Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Sick Days!

So, I pick up Daniel from pre-school and he is whining and begging me to go home... the teacher said that he wanted to sit on his mat most of the day and it was hard to get him up to participate in activities... she said he was in a very observant mood. I was thinking this is NOT the Daniel that I know... we get out of the neighborhood of pre-school and everything he was trying to hold in, he just totally let out and started bawling his eyes. I pulled over and asked what was wrong and he said he wanted to go home. Now, I am totally freaked out thinking what happened at pre-school... I called Brendon basically hyperventilating that something terrible must have happened... we finally get home and he goes straight to the couch... asks for Barney and for lunch. I turned around and he was out!

Now, I knew something was really wrong so I went over to feel his head and he was burning up... this poor kid was sick! So, he slept the rest of the afternoon!

Now, my juggling act is keeping K away from Daniel so she doesn't get sick!

So, this morning we painted with the new paints he got for his birthday!

Then we had movie and popcorn time!

I have really fond memories of being sick when I was little because I actually had fun with my mom waiting on me hand and foot... hope its the same for my kiddos too!

Get better soon, Daniel!

American Girl Doll!

So.... Saturday afternoon I came home from the shower and there was a box on the front porch... Brendon told me it was to Katelyn from American Girl.... I almost screeched, "ARE YOU SERIOUS?" It totally brought me back to Christmas when I was 8 years old... I couldn't open that box fast enough to find out what was inside!!!!!!!!!!

So, if I back up several years... my roommate from college from my sophomore year became one of my very BEST friends. One of our favorite conversations was finding out we both LOVED American Girl dolls when we were little... we would laugh and reminisce about which dolls we had, which outfits we had, furniture, etc! We would talk about looking through the catalog for what seemed like hours at a time!

So... guess what she sent Katelyn???? That is right... an American Girl doll to look like her... blond hair, blue eyes, and fair skin! And a rose petal outfit to match her room!!!!!!!!

My husband thought I had lost my mind!!!!! I handed him the catalog and told him TO GET READY because this was going to be the talk of our house in a few years!

I know you think I am crazy but since I have been pregnant, I have been trying to decide which birthday I was going to take Katelyn for a trip to LA or NY to visit the American Girl Store and attend one of their fashion shows and tea parties... take her doll to the hair salon, etc! I know I will have no problem talking Sara Grace into joining us for this excursion... honestly it will be an excuse for us to re-live part of our childhood again!!!

So, for now, Katelyn is my REAL LIFE American Girl Doll!

The best part is that one day I will be able to show Katelyn these pictures of when she was the same size as her doll=)

Thank you, Sara Grace, for the very thoughtful gift! It was just too perfect!

This past weekend!

It was a very fun weekend... Friday night we went to the Rosa's house for dinner... Daniel stayed up late playing and Katelyn went to sleep at her normal time of 7PM on their bed! She is such a flexible baby... so, both kiddos on a normal night go to bed at 7 and wake up at 7 the next morning... Katelyn will wake up for 1 or 2 feedings a night. She also takes a 2 hour morning nap then they nap together in the afternoon for 2 hours so I really like their schedule right now!

Then Saturday afternoon was Susan's Shower... it was such an amazing shower! It looked like something straight out of a magazine... if you go on my Facebook page, you will see a picture I was tagged in then just click on that picture and you can see the whole album!

You might remember my post from Erin's Baby Shower... well, he is here! He is only 5 weeks old but I think he weighs more than Katelyn!

Katelyn was saying HELLO to him... she thought he was really cute!

Then that night went to my parents for dinner and swimming... AND, we decided to let Katelyn try the pool for the first time! This was kind of a spontaneous decision so she wasn't even sporting a cute bathing suit! But... she really liked it! I am going to ask the pediatrician today what he thinks about her swimming...

Right before bedtime so she was really tired!

Sunday night... my parents watched the kiddos and we went to dinner and to Barnes and Noble for coffee, good conversations and catching up on magazines like BC (Baby Couture!) and Vogue Bambini to find out what's in for baby style right now!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

The past couple of weeks...

