Sunday, June 27, 2010

Blogging Marathon!

Well... I have enjoyed catching up on my blog... so, make sure you just keep scrolling down because I think I just did like a million new posts! Lots of Love From the Wilson's!

The CRAZY day!

So.... this was the crazy day! I started off by dragging both of my kids to the pediatrician's office for Katelyn's 2 month check up. As I walk in the office, the receptionist looks at my so weird and says, "I just left a message for you.... reminding you about your appointment for TOMORROW!" I don't know how this happened as I had to cancel the first appointment I had made for her and I had my calendar right in front of me when I made the appointment so either the doctor or myself put it in the calendar for the wrong day!=)

That afternoon... Andrea called to tell me she was going to the big youth event at church and wanted to know if I could watch her kids (we love switching babysitting) so I said sure! Then I remembered Daniel had gymnastics that afternoon but my friend Jenny was coming to watch Katelyn for me... Well, I just loaded up all 4 kids and went to gymnastics class and Jenny watched 3 and I spotted Daniel while he did all of his crazy moves! It was actually a lot of fun! Then, I couldn't even think about dinner so I stopped by the pizza shop on the way home - LOL!

They had a REALLY FUN afternoon!

Katelyn has definitely found her fingers and she is nothing short of obsessed with them!

Then they made their way upstairs to Toy Paradise!

Even with all the noise in the house, my little Katelyn sleeping like a cherub!

Jackson & Daniel

My friend Leah had her little second little baby boy recently and since I know it can be tough to get out of the house with two kids... and she doesn't have any family in AZ, I told her to drop Jackson off at my house for a playdate so she could have an afternoon to herself! Daniel and Jackson had a blast and it was so fun watching these two little munchkins interact as boys!

My theory... it is actually easier having an extra kid in the house as I don't have to entertain Daniel as much! I don't think this theory works on siblings though as I have heard the fighting requires lots of referring!

Why is she soooo happy?

Doesn't every baby look this happy after 3 shots and 1 oral vaccination! She never ceases to amaze me with her pleasant disposition! After her shots, she squealed a little bit then looked at the nurse and gave her the biggest smile ever!

Her MiMi from South Africa sent her this outfit in a big package we got recently! Thank you soooo much!

I LOVED the band-aids that the nurse gave her... total bling! I am all about baby girl bling!

So, her stats:

10 weeks
Height: 23 inches
Weight: 11.13 pounds

A Day at the Park/ Gardening

So, we had a playdate at the park... my friend brought a whole bunch of stuff for us to plant herbs! One of my hearts desire is to have an herb garden... I have tried so many times! I have bought fully grown herbs and put them in my courtyard which is right off of my kitchen so I could just go out there and pick them to put in my meals but I forget to water them! So, we planted seeds and I have put them on window sill over my kitchen sink... I have watered them every day and I have nothing 10 days later! I am just convinced I don't have a green thumb - I am so heart broken!=(

Above... I with you could see her bedazzled onesie... it is a princess crown with lots and lots of bling!!!! Below is Mr. Handsome enjoying some early morning fun at the park before it turned 100 degree plus that day!

Wedding Weekend/ Father's Day!

Summer = Weddings! I love weddings and I am so happy because we have 2 to attend this summer! It was a big weekend with rehearsal and rehearsal dinner on Friday night, Wedding on Saturday night then Sunday was Father's Day and we had my parents and the Wolff's over with their 4 kids for dinner on Sunday! I was exhausted after this fun weekend!


Monday... our town that we live in hosted a sand & water day for the kids... it was really cute and since those are two of Daniel's favorite elements, he had a great summer day!

Tuesday.... well, we got a gift certificate from friends when Daniel was born for Wee Piggies and after Katelyn was born, I thought I should have this done for Katelyn as well! The funny thing is that my mom had come over a couple of weeks after Katelyn was born and said the same thing... so, I called the lady up and she said that she no longer comes to your home to do it but you have to go to her as she has an in-home day care.... so, I had to take both kids to Maricopa to have this process done but I can't wait to get it back as it is so cute and a great memory that I can have forever!

Wednesday we went to a super cute playdate with an "I Spy" theme... basically all the kids had a clear empty water bottle then there were a couple of tables with every kind of snack you can possibly think of and they got to fill their water bottles with the snacks. My King of Snacks LOVED this activity!

Katelyn also enjoyed the playdate... melting everyone's heart with her sweet personality and precious smile!

I caught her holding her burp cloth in her mouth!

Erin's Diaper/ Baby Sprinkle/ Shower!

Seriously, I think every female I know is pregnant or just had a baby... LOL! Not really but it feels like it! Erin is due with Baby Boy #2 on Saturday and I am so happy we got to celebrate his arrival!

Katelyn got lots and lots of loving and cuddles from all of my friends! I was going to try to take a picture of each one holding her but I started loosing count and was keeping up with Daniel too!

Below is the guest of honor... Erin holding Katelyn... getting in some last minute practice!

