Wednesday, January 22, 2014

May 2013


 Soccer Clinics means bringing Katelyn along and she actually enjoyed it.... he also started Tball 

My monthly picture of our view!

One night I watched 2 little girls (they are in my kids classes too).... they are the daughters of a girl I work with at the school.  Her and her husband went on a date night then they did us the favor a couple of weeks later.

One night we went to a FCA Fundraising dinner.... a former NFL player spoke at it and we were placed at the table.  It was definitely our season of "instant connections" because once again that happened.  They actually only live about an hour or two from us.

This was also the season where we HAD to go to 2 services as we had completely outgrown 1 service... so the training began.  Ironically we are about to go to a third service soon.

 Another girl I work with is absolutely HYSTERICAL!  She was going through some boxes in her attic or garage and ran across her old workout clothes.... so, she brought them in so we could have a good laugh!  My stomach hurt I was laughing SO HARD!

Katelyn's dance class this week was a special Mother's Day class.... so, we were supposed to stay during the class for their surprises!

They had all kind of dances for us.... including a peak at their recital dance.

However, after all of that, the owner of the dance studio came out and all of the little girls left the room... she began reading an essay about Mother's and all of us moms were SOBBING!!!!  After that, each little girl walked in and did a solo dance with a flower and danced to us, gave us the flower with a kiss that had music that had all of us UGLY CRYING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here I am with my watery eyes and beautiful pink flower!

Daniel brought me home this coupon book he made in class and I opened it up and burst out laughing... it looks like he voided this coupon!  Bwaaaa!

These great moms I met in Ocean City had a Mom's Night Out at a Paint your own Pottery place.... what a fun night!

 I made this spoon rest.... I actually use it everyday as I keep it right next to my coffee pot for my spoon after stirring my coffee so it doesn't get my counters dirty:)

We also headed to the boardwalk to ride some rides!

That night I also attended a fundraising dinner for the school with a couple of girls that I work with

One of my favorite memories also was the Kindergarten Spring Field trip... to SESSAME PLACE!  What an awesome field trip, huh????  I  loved all of the Kindergarten moms too... we had all gotten close through the year so sitting on a bus together for a couple of hours was actually fun!

Did I mention that this was one of the hottest days of the entire year?  And Sessame Place has a water park but we couldn't go due to the school insurance policy.  Thank God for the misting system!

The live shows were AMAZING!

 Then it was time for the parade... again it was AWESOME!

Mother's Day... Photo Booth at Church

Katelyn's class

We invited Bob and Barbara to come to lunch with us for Mother's Day... their children live far away and they have really become like parents for us/ grandparents for our kids

My bestie sent me this hysterical Mother's Day card!

We had a play date at a friends' house.... they made home made play doh!

My little diva wearing my black heels!

My amazing Aunt Penny who sends our kids these care packages a couple of times a year!

A little Madame Alexander baby doll

Katelyn got invited to a birthday party and guess who showed up?  A real life princess!

 Katelyn getting a pretty neclace from the princess

Then it was a dance party!

Katelyn talking with the princesss

Princess Crown Cookies

Katelyn dancing with the princess

Face painting


 Katelyn loves Mrs. Kelly... the birthday girls' mom:)

saying bye to the princess!

Every Monday night I had my Ladies Bible Study... we were doing Priscilla Shirer's Gideon 

I decided to do press on nails with Katelyn... they lasted about 5 minutes... haha!

The house across from us got completely demolished and Daniel LOVED watching the process

The church has this rock climbing wall and one day Brendon took the kids to play on it

Daniel LOVES the water... obsessed with crabbing and fishing.... loves watching the fishermen coming in and out

Work Day!

Yup... we got a plane again and this time headed to Dallas... the kids stayed behind as we were going to visit our friends at Gateway Church.

My favorite room... the stylist... they were picking out new wardrobes for their worship team, band, etc

We also got to attend a few services.... they gave us amazing second row seats!

We got to have dinner with this rock star - Bob Hamp!  Best counseling session IN MY LIFE!  He has written some great books and has some amazing teachings on the Gateway website.... recommend anything by him!

Also a girl I went to college with works at Gateway and she married a South African too:)  They just had a brand new baby boy and we got to have dinner with them one night too!

We got to have dinner with Ed and his wife... definitely my favorite thing about Texas is the BBQ!

However, after 5 days of jammed packed meetings.... this is how we felt!!!

When we got home, we had 3 amazing things waiting for us.... 2 beautiful kids and a beautiful beach!

Katelyn came to work with me one day for a little bit!!!

We had lots of practices for her recital which was going to be a performing arts center on the boardwalk overlooking the ocean!

Other exciting news is that our Butterfly caterpillars arived in the mail and so you will see next month what happened!!! 

None of the events that I documented above happened in that order... LOL!  But they all happened in May... I just kept finding more pics and adding them so the actual order is a disaster!