Tuesday, April 27, 2010

My mini photo shoot!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Week #2 of the Wilson Family of 4

My first failure as a mommy to Katelyn... my plan was to take a picture of every guests that came to visit us with Katelyn and to have them sign her guests book but that didn't happen=( Our friends have been amazing with visiting us and bringing us dinners which is the BIGGEST help ever! We love seeing everyone! Below is my friend Michella with Katelyn!

Brendon took 2 weeks off from work but as you can tell... work must go on even at home! But here is a dad who knows how to multi-task! He doesn't want to put her down! He is soaking in these precious moments! How can you not snuggle with this beauty????

Daniel joins the fun!

Precious Piggies!

Daniel loved to sleep like this and so does she!

I am having to really keep Daniel busy at home so we pulled out the toddler pool and the new swim outfits for this year!

Daniel got lots of gifts from Katelyn - the helmet and bike are two of his favorite!


Our first playdate with our church playgroup... daddy stayed home with Katelyn because she wasn't even 2 weeks old yet and it was nice mommy/ Daniel time too!

Our friend Susan brought over some delicious Italian food - she is from Long Island too so she got it from an Italian restaurant that the owners are from NY... it was such a nice reminder of good NY Italian food... Daniel LOVED the spaghetti. I don't think I have ever made him the spaghetti noodle and I think I will have to now!=)

My dad took Daniel to Florida with him this week to visit my grandparents... so, I took advantage of the time by going back to work! Here is Katelyn at work with mommy!

Pretty, Pretty Princess!

Without going into a lot of details... I sent Daniel and Brendon to the store to buy me cabbage leaves! Daniel is in the question stage... like, "What are you doing?" "Why?" Where are you/ we going? When? What is that? So, he asked Brendon why he was buying cabbage? Brendon said it was for mommy's boo boo... so, 2 minutes later, Daniel fell in the parking lot and he asked for cabbage leaves for his boo boo!

Our neighbors came over on Saturday night for dinner and this is their daughter who loves Katelyn!

Daniel was very proud to show his sister off!

On Sunday, Katelyn got her 1st sponge bath!

I am having so much fun dressing her all up!

She is such an easy baby and we are just enjoying EVERY SINGLE minute with her! I think the 2nd one you enjoy so much more... you are more comfortable and realize how quickly they grow up!