Sunday, November 30, 2008

Thanksgiving Day!

I had problems posting pics for this post... so the first picture doesn't make sense posted here but as you read this post, it should make sense=)

Thanksgiving Day we celebrated at my parent's home... the food was sooooo delicious!!!!!!!!!!!! I don't remember the last time that I enjoyed a Thanksgiving dinner as much as this year!!! My parents also put up their tree so we took turns getting our picture taken in front of it!

My amazing Husband and I!
My beautiful son!

I think I kiss him way too much but I can't help myself - his cheeks scream out to me!

The three blond hair, blue eyed, fair skin sisters/ son team - can you tell we are all related!

My sister and Daniel

Uncle Christopher and Daniel... Christopher started off the week feeling a little awkward around Daniel as he has not had very much "baby" experience but by the end of the week he was a PRO-Uncle!

Our tradition on Thanksgiving is to see a movie after "the meal" so this year Leigh Anne and Aaron were gracious enough to watch Daniel for us so we could go to the theater as well... then after the movie everyone came over to our house for desert and to play games! (Now the first picture of this post makes sense!) In the middle of Jenga, we had a HUGE hail storm... it was piling up around our pool fence like snow!
I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving as well - I have so much to be thankful for as we all do! I have an amazing family and wonderful friends - those are the most valuable things in life that all the money in the world can't buy!

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Out of Africa!

This week has been SUPER busy... filled with a lot of fun and memories while my sister Amanda and brother-in-law Christopher have been in town... I will blog later about all we have done this week but today we went to OUT OF AFRICA... This place was very cool.... I have so many pictures from today but below are just a few:

Grandpa and Daniel on the train heading to see the SNAKE SHOW!

The Whole Family minus Me (the photographer!)

Daniel staring at the snakes... with his Snack Trap! As long as Daniel has snacks, he is a happy camper=) By the way, I highly recommend the Snack Trap... great tool for moms!

It was very hard to get a picture of Daniel's face as he was looking at the animals the whole time! Look at how close he was to the tiger!

Last but not least... my favorite animal - the lion!

After the park, we went shopping (we have done tons of that this week!) then we went over to my parents for dinner! My dad grilled hamburgers, made french fries and fried okra (so yummy!) and we ate outside by the fire pit... which Daniel loves! He knows it is hot so he blows at it constantly becuase we have taught him to blow his food when it is hot! Babies are soooo smart!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Birthday Party Fun!

Yesterday we put up our tree and we had help!

Daniel loves cords so when he saw the outdoor Christmas Lights, he was in Christmas Heaven!

Kai's 1st Birthday Party at Playtopia!

Daddy went to both birthday parties with us!

Daniel and his friend Andrew eating Mum-Mum's! If you are parent, they only carry these at Wal-Mart and be careful because every baby that tries them becomes instantly addicted... often referred to as "baby crack!"

Jaiden's 2nd Birthday Party at Peter Piper Pizza!

The Two Men in My Life!

So, this is one of those coin operated rides and we put Daniel in... he loved it until he turned around and saw the scary monster and he totally freaked out!

So... Mommy climbed into this ride made for a toddler and finished the ride with him!=)

I loved this game as a kid! One of the great things about having kids is that you get to be a kid all over again too!

After Church today, little Jayden wanted to hold Daniel's hand to take him to the fountain and Daniel wanted nothing to do with submitting to Jayden's wishes!

Then Daniel got mad - but if you notice to the left of the picture there were these two young girls there that were getting a lot of entertainment out of this... probably thinking they are never going to have kids - hahaha!

My sister and brother-in-law are coming into town tomorrow for the holiday's so more fun blogs to come!

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Thanksgiving next week???

I cannot believe that Thanksgiving is next week! Every year the holidays hit me totally out of the blue... I wake up one morning and think... Oh my gosh! I have to get into the holiday spirit!!! YEAH! I think it is even stranger living here in Arizona where the weather is 80 degrees and we are thinking of Thanksgiving and Christmas but I AM NOT COMPLAINING!!! I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So, on Tuesday night I hosted a Discovery Toys party at my house so all of us mom's could get a head start on Christmas shopping and we had a blast! Discovery Toys are so great because they are very educational and great quality toys - they have had no lead re-calls, etc and they have a lifetime warranty... so we found some great toys for our kiddos!

I had to post the picture below because it shows Daniel's cute hand motion that he does when you ask him "Where something is?" He holds his hands like, "I don't know, where?"

Also, he just learned how to blow into his whistle this week and make beautiful music!

Again, speaking of the holiday spirit, my friend Jill hosted a Pie Tasting Party at her house on Wednesday and she already decorated for Christmas! How exciting! She inspired me so much that we put ours up today too!

The below picture is Amanda holding her adorable son Paxton AND Daniel in front of Jill's tree... because I was holding Jill's new baby Ryen and Daniel freaked out... he has a major jealousy issue that we are trying to work on!

Daniel pushing Ella's baby doll stroller!

Daniel also learned how to open our doors this week so I caught him here getting into my pantry!

In the pantry, pointing to what he wants!

Daniel throwing himself on the floor when I told him "No" that he can't get into mommy's pantry!

Below is Daniel testing mommy to see if she really meant "No" that he couldn't get into the pantry... this whole power struggle has ended with us installing baby locks on our doors=)

I was so glad that I was able to get the below moment on camera... Daniel found Max's leash and attached it to his bear to take him for a walk around the living room!

Daniel and I made are our Thanksgiving Cards this year... I thought that they turned out super adorable!

