Friday, July 3, 2015

2 Months

I had been wanting a new coat for a while but was waiting to have the baby... I really wanted a North Face Full Length coat and we went to the Cherry Hill Mall which has a North Face store and they had one left in the entire store in my size - yeah!  Obviously, it was totally meant to be:)

Yes, she started smiling at 4weeks old!

I had started working this month.... when I came home, I loved cuddling with this precious gift!

We have another puker - just like her sister!

Our 11th wedding anniversary!  Connie came over to our house to watch the kiddos so we could go to breakfast at Smithville Bakery!

Katelyn sleeps with ALL of these "friends"

Katelyn having a picnic with Brendon:)

Easter Egg Drop at Fusion

After the Egg Drop:)

5 weeks!

Ruben and Ili invited us over for dinner!

The kids!

Katelyn and I playing "Nail Salon"

"Tummy Time"


... and bunny slippers!

My friend posted this and I thought it was hilarious!

We went to DC for our friends wedding...

Jenn gave Grace her first 31 bag:)

Crazy story.... I was at the ceremony thinking the pastor marrying them looked familiar and sounded familiar.... they were at our table at the reception and he was the chaplain at my college!  Small world!

Also Trish from Phoenix flew in for the wedding!

Our new worship pastor had been on staff for 3 weeks and we had just installed a new lighting, sound, media package - it was amazing watching it all fall into place.

The weather started changing....

so I started taking the baby for walks.... 

All of her NICU bills started coming in - THANK GOD for insurance!

Brendon text me from work one day asking what I was doing so I sent him this photo!

Loves looking at these guys on her swing!

Trying to wake her up to eat:)

My 6 week checkup at the OBGYN - Grace completely knocked out!

Crazy that 9 months I went here all the time and that sweet baby that we kept checking on was here - lying on the very bed that I would listen to her heartbeat!

Took Katelyn to the library for a "Date."

Beth Moore came to Atlantic City!

7 weeks!

Attempting to change her diaper....

Easter Egg Hunt 


8 weeks!

One of my favorite gifts!

Another Instagram post that I LOVED!

Playmobil in Grace's room!

She is so lucky to have this amazing big brother who just loves her!