Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Katelyn's 1st Birthday Party!

I told you that I have some friends that are INCREDIBLE photographers... like get your emotions going by looking at their pictures that capture the most important things in life! Jill sent me the link to her blog with some (she took over 400!) of the pictures from Katelyn's 1st Birthday Party and all I can say is that I was SPEECHLESS when I saw them! Yes, even tears came to my eyes because these pictures are EXACTLY how I want to remember the day! I will post more on my blog when I get the CD from her but let's just say that when I was planning this party... I had a couple of words in mind that I wanted the party to be about... princess, pink, Spring Chicks and Bunnies, Easter Eggs and Baskets, lots of smiles and laughter, family, friends (we had to limit it to Katelyn's friends... meaning kids born after her brother was born!), a beautiful, refreshing day at the park with yummy treats (more about the weather later!). So, those were our goals and I think we got to check all but 1 off... it was 99 degrees and the wind was blowing! So, the wind was HORRIBLE for our decorations but it was GREAT since it was almost 99 degrees and made our AZ heat wave bearable... however, the next Saturday it rained ALL day and was like 40 or 50 degrees! So, I am so thankful we chose to have it on this day!
Jill... these pictures made me speechless and I will ever be grateful to you.


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Jill Carilli said...

Awww... I am so glad you loved them. You are easy to photograph cause you guys are so fun. :) xo