Sunday, May 15, 2011

Lil' Mommy!

I have changed my work schedule now.... wohooo! I used to work on Friday mornings because that was Brendon's day off and he would watch the kids but now I work on Monday mornings and my mom and dad are watching them for me in May and then I have lined up a sitter for them during the summer... it is lovely as now Brendon and I get to enjoy all of Friday and all of Saturday together.... ahhh!

But Katelyn will only take a nap in her crib so that is why I am getting a sitter so the sitter will come to my house and put Katelyn down for her morning naps because when my parents watch her that means she goes two days in a row without a morning nap and Tuesday morning she is a mess! She sleeps 12 hours at night and takes (2) two hour naps during the day so you would think that with 16 hours a day of sleeping that she would be okay but not my kiddos... my kiddos LURVE their sleep!

So, this past Tuesday morning, Daniel's preschool went to the Phoenix Children's Museum for a field trip and I was so torn on what to do... