Saturday, May 23, 2009

Fun in the Sun!

Last Tuesday, Kim and I took the kids to Adrianna's house for a playdate... Adrianna was so sweet as she let Daniel play with the hose the whole time! HE LOVED IT!
Then she made Daniel's favorite food for lunch... PIZZA!
On Thursday, wen went with a couple of friends to Bounce Jungle! I had as much fun as Daniel jumping around and going down the very high slides they have!

On Saturday... Brendon and I took Daniel to THE PHOENIX CHILDREN'S MUSEUM... I love this place!

How fun is this? A jungle of foam noodles to run through=)

Their kitchen set up is so cool! Even the refrigerator is cold! Here is Daniel bringing us a plate of food he made!

I love the wall of hanging CD's!

It was such a fun family day!

If you know my son, you know he has a complete obsession with BIKES! It is his favorite word and he says it many, many times a day... so the below picture captures his favorite things in the world - his dad and a bike!

Tuesday, we went over to Tammy's house for a fun playdate but we forgot the camera=(
Tuesday night, we had Chad and Andrea over to watch American Idol then on Wednesday night we had them over again to watch the results... unfortunately, it didn't TIVO so we only got to see the last 30 min=(
Wednesday, Kim and I took the toddlers to San Tan to play in the splash pad and Kendall's favorite is the puppy store - but Kim and I managed to get some personal shopping done as well! Kendall and Daniel did some big protesting though=) Do you have any ideas or suggestions on how to keep toddlers happy while shopping?
Thursday we went over to Sara and Audrey's house for a fun playdate - I wonder why I didn't take any pics this week?
Last night, we dropped Daniel off at my parents to spend the night and Brendon and I went out to dinner and to see Star Trek=) We are NOT Star Trek fans but this was a really good movie even if you have NEVER seen a Star Trek movie before!
We woke up this morning and met my parents at the gym at 8:30AM for the Body Pump class! I still love working out every day at Fitness Works!
Then we had a 80th Birthday Party to go to and they had the best food EVER catered in - Brendon and I have been talking about the food at that party all day long=) In fact, I am totally craving it RIGHT NOW - gosh! It was AMAZING!
Then we went to a graduation party...
Now... we are finally sitting down watching Australia on our new 60" TV we bought last night=) Hopefully, this week our entertainment center will be finished... we went over the final set of plans on Thursday night - yeah!
Happy Memorial Day!

Sunday, May 10, 2009


So, on Friday... Daniel and I flew to Nashville - just me and him! I was really nervous! So, my friend Sara had just flown with her two babies a couple of days before me and recommended that Brendon get the "escort" pass to take me to the gate! That was amazing advice! That totally saved me getting through security!

When we got to the boarding area, I started looking around to see if there were other babies on the plane... then I saw a girl from our church April and her daughter Layla who is Daniel's age! I couldn't believe it - we were on the same flight!

It was a 4 hour flight turned 5 hours because of weather... my son was amazing! He sat on my lap the entire time and did not make a peep or ask to get down! I WAS TOTALLY AMAZED! The flight attendants and people around me all complimented me at the end of the flight... I couldn't have been a prouder or more relieved mom!=)

We finally got to my sister's house where some of our family had come in for her graduation! We decided to get a picture of my parents with their grandchildren=) Daniel and my sister and Christopher's baby... LUCY!

The below pic has my grandparents in it... these are my dad's parents! Please notice how Daniel is posing for the picture and has his hand around his cousin's neck=)
The cutest thing I have ever seen a dog do is below... Lucy had her paw around her cousin's neck... I promise that we did not do this, Lucy did this on her own=)

Graduation Day.... it rained every day and almost all day while we were in Nashville=( However, the important thing is Amanda graduated with her Masters in Counseling!
The below pic includes my sister's in-laws.

So, Daniel was great on the flight but he was not in the mood for sitting through a graduation=)

My grandfather with his 1st great-grandchild... seeing the 2 of them together makes my heart happy!

My sister and I!

This is our rainy hair look=)

Daniel and I in front of the band!

The amazing gang that I am very blessed to be a part of!

Saturday, May 9, 2009

The 1st.....

Monday after I got back from SoCal was just a crazy catch up day! I was just happy to get to the gym! Then on Tuesday, I got my teeth cleaned... wohoo!=)

So, by Wednesday... I was ready to do something fun! Kendra and the twins came over for a play date and Kendra taught me how to make Strawberry jam.... it was so fun! I eat thing stuff like candy!

Then on Thursday, Daniel and Daddy had a fun Father/ Son day while getting him ready for his trip to Nashville!
He had his 1st Dentist Appointment! Brendon said this place was incredible!

He let the dentist clean his teeth and give him a fluoride treatment! She also taught him how to brush his teeth and he listened to her as he does it perfect now!

Then they were off to get his 1st haircut! Sniff! Sniff! I was really wanting to wait until he was 2 but as you can see below... he was looking a little shabby!

So, Snippits is a place that just does kids hair cuts and it is very cute! They have their own personal TV, gaming systems, snacks, bubbles, and even get a toy at the end in this cool machine!

Now, Brendon told me he liked getting his hair cut but I don't see that expression in the picture above=) He said that was a quick sad face!

Well, he is officially my BIG boy now!

Southern California!

I know! You thought I had given up blogging.... NEVER! We have just been away and there is always so much to do when you get back! My computer has been acting really weird too!

Anyway, the day before Brendon and I left for SoCal, I took Daniel to a play date and he LOVES play kitchen sets... I think this would make a good 2nd b-day gift!=) Do you think it is appropriate for boys to have kitchen sets? I like this one because it appears to be gender neutral=)

So, we have left Daniel only on overnight excursions but never for more than 1 night at a time! This time we left him with my parents for 5 nights! It was awesome! I knew he was having a great time with them and they take better care of him than I do =) so I was totally able to enjoy myself and not worry!
We stayed with some of our good friends Michael and Judy.... it was so good to get to see them again! Part of our reason for going to SoCal was for the Catalyst conference and Friday night I got to attend an Imagine Women's Event with Judy and I REALLY enjoyed both events!

Catalyst West Coast 2009


Brendon with Josh and Eugene at Catalyst

Then the rest of the time was VACATION!

Huntington Beach

We went to so many beaches that I can't remember where all of the pics were taken!

We hardly ever get to have pictures taken of just the two of us so this was a real treat!

We loved SoCal! Since it is such a close drive, we will be there a lot more often!

Judy and I rode the roller coaster on the Santa Monica Pier!

Below is what your hair will look like AFTER the roller coaster!=)

Brendon and I had such an awesome time! ahhhhh!

We drove back on Sunday but my parents had to leave on Sunday for a retreat so there was going to be a 5-6 hour lapse of time that we needed someone to watch our baby! I hardly leave Daniel (he has only had a babysitter 2 or 3 times that hasn't been our family) so I could only leave him with someone I COMPLETELY trust and thankfully the Webb's were able to help us out! They have twins who are 6 months younger than Daniel and they are wonderful parents! They were even sweet enough to take pictures of their time together and send those to me! Thanks, Webb's!
Obviously, Daniel doesn't have a twin to teach him the important aspect of sharing b/c he took BOTH of their chairs!

Below pic reminds me of Daniel's crazy hair he USED to have... blog post to follow of his 1st hair cut=)

Seriously, Bronson and Kendra make having multiples like a piece of cake!

Look at those cuties!!!!!!!