had bounce houses, DJ, snow cones, cotton candy, and popcorn... all the kids dressed up in their costumes and it was a lot of fun! No Pictures=(
I am caught up on my blog... wohooo! Now, that I am feeling my energy coming back we will start doing more and taking more pics and blogging more (that is a lot of promises!)
This week we have lots of fun things planned so stay tuned!

October 11 - 17

Monday night, I had coffee with a friend of mine and I am always amazed how LONG girls can chat at a Starbucks (with no kids around!)...

Thursday afternoon, we went with our playgroup and some friends to Desert Breeze playground! We had never been to this playground before but we really liked it... here is Daniel going down the BIG slide!

The weather is starting to break here in Phoenix where you can actually be outside and not have to be near water... so, we Daniel got lots of outdoor toys for his birthday and he has been having so much fun with them lately!
Rollerblading... I had to be right next to him because he didn't get a pads/ helmet set yet!

Friday night, Brendon and I had a date night visiting the new wing at Scottsdale Fashion Center! They have opened two incredible restaurants that will stand up to any restaurant in Vegas or New York... the environment, decor, and ambiance was amazing!

October 4 - 10

Wednesday... we had our church playgroup over and the theme was The Very, Hungry Caterpillar. We ate all the food that the caterpillar ate in the book and we did a craft as well! That afternoon, Michella brought her two girls over so I could watch them while she had an appointment. McKenzie and Madison are 2 of the sweetest girls ever... I told Brendon that I would have 3 kids any day if they were like those two girls and Daniel LOVES them!

Friday was my brother-in-law's birthday... we went to Serrano's and my camera wasn't working very good so it is a little blurry!

Saturday was Charlie's 3rd birthday at the Railroad Park in Scottsdale... it was our first time there and we LOVED it!

Waiting on the train....

The little train...

It was also the same day that they were having a railroad festival or something so they had these really cool model trains set up...

Getting on the big train...

All aboard!

Look at the beautiful Arizona sky!

That night we had some friends over for a BBQ - no pics=( However, it was the perfect Saturday!

Off to Raleigh and Nashville... ALONE!

Yes... Tuesday I flew by myself (can we say luxury without a 2 year old!) to see my BF from college Sara Grace! The trip started off with me getting to the airport and realizing that I did not have my driver's license (totally a pregger moment!) but did you know that your Costco card works just the same!!!

The whole 4 hour flight there I read just about every celebrity gossip/ fashion magazine that exists - how wonderful!

It was soooo amazing to have some incredible girl time with someone who is like another sister to me... we talked and laughed and shopped and had some amazing food and even squeezed in a 15 mile mountain bike ride! Please don't ask about our random thought of flying to NYC for a day and sleeping in the airport for a flight back... if I wasn't so darn tired at night because of baby #2 we would have TOTALLY done it! That sums up our 6 year relationship - crazy, spontaneous, and tons of fun! Sara Grace and Ryan... I love you both so much and am extremely blessed to have you in my life!

I had another incredible treat on my way home... I was able to choose a flight that landed in Nashville for over 3 hours so my sister picked me up and we went to have brunch at Ellendale's which is AMAZING, HEAVENLY, INCREDIBLE, WORDS CANNOT DESCRIBE food! Seriously, it was just so good and it was so fun having sister time with Amanda!

So, almost 1 week of absolutely no responsibilities and it was just an amazing break/ treat... however, I was so excited to get back to my baby boy and my best friend, my husband!

Now... this is where Sara Grace and I are really mad... neither one of us took ONE STINKIN' PICTURE the whole time... I want to cry just thinking about it! Oh well! We have the memories in our hearts forever!=)

September 24 - 28

Thursday - Sports class again! Then... one of those MAJOR decisions you have to make as a parent... THE FLU SHOT! We have NEVER had the flu shot before in our life and I am not really a pro-shot person (Daniel is completely immunized... just for the record) but I had 3 different doctor friends of ours tell us that if there is ever a year to get the flu shot... it is this year! So, we scheduled Daniel an appointment at the doctor for his flu shot and found out that since this is the first time he has had it... we have to go back in 4 weeks for another flu shot=( However, Daniel totally cracks me up about shots... I told him he was going to get a little boo-boo from the doctor but that they would give him a really cool band-aid! He loves band-aids! When the nurse gave him the shot... he totally held it together and said, "Band-aid???" like 5 times until it was completely on then he was soooooo proud of his boo-boo!

