Friday, October 19, 2012

Cruise 2012

Looking through these pictures have brought so many smiles to my face... this cruise that we took in January was the BEST vacation Brendon and I have EVER taken together!  The best part is our next cruise is RIGHT around the corner.... wohoooo!

So, what made this the best vacation ever?  To start... we value our time together JUST THE TWO OF US priceless!  You don't appreciate the time together when you are dating or newly married but two kids later and life's responsibilities along with owning a very demanding business.... getting away MEANT SO MUCH TO US!  For example, getting dressed up every night for dinner and going to a restaurant for a beautiful, romantic dinner.... I didn't have to cook, do dishes or feed children!  We had a late dinner which meant we didn't have "bedtime" duty for 9 nights!

After dinner, there were SO many entertainment options... like this world class comedy club.  They flew comedians on and off the ship every two nights.... we laughed SO MUCH on this cruise!  We were on the "FUN SHIP" and the staff had one goal in mind... to remind you constantly that you were on vacation and to have fun and laugh!


They also had broadway/ Vegas style shows!

Of course, you had your personal room attendant... they did your room morning AND evening.  AND of course, they always left cute little towel animals:)
1st stop - CABO!

Little R&R on the ship... (loved these chairs!)

 The water park on the ship and the 2 or 3 story TV!
 We were in Cabo for 2 days!  Loved these guys that dressed up for you to take your pics with them (for a tip, of course!)

 Fresh Guacamole and Salsa..... yummmmmmmmmmmmmm!!!!



 No bathing suit pics on this blog:)

 Stop #2 - Puerto Vallarta

These guys did AMAZING sand art on the beach!

 We decided to do an ATV trip up in the mountains.... SOOOOOO FUN! 

 We made lots of stops along our ATV adventure.... like this hot springs... fun swimming spot and snack bar!

 Buying souvenirs for our kiddos!  Don't get me wrong, I missed our kids A LOT!  I thought of them all of the time!  In fact, on the first day, I needed intervention or else my whole trip would have been ruined because I started missing them so much!  It hit me that I NEEDED time with my husband and I NEEDED time away from them in order to be the BEST mom for them!  

 More towel animals!

 Did I mention how RELAXING this vacation was?  Seriously, when I say it was PERFECT, I am not embellishing by even a little bit... it was the perfect combination of fun, adventure, laughter, romance, relaxation... sheer perfection!

The cherry on the top of the sundae for us was that our cruise was out of LA... so, our friends Jason and April let us park our car at their house and they dropped us off at the ship and picked us up... so sweet! So, on our day back, we all went to brunch!

Can't wait for our next "Couples" vacation!