Our weeks have been filled with pre-school, home playdates... pause! I have done two home playdates the past couple of weeks and Daniel has not done very good with them=( He is an incredible child outside of his home but inside of his home, he has an awful time sharing with friends or staying focused on playing with something more than 3 minutes so I am not sure if I should not do them or keep doing them in order to work with him on this weakness.

Friday night, we went to a fun birthday party at Peter Piper Pizza... such fun mom's to hang out with and the kids went crazy with their gazillion tokens to use on the fun games, etc! Katelyn just snuggled with me in her Moby Wrap.

That Sunday night... I went out with some girlfriend's for Kattia's birthday - love my Mom's Night outs when they fit in our schedule!

I got really lucky this week because I got to hang out with girlfriends again on Monday night... my friend Sarita made dinner at her house then we did scrap booking, etc... ahhh! Fun times!

I also took my kids to get their pictures taken... Daniel's 3 year old picture on a Harley Davidson, leather vest, leather hat... too cute! Katelyn had her 4 month old pics taken...

Here is her story: I always pick her complete outfit out and bring it with me to the studio then I put it on her right before we start snapping away. As soon as I put her outfit on her, she threw up ALL over it! So, I decided we were going to do naked pictures! We kept her cute diaper cover on and put her on a bed of roses and it actually turned out very sweet!

Katelyn loves her toys now! She especially loves her "crunchy" books... the ones that crunch when you hold them!

This is morning play time with my babies! Daniel doing play-doh in his high chair and Katelyn watching her brother and playing in her Bumbo chair (did you know these are made in South Africa???)

Nothing else too major going on at the Wilson House except lots of work involved in our printing business. I hardly talk about our business on the blog because this is our family blog but we do own a business and it does take up a certain amount of my day. I try to do most of my work when the kids are napping or after they go to bed at night... but occasionally when I can't do my work on-line then I have to drop them off at my mom's house to have meetings with clients. So, we have had several of those recently because the business just grows and gets bigger and bigger every month, quarter, year... it has been really fun to watch it take off!


4 months old!

Yeah! I know I am behind... August 7th Katelyn turned 4 months old! I had to cancel her 4 month old well check up as we were in Sedona/ Flagstaff but we go tomorrow so I will have her stats then=) She is still the happiest baby ever... so content with life... so much joy and spreads it to everyone around her with her contagious smile! She has two bottom teeth, she sleeps INCREDIBLE now (we did go through a fairly rough patch this month!) nurses amazing, loves her brother and he loves her, and she has FINALLY "Chunked" up! I am just squeezing and cuddling all 150 of her fat rolls and chubbiness - it is just too cute!

She is still has no hair but I didn't have hair until I was 1 year old so I am not expecting anything until then as well... so, I totally dig that huge flowers and bows are in style right now for little girls as that works perfect for us! Then it hit me... one day when she is 18 and big flowers and enormous bows are out of style, she is going to hate that every single picture of her had her in one of those! So, here are a few of her without any head ornaments on... LOL!


... then I got out a little one!

I just couldn't take it anymore... out came the mammoth size one!

Just wait... Janelle just made me the cutest headband I have ever seen and it is GIGANTIC! Pictures coming soon!=)

My 1st Car Accident & Life Lessons!

The Wednesday after Daniel's birthday we went to a really fun Kids' Craft Playdate... they made melted crayon bears, took marbles and made cool paintings out of them and so much more! It was super fun times with my D Man!

Thursday... I took Daniel to school then ran a few errands and was on my way home and I had my first car accident! Before you panic, this was a VERY MINOR accident and everyone was okay and the cars were hardly damaged... we are talking scratches! However, I was the one hit so I automatically assumed it was not my fault until I started giving the officer my story... I realized it was my fault and I emotionally fell apart because in that very moment, I realized that I could have been responsible for an injury to my baby or to the other sweet lady that I hit! I went home and realized that I have been doing WAY TOO MUCH in the past 4 months since I had Katelyn! I needed to slow down and start taking better care of myself so my babies have a healthy and alert mamma to take care of them! So, I got on the phone and hit my computer sending out e-mails to lots of "Mom" friends that have more kids than I do and whose kids are older than mine to get some advice! Some advice I got was to nap when my kids nap (honestly, I have only done this once!) and to get a blood test to have my iron levels tested (haven't done that one either!) but I took the other advice like... Since I am nursing AND working out, my body is not getting enough calories so I bought a good protein shake mix and I am have started taking it twice a day. Lastly, I committed to taking everything off my calendar that was not necessary for a couple of weeks just to get more in a routine, more rest, etc.

