Wednesday, July 22, 2009

My Little Helper!

Daniel is at the stage now where he LOVES to help... he wants to do EVERYTHING that we do... including laundry!

The other really cool thing Daniel has started doing... giving back massages! Since he was born, I have always massaged him down with lotion after his bath... this week, I asked him to massage my back like I do to his back... and he did! Wohoooooo! Now... this whole parenting thing is getting very fun!
Daniel's last art class was this past Tuesday but it really inspired me to do more creative projects with him at home... so this was his first time to do water colors and he loved it!

If you notice, Max (our Shih Tzu) is Daniel and I's shadow all day long!

On Wednesday, we went with our friends Andrea, Joya and Zander to Mesquite Groves pool because we are trying to survive this 115 degree heat! (No Pics)
Thursday morning we went to Story time at the library then went to Tumbleweed's Indoor Tot Playground... lots of fun but no pics=(
Then Friday we went to Andrew's 2nd birthday party and Daniel loved Andrew's guitar!
Our friend Kristy took an idea from our art class and she made one for all the kids in our playgroup because they are all (8 of them all together!) turning 2 within weeks of each other! Basically you go to Lowe's and have them cut 5 pieces of peg board then you use wood glue and glue the pieces into a box. You can paint it then you give your child cut up straws or pipe cleaners and they can work their fine motor skills by slipping them in the holes! Cool idea, huh?

Here is the clan - well, almost all of them! Friends since birth! How cool is that!?!?!

We had guests stay with us this past weekend from India! They are originally from South Africa but recently moved to India!
Sunday night... we went to Madison's 2nd birthday party at Chuck E. Cheese. I was so excited because Chuck E. Cheese was my favorite place when I was little BUT let's just say it was a very traumatic experience for Daniel! He didn't like the rides and especially the dressed up character of Chuck E. Cheese! Lots and Lots of tears!=(
This week we started swimming lessons - every morning! It has been lots of fun and I am amazed at how much Daniel is picking up! He gets tired though... it is a lot of kicking for a 23 month old! He is getting quite a work out!=)
This afternoon, we went to Jessica and Jackson's house for a playdate... they had a great pool!

One of our favorite things was the fresh squeezed orange juice from their own trees that Jessica served us - It actually reminded me of being at my grandparents house in Florida! They used to squeeze us juice from their trees when we visited and it was the best juice ever!

Friday, July 10, 2009

Happy 4th of July and more!

Every Wednesday morning some of our friends get together to play... last Wednesday, we went to the San Tan Splash Pad!

Group Shot! What cuties!

Then on Thursday, our church play group went to a new place that just opened up called Family Time....

They have this cool slide called "the lava slide"

My parents had a party at their house for the 4th of July... we were in the pool ALL DAY long and we had a blast! One of the games the guys came up with was to take Daniel's tiny little pool ring and try to jump through it... believe it or not, the majority of them made it through except...

Daniel and Zander loving the spa... of course, it wasn't turned on!

Everyone chillin under the umbrella!

The guys having fun!

I think this picture just captures the perfect summer day!

Daniel and Zander holding hands and jumping in the pool together!

Then, that night we all went to see the fireworks! I didn't take any pics though!
Monday night, Aaron and Leigh Anne invited us to go to a D-Backs game with them! ... and they won!
Then Tuesday night... Brendon went to a D-Backs game with Chad and they had FRONT ROW seats! ... and they won!
Isn't it horrible that there are no pics!?!?!
This week, Daniel and I have taken it easy because I have totally not been feeling well... the doctor says I have severe allergies but it has totally drained me. So, we made it to Art Class and Toddler Story time but just trying to get better!