Friday, April 17, 2009


On Thursday, Daniel went to his 2nd Easter Egg hunt! Leah found this great new park and we loved it!

Daniel and Libby eating their loot!

Then we had a picnic potluck - the food was very yummy!

The boys playing in the sand!

Daniel's 3rd Easter Egg Hunt with the Hot Mommas Group!

Then on Saturday night some of my friends took me out for my birthday! We had so much fun and laughed the whole night away! This older lady came over to us and said you all must have been friends since high school... Kristi said, "No! We all met at a hospital breastfeeding support group!" The lady was NOT expecting that answer!

Then on Easter we had dinner at my parents house!

Last Easter was Daniel's 1st time swimming so my dad warmed up the spa so we could swim again for the first time this year!

This week we have had some fun playdates but I forgot my camera at all of them!

Monday, April 6, 2009

Fun with Friends!

Last Tuesday, we had Leah and Jackson over for a play date... it was so fun!

I was so excited as it was one of the first times that Daniel actually interacted with a friend - normally, they play side by side and don't even really notice there is a playmate available for them. I asked Daniel's pediatrician when the interactive play happens and he says it is different for every child... so, here is Daniel's official 1st interactive "play moment!"

Leah and Jackson stayed late because the boys were having so much fun that I missed my normal 4:20 Body Pump class so I went to my first spinning class.... it totally kicked my butt! A special THANK YOU to Jill and Meghan for encouraging me to take that class! I took my 2nd spinning class tonight - the instructor said that you can burn 900 calories in 1 class... WHOA!
So, the next day Leah and I took the boys to Tumbleweed for their special BUBBLE BLAST party! Daniel learned how to blow bubbles and he had soooo much fun then we let them play on the playground and burn energy so they would take a GOOD nap!

Thursday we were supposed to go to Carina's house for a play date but her house became infested with bees - scary, huh? So, we all went to the Toddler's McDonald's again but they love it!
My friend Kim has been telling me about one of her favorite weekend spots - San Tan Flats! So, we decided to try it - we invited my parents and Aaron and Leigh Anne to come with us!

So, you can eat outside or you can eat inside the restaurant - we chose outside because every table outside has its own fire pit! They have live entertainment and a dance floor that is filled with dancing toddlers... probably until 9PM=)

We loved the food and the smores kit was so fun too! Thanks, Kim, for the great suggestion!

Saturday, Daniel was invited to Logan's 2nd birthday party and it was very cute!

That night we had my parents over for steaks... after I set the table, Daniel decided that his new favorite toy was a STEAK KNIFE from one of the place settings.... upon Brendon and I freaking out, the knife went to his eye! Thank God our pediatrician and nurse go to our church as he was able to be checked out the next morning (as we didn't notice the eye until the next morning) and he was totally fine! However, Mommy wasn't fine - I was a wreck!
This past Thursday, our church play group had an Easter Egg Hunt in our neighborhood park...
The last time that I took Daniel to the park, I thought it could use a good cleaning... I am still paranoid of germs! Shannon thought I was hysterical so she took a pic...

Daniel had crazy hair this day - I think the wind was blowing!

Hair Note: I love Daniel's hair and I can't believe how much I get stopped in public by people admiring his hair - the color is amazing! My hair was in a ponytail as I was about to pay a lot of money that afternoon to have my hair colored to match his - hahaha!

Then Friday night... Sara, Kendra and I car-pooled to Shannon's house for a girl's night/ craft night! We had such a blast! This is Shannon's guest room - sassy, huh?

Shannon showed us how to make these SUPER CUTE wipe cases! We have already picked out like 50 other crafts we want to make that we found in Shannon's house that she made.... hahaha! Seriously, all these girls are soooo creative, super talented, and amazing chefs... I walked away soooo inspired!

Saturday was my 28th birthday=( I am not liking birthday's very much anymore as I am getting soo old! We did a big family breakfast at The Farm At South Mountain (my favorite spot!) then we went to Cristy and Drew's house for a nice BBQ that evening.
Today... we went to the Phoenix Children's Museum with Kim and Kendall and OH MY GOSH! It was amazing! Pics to follow in the next post...