On Thursday we had a play date with Audrey - her mommy is going to have a baby in less than six weeks and we can't wait to meet Izzy! It was also my parent's 32nd wedding anniversary.... we had them over for dinner last Sunday to celebrate! I feel so blessed to have incredible role models like them!
We went to two very cute birthday parties today so I will post some pictures soon of the fun!

Friday, November 14, 2008

It's the weekend!


Well, the Wilson Family is officially healthy again... we all had the 24 hour stomach virus at some point over the past two weeks - uggghhhh=(

Our week:
On Sunday our church had a huge BBQ at Tumbleweed and we all had a great time... guess who forgot her camera so I can't show you how much fun we had=( On Tuesday night, our friends Paul and Tatiana invited us over for dinner and Daniel stayed with his Aunt Leigh Anne and Uncle Aaron. Tatiana is from Brazil so she cooked us an amazing Brazilian dinner and we had a great time catching up! Daniel and I went to Gymboree again on Wednesday and this time we did one of their play classes. Daniel really had a great time climbing on all their equipment and going through all their obstacle courses. I also learned from one of the instructors that they re-arrange their gym every 2 weeks because it is important for a child's surroundings to be switched around often in order to keep things new and exciting for them! So... today I re-arranged Daniel's entire play room! Then on Thursday, Daniel went to his first "BABIES IN MOTION" class - this is a 9 week program that I signed him up for and the class is filled with one of our play groups so it is a nice way for him to interact with all of his friends. After the class, we went to Qdoba for their grand opening... everything on the menu was free! After lunch, we went to see Dr. Jones again because Daniel got a bug bite last week but it starting looking really bad so they wanted to see him to make sure that it was not infected.... sure enough Dr. Jones prescribed him an antibiotic because it was slightly infected but not too bad... thank God!

So, after all the active classes Daniel has been going to, I decided that I wanted to get him some equipment for him to play with at home... so here he is!

This is the easy part to set up but it also has 2 tents that attach to this and he LOVES it! I will post more pics of the whole thing put together!

Our precious Shih Tzu Max hardly gets any face time on our blog so I got an up close shot of him to post... Daniel and Max truly are best friends - they really have an amazing relationship!

I LOVE this picture - Daniel and my very, HOT husband cudling! Gosh, I love my family!!!!!!!!

Monday, November 10, 2008

Just In Case You Ever Wonder

I just bought Daniel this board book called Just In Case You Ever Wonder by Max Lucado... I was saving the book to read it to him tonight so we had a new book to read before bed time. So... I just read it to Daniel and just a few pages in, I started crying and I could hardly make it through the book... so I just want to tell you that you MUST buy this book if you are a parent and read it to your child!!! It is so precious and maybe tomorrow night I can get through this book without tears... this will go down as my most precious moment reading to Daniel! If you are not a parent, buy this book for someone who has a child... it is soooo good!

Good Night!

Monday, November 3, 2008

Happy 15 months old, Daniel!

... so I started this post on Monday but just finished it today (Saturday, November 8th) so hopefully this post will make more sense as you read it since it is dated for Monday, November 3rd)

Daniel turned 15 months old on Monday!!! I can't believe it... we went to the doctor on Tuesday for his check up and he is in the 90th percentile for his height and 50th percentile for his weight. The doctor said that his vocabulary is that of an 18 month old! After his check up, I took Daniel to vote... I was nervous as the news casts were reporting that there were long lines but we got right in! In fact, one of the volunteers was so sweet and offered to hold Daniel for me so I could read/concentrate on the ballet. After voting, we went to Starbucks to get our free coffee and to Chick-Fil-A to get our free chicken sandwich for voting=)

Back to Saturday, Daniel went to Ella's 2nd birthday party at Tumbleweed Park - it was an Elmo theme party and Daniel loves running around the park and I love the exercise!

After the party, we went over to Leigh Anne and Aaron's... they made us some chili then we all went to Schnepf's Farm and had a great time!

They have a petting zoo and if you have been following this blog... you know I have sprouting farmer on my hands=)

Aaron, Leigh Anne, Brendon and Daniel inside the petting zoo!

I love this picture of Daniel looking up at his Uncle Aaron!

Since Daniel has learned to walk... there are very few times he wants to be held... especially at a cool place like Schnepf's where there is so much to do and see! The below picture shows Daniel telling me that he doesn't want to be held=(

So, this ride is for 2 years and up but we convinced the ride operator to let us on and Daniel LOVED it!

It wouldn't be a trip to Schnepf's Farm without a picture in the pumpkin patch!

The Wilson Family on a Hay Ride!

On Monday, we went over to Dawn's house for a play date with our Hot Mamma's group!
That evening we had Ryan and Brian over for dinner... Brian, his wife Heather and their baby boy moved down here from Michigan this week to intern at the church and we are very excited to have them join the CLC family!
Wednesday was laundry and chore day here at the Wilson Home... no one but me is allowed to do laundry because I am very picky on how it is done and how clothes are folded... this is how I grew up and I guess I am continuing the tradition! HAHA! I don't do laundry often enough so when I have to do it, it is like a laundry marathon!
On Thursday, we went over to Sara and Audrey's house for Christ Life Church's Mommy and Me Group.... Daniel always finds the most "girly" toy that Audrey has and plays with that... this time it was her doll stroller=) Brendon also attended an HOA meeting on Thursday night - we have lived here for 2 years and never attended one of these!
There is our week in a wrap... my husband is attending a funeral now but we have plans to go scuba diving and attend a BBQ tonight so I am getting super excited as I haven't scuba dived in 6 years!
Have a great weekend!