Saturday, September 14, 2013

End of November

Some friends invited us over for dinner on a Sunday evening but Katelyn likes her Sunday afternoon naps... a lot!  This was us trying to wake her up:)

Apparently, this was a tiring time of year for her as she also fell asleep eating and Brendon caught that one:)

She also misses her poppy... she brought this picture to me (my dad and I at my wedding) and said she wanted him:(

 One thing I like about cooler temperatures is how we start spending more time indoors doing "together" activities... lots of cuddle time and bonding time.


Grandma and Poppy sent them some treats like a countdown activity to Christmas which was also a countdown until we saw my parents!

 The last day in November, I headed up my first simulcast event for the women at Fusion Church... it was a completely sold out event.  We did a very nice formal, sit down dinner followed by an AMAZING Christmas program that got us ALL into the TRUE Christmas Spirit!

1st order of business that day.... fuel:)
 One thing I LOVE about the East Coast is FRESH BREAD!
 We had a few guys help us out:)
 One of our "dining rooms" ready to go

 The buffet table
 Drink Stations
Cafe Tables

 Overflow "dining room" in our cafe

 Registration Table

 Foyer Christmas Tree


 Men serving the women:)


Today we just completed our 3rd simulcast event! 
We have come a long way and learned a lot!

October 1 - 8 2012

Well, October 2012 will go down as a memorable month for us!  I went back to work on October 22nd and I experienced and lived through my first natural disaster experience when hurricane Sandy hit on October 25th.  It was also the first time in my life that Halloween was canceled!  Yes, they did not allow trick or treating as it was too dangerous with the debris all over the streets, live wires down and properties that were "beach" front that were never intended to be!  But let's back up to the beginning of October when things were just as normal as can be:)

Katelyn started tap/ ballet in October.... I thought it would be good for her to get into a class of some sort since it was just going to be her and me home while Daniel was in school.  Since we had only been here for 2 months, we didn't know a lot of people so getting her in a social environment with her peers was important to me.... so right down the street from us is an amazing dance studio that took 2 year old dancers:)

 Our library has an amazing story time with music, puppets and of course, stories!  She LOVED it!

Her love for babies is just the cutest thing ever....

Our sweet neighbor whose husband is an elder at our church and who blessed us with our home went to the hospital and so we were going to visit her but she was released so we dropped some flowers, balloon and card off.

Sunday morning Katelyn getting dressed for church and relaxing:)

The next day we went to NYC!  See the Columbus Day Post:)

Water Park

So... we decided to take the kids to one of those indoor water parks... this one that we found had a nice hotel attached to it as well.

Our kids definitely know how to "vacation" aka "relax and take it easy"  LOL!

One thing that we thought we would be fun is that they had the kids bedtime story with cookies & milk with the "bird" at night.... well, one kid of our two liked it....

and the other one was traumatized!

We also asked them where they wanted to go to breakfast and of course, 

We did do some Christmas shopping too:)
Who doesn't love Pottery Barn's displays?

Poinsettia Tree @ the mall

Real Cheese Steaks from Philly

Having fun in the hotel:)

More Water park fun!