Friday, July 26, 2013

The Crayola Experience

October there are a few days the kids have off from school for Teacher Conference... this morning, Brendon took pictures of Katelyn at breakfast... LOL!

So, I found a Groupon for the Crayola Experience... I went on the website and it looked awesome!  It is also their factory where they make Crayola products... I also convinced our friends to buy this Groupon but never looked to see how far it was!  HAHA!  It was quite the drive for a "day trip" but we made it lots of fun!

However, it was a BEAUTIFUL drive and it was gorgeous seeing the trees change colors!

Our friends "The DeNicks" have 2 sets of twins!

A car that you could draw on with Dry Erase Crayons!

Scratch Art!

These big crayons were hot with melted wax to make a creation

A "Driveway/ Parking Lot" for sidewalk chalk!

They had these cool machines that took your picture then printed out a "coloring page" for you

The "Dads" got really into COLORING... HAHA!

Fun Mirrors!

Making Masks... Everyone got their "creative" on this day!

Markers on the wall:)

Crayola's cool clay that drys hard then you can paint it with markers, paint, etc

Water Activity

When it was over, we checked out the super cute town that the Crayola place was in and had dinner there.

We also stopped by Ikea on our way back as Sue had never been there before!!!

Fun Day!  Highly recommend this place.. worth the drive!

Thursday, July 25, 2013

October 9 - 16

Daniel had his first Field Trip to a place called Storybook Land.  Unfortunately, I couldn't make it as they had a rule that younger siblings are not allowed to come along.  Since I had Katelyn and had only lived in NJ for 2 months, I really didn't know who I could ask to watch her.  However, this super sweet mom that I met had Daniel with her and she sent me pics of their day:)

Then that night, the Ocean City Police Department/ Fire Department put on a really cool event... Daniel had a blast hanging out with all of them:)

This weekend also started Fall Soccer... the mornings were a little cold for the K Bear!

Some friends from church invited us out to their property for a feast, quads, dirt bikes, guns.... lots of fun!

 Oh!  The fun my little 2 years and 5 months old and I had while Daniel was at school:)