Tuesday, May 10, 2011


Katelyn's favorite toy by far is her baby! She loves being a mommy! She feeds them, sings to them, bounces them, pats them, puts them to bed, and as of today started nursing them!

She is absolutely obsessed with this slide! She knows how to go up the stairs or just climb up the slide... it scares me to death but this girl is completely fearless!

I was wanting to get a picture of Katelyn going through the tunnel because she LOVES that too but Daniel thought he would be silly:)

This is one of Daniel's "Pre-School" books that he loves but this is where he gets a taste of what it is like to have a little sister because guess who else REALLY likes this book???

She also loves to color! So, she thinks this is a coloring book of Elmo and let's just say that Daniel is EXTREMELY gracious with her... well, most of the time! LOL!

Lastly, she loves this Dinosaur that you drop balls into it... she plays with this FOREVER!

I absolutely love playtime with my kids... in my fantasy world, I would have no other responsibilities except to sit in the floor with them totally uninterrupted and play with them all day, every day!

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