Saturday... we went to Jacq's b-day party which was robot themed! Very creative... which was nothing below what I expected from Jacq's mom... Tanya! She is also one of my pregger friends who is due 1 month after me! Unfortunately, I didn't get that many pictures...

September 17 - 23

Well... I am very disappointed in myself because I didn't take any pictures this week=( I have really been slacking... it might have something to do with my energy level=)

Thursday... we had our sports class which Daniel is doing so good at then I had my 10 week pre-natal (2nd doctor's appointment). My original plan was to have my mom watch Daniel during my appointments but Daniel LOVES going with me and he is SO well-behaed during the appointment. He has a doctor's set and he loves giving me check-ups like the doctor does... my blood pressure and heart beat get taken almost on a daily basis... haha!

Friday - this is Brendon's day off so he watches Daniel and I work. This has been a really good thing for both us as he gets to have some father/son bonding time with Daniel and I get to have my "work" release! That night, our friend invited us over for a delicious dinner... fun night!

Saturday... we went to Jimmy's 1st birthday... no pics! Then we picked my parents up from the airport and went to Ikea because they were giving away sweedish meatball dinners which I LOVE!

Tuesday - every Tuesday morning I attend a BNI (Business Networking International) breakfast and I was asked to be President of our chapter starting in October so again another great "career" release for me. That afternoon... we also went over to our friend Leah and Jackson's for a playdate but no pics=(

Wednesday - the last class my friend Christy had at her house that combined a story, craft, snack, songs, etc.

Saturday, October 24, 2009


Well, I have been very anxious to post some very exciting news (although I think everyone knows!) but Daniel is going to be a big brother! We are so excited! I didn't want to post it on the world-wide web until I was past my 1st trimester but I will be 16 weeks on Monday and have an estimated due date of April 13, 2010! My birthday is April 4th so my only request is that I don't have to be in labor on my birthday! Daniel and the new baby will be 2 years and 8 or 9 months a part and we were aiming for 2.5 - 3 years a part so it is just as we planned! We got to hear the baby's heartbeat 2 weeks ago and this baby sounds much more subdue than Daniel... Daniel was VERY fast and he moved ALL the time and this baby's heartbeat seemed slower to me and he/she was very still for the doctor to hear his/her heartbeat! Yes, this time we are going to find out what sex the baby will be... the ultrasound is scheduled for 4 weeks from Monday and I CAN'T WAIT! Daniel is also very excited... we have the BeBe Sounds dopler with 2 headsets and he loves listening to the baby! In the beginning, he was extremely confused and thought he had a baby in his belly too! Someone gave us a double stroller so I opened it up and explained to him that one side was for him and one side was for the baby and he got sooooooooooooooooooo excited! I am doing great... I am very fortunate not to have difficult pregnancies.... I didn't throw up with Daniel and I haven't thrown up for this one either. However, this one has been more difficult than Daniel as Daniel's pregnancy was a piece of cake! The worse this one got was that I really had no appetite and had nausea but that was about it... I have maintained my work out routine the whole way through and that has helped me a lot. After Daniel turned 2, his energy intensity and level went through the roof and my energy has dropped in the negative so it has been an interesting 16 weeks so far! The other very positive aspect of this pregnancy is that I won't be pregnant during the summer.... wohoooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am hoping this will mean NO SWELLING the last 6 weeks! So, watch out world... there is another Wilson joining us soon!

Nashville! September 11 - 16

Yes, you read right! My mom, Daniel and I flew on 9/11/09! Growing up in NY... this was very sobering....

However, we did and made it safely! We got to spend the weekend with my sister and her husband... I even got to have Sunday afternoon coffee with one of my college friends which was so fun!

Sunday night, we went to a Katina's concert and here is the fam minus Brendon and Phillip Jr.

Monday... Brendon flew in for a conference we were attending... so, it hit me on the flight over... "What are we going to do with Daniel while we are in this conference?" Fortunately for us... Christ Church has an incredible pre-school and they let us enroll Daniel for the week and he LOVED it! All day pre-school! We had to pack him a snack, lunch and they even had nap mats and I told the teacher there was no way he would go to sleep on a mat with a room of kids... well, the first day, I got his daily report and he took a 2 hour nap!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Unfortunately, we are not very good at taking pictures while we are away but here are a few at the airport before we took off! Nashville just put in a toddler play area that Daniel loved... see the little girl in the background... Daniel leaned over to give her a kiss on the lips! Fortunately, I was able to intervene before her father had it out with us!
Daddy and Daniel checking out the planes!