Wednesday, December 31, 2014

October 2014 (Pregnancy Weeks 24 - 27)

I love downloading pictures off my phone and finding my children's selfies!

While the daddies were in Haiti, these kiddos went apple picking!

 Katelyn got invited to a birthday party at the AC Acquarium - it was a fun mommy/ daughter date!
Baby Bump Picture - 26 weeks!

Then we flew to Dallas for the Gateway conference - these two girls work in the Connect department and we are all preggers!

One of the best things about this trip was getting to meet up with some of our dear friends from college - we were all in each other's weddings and now we are on babies #3!

Brendon and Jimmy with Michael Jr.

Then... one of my favorite preachers - Steven Furtick!

Our team from Fusion!

The kids had their Super Hero Race at school!

October was also Love Month @ Fusion Church.... We went to the Boys and Girls Club in Atlantic City and threw all the kids a birthday party!

One of Katelyn's friends hosted a pumpkin carving party!

The Arizona Cardinals played the Philadelphia Eagles so I made a Mexican meal in honor of this game:)

Katelyn had her last soccer game and the coach threw a pizza party for them as well!

As one of  the class mom's for Daniel's class, we plan all the parties... so this was their Halloween party - the kids had to get fake bugs out of the ice water with their bare feet.  Since this mamma doesn't have a girl in uniform yet... I totally wasn't thinking about little girls with tights... oops!

After their school party, their bellies were already hurting so I made a vegetable soup for Halloween before they went trick or treating.

Peter Pan and Tinkerbell!  Halloween 2014!

Baby Bump Picture - 28 weeks!

When the kids go to Awana on Friday nights, Brendon and I get to have date nights... this night we went to Starbucks and I got to catch up on some reading!

Love our married couples life group that we host in our home!

Daniel at a birthday party for his friend Elijah!