Sunday, September 19, 2010

Salon de Wilson/ Family Pictures

Brendon has been wanting a new Mac Computer for a long time... he finally got it this week and he was beyond excited!

Friday night, Brendon and I had a date night and we went to a gun club and I shot a gun for the first time in my life! It was super scary and I hated it! However, Brendon was saying... there is a guy in our living room and our babies are in the house, what are you going to do? Heck! I am going to KILL you! Okay, I don't want to kill you but I want to hurt you really bad and cause you a lot of pain! You don't want to get this Mother Hen's feathers ruffled over the safety of her chicks....=)

Saturday... we set up a Hair Salon in our house. Lauren will come to your house and cut, color, wax... you name it! With all three of us needing hair cuts and me needing some high lights... what a pain to get to the hair salon so this was soooo easy! Lauren did the whole family's hair!

Daniel requested "spikey" hair and he got it! I thought... since we all just got our hair cut, let's run to Portrait Innovations really quick and get a family picture so... we did!


We are officially in THIS STAGE!

Reptiles, Bugs and Dinosaurs are cool!

Hmmm... Katelyn, what do you think about this?

Katelyn is on a napping schedule and it is not the easiest to get out of the house with two kids in this heat so I don't get out as much as I used to but last Monday was just one of those days that we needed to get out so we met Kim and Michella at the Toddler McDonald's for a playdate.

I tried to get a picture of Katelyn and Kim but the above one Kim had her eyes closed but Katelyn was looking and below Kim's eyes are open and Katelyn is not looking... LOL! If only I knew how to photoshop... I could switch out their faces=)

What color are Daniel's eyes???

Hmmm... you thought they were blue?

No... PINK!

Last Friday morning Daniel climbed into bed with us and I took a quick double look at this kid and knew exactly what he had=( PINK EYE! Poor Kid... he didn't complain about it once though!

So, Lisa (our dear friend who is the triage nurse for Dr. Jones) called in eye drops for us... the first time I had to put eye drops in his eye, he totally freaked out on me and I had to use every muscle in my body to hold him down! After that, I think he realized it wasn't that bad and he was an eye drop champion! He would lay down totally still and just let us do what we needed to!

... except those eye drops didn't quite make it in the eye! LOL! Again, it was another 48 hours of keeping Daniel and Katelyn separated so she didn't get it and we all survived! The joys of pre-school, birthday parties, the gym daycare... you never know what your kid is going to pick up!

More Parties!

After reviewing my pictures over the last couple of weeks, I have been horrible at documenting some fun events=(

Two weeks ago, I got to attend a baby shower for Marisue... she had her twin baby boys today! Congratulations! The shower was very cute and just in time!

Labor Day.... we ate and hung out in the pool all day at my parents house!

We also put Katelyn in her exersaucer for the first time... she did like it! We only put her in it for about 10 minutes as I am not sure if her little legs/ muscles are ready for that much pressure yet! Daniel also thinks it is a very cool new toy!

He understands that a lot of Katelyn's stuff was his when he was little and he thinks that is so cool too!

Her favorite thing right now is "tags!" Out of all the cool toys on this exercauser, she focuses her attention on these little tags! It cracks me up!

Thursday was Sophia's party!

My first Sewing project!

I love craft nights with girlfriends! So, one Thursday night a couple of us girls got together and whipped out a sewing machine and I tried out a girl's power tool for the very first time! I think I might just have to put a sewing machine on my Christmas list=)

We made re-usable snack bags! I think they turned out great!

The insides are lined with muslin...

The D Man!

Yes, somehow this has become Daniel's new nickname this month... it will probably change next month! My dad always said that we never knew what our real names were because we were NEVER called by them... LOL! I don't know if I ever call my kids by the name that we CHOSE for them either... hehe!

I remember after I gave birth to Katelyn, I couldn't WAIT for Daniel to meet his sister... I think it is one of the greatest joys of having a second child... now they are starting to interact and it makes my heart smile!

Daniel has taken his role as Big Brother very serious and Katelyn makes it very easy for him to be the best Big Brother because she absolutely adores him and laughs at his every move... stops crying when he sings to her and loves kissing him!

Oh Lord, thank you so much for these babies! They are my greatest gifts and my joy and blessings!

Daniel makes up some of the funniest games... most of them require running down the long hallway and chasing Max... but for this day, he got extremely creative!

I was making lunch and he had taken out my hot pads and put them on the ground and he played with these forever... they were bases for a baseball game then they became hurdles to jump over and a zillion other games! So, mammas out there reading this... forget the expensive toys, buy the CHEAPO hot pads form Ikea and keep your kid busy for at least an hour... LOL!

Then Katelyn was placed on the sidelines as his personal cheerleader... every time he ran by her, she would crack up laughing with belly laughs!

Here was another jumping game!

