Tuesday, June 30, 2009

New Family Pics!

Last Saturday afternoon (after Brendon had played golf with the guys!) we went into the HOT AZ heat and did some updated family pictures! My friend Jessica is working on building her portfolio and I think she did a great job! Thank you so much, Jessica, for working your talent on us... we will treasure these pictures for years to come!

Then, we invited Chad, Andrea, their kids, April, Jason and their kids to come over for swimming and grilling! The kids LOVE the slide - even Daniel!

When it was time to eat, we could not get the kids out of the water!

After Layla's 118th outfit for the evening, she still managed to immerse herself in the water in a very creative way!

Unfortunately, I didn't take any pics from Father's Day but we invited my parents over for a day by the pool, steaks and watching a movie in the evening.
Tuesday morning... Daniel had his art class and made us so many great projects. I just have to figure out a way to display them in a creative way=) Then Tuesday afternoon, Tammy invited us back over to her splash pad and brought a huge box of the new slow melt ice pops for the kids and they ate them all! I didn't take pics because we already have some posted from doing this activity prior.
Wednesday Morning, we dressed the kids all up and went to Pamela's house for a Ladies and Gents Tea Party - of course, it was a prime opportunity for adorable pics but I forgot my camera=)
Thursday morning, we went back to Hamilton's Story time and I have yet to capture pics of this experience that Daniel and I have together every week! I am so proud of him in this class... he absorbs so much and participates with such enthusiasm! That night... Daniel also went ice skating with Daddy and again - NO PICTURES!
Friday night... we had a few couples over that went to Weekend to Remember with us and we played a hilarious game... kind of a combination of Cranium and the Newlyweds game! Lots and lots of laughter and NO KIDS!

Saturday night.... Brendon and I went to see the new Transformers movie!
Monday morning... Daniel and I hosted a playdate with just 3 of his friends and they had so much fun with all of his toys in his fully stocked playroom! The cutest thing was half way through the play date, he went around the room and gave each of them a hug and kiss as to say - Thank you for coming but it is my nap time now...so Good Bye=)
Today... Daniel went to Bounce Jungle for Maddie's 3rd Birthday and had tons of fun ( how could you not @ Bounce Jungle!) The funny thing was that Daniel found a ball in one of the bounce houses and there were not that many balls available so all the kids were fighting over them and eventually Daniel got out of the bounce house and did not want to go back in so he could guard his ball! This child is totally obsessed with balls... baseball, basketball, football, soccer! 100% BOY!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

What has Daniel been up to?

Last Tuesday Daniel had his 1st Art Class... pictures of 2nd Art class to follow below=)

Wednesday we went to the Basha Library with some friends for Toddler Storytime but it was definitely not as good as our Hamilton Toddler Storytime!

Thursday - our friend Tammy invited us to play at their community's BRAND NEW splash pad! DANIEL LOVES SPLASH PADS! If you are not from Arizona, you probably have no idea what a splash pad is but it has a soft surface and there are usually lots of fun toys that spray water and sprinklers in the ground that spray water at random times which scare the kids=)

Then Thursday afternoon, I got my hair done (pic below)
Friday is Daniel and Daddy day while I work...... so here is my precious boy with his morning hair=) It is still gorgeous!

Below is my hair... you can't tell but I had the bottom and back dyed dark brown and I LOVE it!

Here is a sneak peek at what we are having built in our living room!

This past Tuesday was Daniel's 2nd art class and a few of our friends are signed up in the same class as well... please notice where Daniel's hand is on Kenzie's knee=) Already making the moves on the ladies!

So, every week they set up stations for the kids to explore... this one was cornmeal and salt!

This one was squeeze painting...

Play doh!

Roller painting...

String Painting... if he looks tired, it is because he is! This class is right at his nap time! But he stills enjoys it!

He HATES for his hands to be dirty... so he uses LOTS of wipes during this class!

They always end with music and bubbles=)

Then that afternoon we met Kim and Kendall at the Mesquite Groves pool and we had soooooooo much fun! Isn't Kendall's bathing suit the cutest ever?????

I love the pic below of Daniel eating grapes!

This place even has a lazy river that we rode forever!

Yesterday we went to Tammy's house to finish up my Father's Day gift and it is going to be sooo cute - I will take pics and post later=)
Today we went to Christ Life Church's playgroup and had fun playing with the twins' toys! I took pics so I will post those later too...
All our Love! Brendon, Danielle and Daniel xoxoxo

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Looking for a bargain???

A lady closed down her beautiful Home Boutique Store and she had a 90+% off sale... so, I bought these amazing pillows but they don't match my couch=( I paid $5/ each and I will sell them to anyone interested for the same price... the tags are still on them for $60 each! Let me know if you are interested or if anyone else you know is interested... I would hate to see these beautiful pillows go to waste!

Monday, June 8, 2009

The two most Amazing Men!

Last Thursday, we went to Kristi's house for a playdate and Daniel could not stop loving on the girls! He is sooooo sweet!

Friday night, we went to Sara and Preston's house for a BBQ/ Pool Party - totally fun!

It was also Kendra's 30th Birthday - wohooo!

Saturday night, we went to Natalie's High School graduation party!

Lots of birthdays... Monday night we went to Chili's for Leigh Anne's 29th B-Day!
Thursday morning, I took Daniel to Toddler Story Time at our library and he loved it so we will make this part of our routine. Thursday afternoon, we had friends over to swim and Daniel loves the pool!
Friday, Brendon and I went to the Wigwam Resort for FamilyLife's Weekend to Remember and we had an awesome time! I totally recommend these marriage retreats... http://www.familylife.com/site/c.dnJHKLNnFoG/b.3204559/k.F5BB/Attend_a_conference.htm
Fortunately, we got to stay the whole weekend while family watched Daniel for us.... Sunday night, we hung out the whole day by the pool... part of the afternoon, we chilled with Kendra and Bronson!
I just had to throw this picture in of my incredibly HOT husband!

Today, I took Daniel shopping and he fell asleep in the car at 6:30PM and he goes to bed at 7PM - I took him from the car seat to the couch and he still didn't wake up=) I think I am lucky to be the only girl in this family of incredible men!

While I was making a quick dinner for him, he woke up! I gave him a raspberry and he put it on his finger.... where does he come up with this stuff? I wish I knew what was going on in his little mind/ brain!
Then he popped it in his mouth! I just love that smile!