Tuesday, January 1, 2013


February 1st I had a Pampered Chef with the amazing Trudy Maples... I had one with her the year before and I would have had one every year with her if I still lived in Arizona as it was so fun!

Tuesday, Paris came over to work with Katelyn:)

Saturday night was Girls Night at my friend Erin's house!

 Monday was a fun day with my babies!
 They love hiding under the table and playing:)
 Then we went to the park (with baby, of course!)

 We had school, Chick-fil-a playdates, playdate with Asher before his new baby brother was born...

This girl is sooooo sweet when she wakes up from her naps... sooo happy!

 Playing in her room...

 Loves her purse!
 Putting on jewelry!

We spent the weekend playing outside!
 Monday started my program with Cara for my joint pain... it was 2 or 3 months long of therapy and training and unfortunately, it didn't work:(

However, that evening was a Valentine's Day party with our friends at the park:)  Special snacks, games and exchanging our Valentines!

 Valentine's Day pancakes!
 More Valentine's Day parties at school and Valentine's Day evening Brendon and I went to cooking school!

 We even got monogrammed aprons!
The next day was my mom's annual Valentine's Day brunch at one of my favorite spots in Scottsdale.... and I did Katelyn's nails... although getting her to sit still long enough to let them dry has been a challenge (that is why I got her a nail dryer for Christmas!)

Thursday Paris came over to work with Daniel.... and Saturday was Aiden's 2nd Birthday Party.

Sunday... Zander came over for a playdate:)

Monday we had a playdate at Desert Breeze with Nina and her kiddos.

Got the camera out for one of my favorite times of the day... bath time!
 And my cup of joe!

 And ready for the day.... love their playroom!

Lots of playdates this week, working out at the gym... letting Melinda make me SUPER BLONDE!

... and a pedicure!

Saturday we started TBall, had a SUPER CUTE birthday party to attend

and then in the evening went to a birthday party for my friend Leah!

Monday we went to my friend Susan's house then went down the street to my sister-in-law's house as MiMi arrived from South Africa!

Tuesday was our 8th Wedding Anniversary...we celebrated on the weekend when Maggie came and stayed at our house so she could watch the kiddos while we went out:)

Wednesday we took Mimi to the Zoo!

Adios, February!