As a side note, please don't judge me based on outfits that you see him in while he is at home=) He is REALLY into dressing himself right now and I am okay with his clothing selection as long as he is at home... when we leave the house, then that is when I have to give him some coaching!

Daniel's 3 year well check up

Daniel had his 3 year old well check up... and I am not sure if I got his exact numbers but he is 55% for weight and between 85 - 90% percentile for his height! He did amazing... after all, he loves Dr. Jones!

I had scheduled Katelyn's 4 month and Daniel's 3 yr visits for the same time but then I canceled them because we were out of town so then I couldn't get another appointment with the two of them together so she just got to tag along and look pretty!

Daniel was a little nervous as he hasn't had a check up since he was 2 years old but he did great! He was even mocking Dr. Jones before he came in and said, "Mom, I am Dr. Jones... 'Hey Guys! How are you doing? Daniel, you were a good boy... would you like a lollipop and a sticker?" I started cracking up laughing because he imitated him exactly in his voice, gestures, and everything!

There were no shots this time... just the routine flu shot which they didn't have in yet so Daniel just had a pleasant visit. However, as I sat in the exam room, I thought... Am I really sitting here for Daniel's 3 YEAR OLD CHECK UP? Was I not just in here for his 6 month check up and now he can imitate the doctor and ask me why there is a roll of paper on the exam bed? How do these kids grow up so quick and get so smart?

Daniel, you are just amazing...your heart is soooo beautiful! Like tonight, when you were so excited to get all of your lollipops from the treasure hunt at the birthday party... you ran up to me and asked me what color of lollipop I would like and even took one out to share with daddy later. You made my night because I know how important every lollipop is to you=) Love you, big boy!

Katelyn Fay

Yesterday, my heart literally almost burst inside my chest... I held her so tight and closed my eyes because my love for her was so overwelming! Every day as her personality blossoms and she is able to express her love more for us, it is the best thing that has ever happened to us! I just drink her up and get intoxicated on her love.

Most of you know that I am just as girly girl as it gets... I think I bleed pink, I love bling, I adore princesses... you get the picture! So, at 20 weeks old... what does Katelyn get? Painted Toes!

Our pediatrician does not recommend solids until 6 months but he said that we could try it if we think there is a chance we could get 12 hours of straight sleep out of her instead of 8 so we did... and SHE LOOOOOVVVEEEEDDD it!

She opens her mouth like a little birdie and you just better be ready with the shovel to pour it in! However, it didn't work and she still likes her nursing session at night=) So, we stopped giving it to her routinely until 6 months! However, she won't take a bottle very well anymore so if I have to leave her for a little bit, I leave cereal and formula to mix the cereal in and she will take that. I have a feeling I have a big eater on my hands!

Her new obsession... her toes! Do you think it has anything to do with the fact that she liked her pedicure too? hehe!

Baby girl, you have brought sheer delight and joy to my soul... I had super high expectations, dreams and fantasies about having a little girl and you have superseded anything I had imagined about having a little baby girl! Thank you for being such an amazing gift.

More Birthday Parties

Well, I have not caught up on the kiddos for a while now! The last weekend in August, we had a couple of birthday parties to attend... one was for Libby at her community's splash pad!

So, I think Arizona has something like 350 days of sunshine a year... this one Friday morning happen to be one of the 15 days that the sun wasn't out! LOL! So, we ended up going back to Libby's house for cake, presents and play time! I LOVE CLOUDY DAYS as they are a total luxury around here!

The very next day we went to Logan's birthday party... unfortunately, I don't have any picture from that party as I had both kids by myself and juggling two kids when you only have two hands doesn't give me another hand for the camera!

Shopping for La Casa de Wilson

Do you ever get that itch to get something new for your house? You just want something to new to look at and go... ahhhh, I LOVE it! I got a couple of fun new things for our house this week and because everything deserves a picture, here they are:

My mother in law from South Africa is coming in a couple of weeks so I thought it would be nice to freshen up her room with something new! I got this cool candle holder... I have always LOVED candles but now I am really into home scents and this candle smells AMAZING! Right now, I put rocks in the holder for a nice zen feel but I am thinking filling it with autumn leaves for the fall or shiny ornaments for Christmas!

So, my mom had these two lanterns on her outdoor table last week and I told her I loved them and she surprised me with my own set! It was my "thank you" gift for watching Phillip this past week. We had this entertainment center built and I have yet to put anything on the top shelf... I know it needs more than these two lanterns but we are getting there! Now, I just need to get some pumpkin scented pillar candles to put in there=)

Well, here is a super cool before and after picture! This pendant light has been hanging above our stairs since we moved in and I have wanted to change it since the day we moved in! However, this week I decided enough was enough and it came down!

Here is the beauty that was put in its place!

Well, that is all for now from the Casa de Wilson! I love having a few new pieces to ohh and ahh over!