So, the damage from the accident is that I have accident forgiveness on my insurance because I have been with State Farm since I was 16 years old so my rates weren't affected... the cop was the nicest man EVER and he gave me a very minor ticket... so, I took this as a HUGE learning experience for me! I am SOOOOO greatful that no one was hurt! God's Angels were truly watching over us as this could have been a very bad accident!

Friday, August 20, 2010

Wedding #2... in Italy!

Sunday afternoon, we dropped Daniel off with Leigh Anne and Aaron and we took a road trip to Sedona! Of course, any type of road trip REQUIRES Starbucks! If any of you have ever questioned if we took the right baby home from the hospital, look no further for evidence but the picture below! She is a WILSON child all right! She already has a "thing" for Starbucks! LOL!

I carry your heart with me (I carry it in my heart) - e.e cummings

"And sometimes when I am watching her--all four ripe months of her--I squint my eyes and imagine looking at her years ago...Before I was a mama to a GIRL...and I wonder just how astounded I would have been if you told me she was gonna be mine someday. If I could have quite possible believed that I would be so lucky. Or that I would have understood the magnitude of love and happiness and soul-stretching that would occur." - Kelle Hampton (some editing by ME!)

But... yeah, she is mine! AND I am SOOOO happy!

So, we got all settled in our room - totally refreshed by the cool weather and taking in the magnificent scenery of the beautiful Red Rocks then got ready for a very romantic wedding!

Kyle and Jenny chose the chapel at

Tlaquepaque to get married in and it was nothing short of an amazing atmosphere!

I felt like I had just stepped on to the streets of a cute little village in Italy!

Can we just say... SECRET GARDEN!

I was completely overtaken with the beauty of this place... Italian architecture/ design/ decor has ALWAYS been my favorite! So, with my princess on my hip, we strolled the little streets snapping all the images that were totally inspiring to me!

Mamma and her Baby Girl!

Sigh! My blessings in life (minus my D man!) who I missed so much but who was having a blast with his Auntie (so much so that he kept asking to go back to her after I picked him up!)

Katelyn... mouth open... trying to give me a kiss!=)

Seriously, stone tunnels... AMAZING!

So, she has totally carved a super deep place in her daddy's heart... he was so nervous/ anxious/ worried how he was going to respond to her after she was born since she was a girl... he totally connected and knew how to bond with his boy but he had no idea how this relationship was going to require no effort. Just this morning... I was getting out of the shower and Brendon was lying in bed with Katelyn tucked right against him... they were having snuggle time! I told him it was time to get up and get ready... and he said, just leave us for 5 more minutes... these are some of the most precious moments of my day... then my heart just completely melted on the floor!

Okay... I want my backyard to look like THIS!

The corridor with lamps... B.E.A.U.T.I.F.U.L.

Stone/ Concrete Cross... yikes! Spectacular!

The wedding started at 7:45 in the evening... candle lit, evening wedding/ reception = totally romantic!

What an entrance for the reception!!!!! It was dark by now so my camera wasn't taking very good pics=(

The reception was nothing short of MAGICAL! Just imagine... Amazing food, romantic music, flickering lights, great friends = a SUPER FUN NIGHT!

Oh... and if it didn't get any better, the bride and groom walk across a bridge and enter on a grand staircase into their reception!

Well... the magical, fairy tale wedding ended very late and our Princess Katelyn did amazing the whole night... she is the most flexible baby ever. BUT... that night, she came down with a stuffy nose (I think she has allergies like me because I had started the stuffy nose, watery eyes, sneezing routine a couple of days prior) and she did NOT have a good night that night in the hotel. She had slept like a champion since her birth but this night (and for the next two weeks!) we were up 4 - 8 times/ night! The GOOD NEWS is that we are back to sleeping through the night and an awesome day time routine as well!

The next morning we slept in and had a nice breakfast at the hotel then did a little shopping then did a beautiful drive to Flagstaff for lunch then back to Chandler to pick our big boy up! What a great weekend!