Below is Michella... her daughter said she was holding a baby that was matching Katelyn! Precious, Sweet Charlie is in the picture as well!

Erin, I hope you have an easy labor and recovery and a healthy baby boy!

The Westin @ Kierland!

Let's just say one of the perks of living in a vacation destination is that you get all the great resorts! We enjoyed some time at the Westin Kierland this weekend!

One of my favorite stories from this weekend is that we were sitting in the lobby relaxing and this very high society lady with perfect hair, blinged out in pearls, perfect outfit... she looked like she could be the wife of the President even had a Southern accent... comes up to us and says that we have the perfect American Family... a little boy who is the oldest with a little girl, 3 years a part, blah, blah... as she is going on and on... Daniel reaches up to her and grabs her nose and says, "I am going to eat your nose!" This is his new favorite game!

This kid keeps me laughing all the time! I am bringing everything in from the car from the resort and he says, "Look, Mom!" I had to get my camera and take a picture!

Friday, June 25, 2010

Catching up....

Summer... there really is nothing like it! Starting Memorial Day was lots of graduation celebrations, Memorial Day BBQ's, Swimming.... sigh!

Daniel is only 2 months away from turning 3 and he is all boy... full of energy that NEEDS to be burned on a daily basis or he is like a caged up lion that will go crazy! So, I signed him up for gymnastics for the month of June... the first class I brought both him and Katelyn thinking I could totally handle it (this is a mom and tot gym class!). Needless to say, it is hard to hold a newborn and spot your 3 year old doing flips, etc! She did stay in her carrier part of the time but he is so obsessed with his sister that he had to check on her every 2 minutes to make sure she was "okay." It really melted my heart but she was also a huge distraction. So, I had "Plan B" for the next week... my friend Jenny is a nurse and they work 3 twelve hour shifts so she told me that she would love to help me with my kids on her days off! So, I asked her if she wanted to come to gym class with me the next week to hold Katelyn and she thought it would be a blast... she came all the way to the class and it was CANCELED! ugghhhh! So, she came the following week to help as well and I will blog more about that night later=)

The other big news for June is I started back to the gym! I would have started much earlier but the infant room starts at 8 weeks at my gym so the day she turned 8 weeks, I was back to the gym and I am feeling so great! Did I mention that the workers all scream when Katelyn arrives and say, "Our favorite baby is here!" It makes it so easy for me to leave her with them because I watch how they cuddle her and she is bringing "Pure Refreshment" to them! Actually this morning, Brianna only had Katelyn in the infant room and when I went to pick her up, they were both cuddling and asleep!

I also planned a surprise birthday party for my dad the first week in June! There are no pics on my camera because I was sooooooooooooooooo busy with that! It totally wore me out but it turned out awesome!

Summer also means WEDDINGS! I went to a bridal shower on Sat morning with Katelyn... such a fun, girly experience! That evening we ended the perfect summer night with a BBQ dinner at our friend Jenny and her fiancee Kyle's house!

I thought I would insert a random picture... My 2 precious babies that make me the happiest girl in the world... also the most tired girl in the world - HAHA! I am so thankful for how much Daniel loves Katelyn.... he thinks Katelyn loves cars already! Who knows? Maybe she does!

Monday, I took both of them to Peter Piper Pizza... funny story here, this was the day for our church playgroup and I sent out the e-mail and said that this week we were doing Bounce Jungle and the following month we were doing Peter Piper Pizza... except that I wrote it on my calendar backwards so when we got to PPP, there was no one there! Daniel was sooooo bummed and I felt TERRIBLE! We still had a good time... it was kind of nice to spend time with my little buddy!

That week we also had a playdate at my friend Kristy's house then rushed out to get my hair done! It felt so good as I haven't had it done since right before Katelyn was born!

That weekend we had another graduation party! ... and we swimmed our lives away!

My two favorite males in the whole wide world!

Unfortunately, Katelyn won't be making it into the pool this summer as she is too young... Daniel was 8 months when he experienced the pool first and I am going to wait until she is past 6 months per my pediatrician's recommendation. However, she will be sporting some super cute bathing suits/ sun hats this summer!

Monday I took Katelyn for her 2 month pictures... I took Daniel every month for his pictures the fist year of his life so I have to do this for Katelyn too! It is quite the commitment! Later that day, we met Sara and A & I at the Chandler Airport for lunch and airplane fun! Daniel is totally obsessed with airplanes after flying to Florida with my dad! He loved this trip!

Saturday, June 19, 2010

2 months - June 7th!

Almost two weeks late in posting her 2 month picture but here it is!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Auntie's 30th B-day Party!

Aaron's parents had a little party for Leigh Anne Sunday afternoon and Daniel got to spend time with his buddy Logan! Leigh Anne let the boys unwrap her present!

So, they are not blood related but sometimes I look at them and see so much similarities that it is wierd! They are 2 years a part but they love hanging out with each other!

My mom soaking up some Katelyn Love!

Cake Time!

Happy Birthday, Auntie! We love You!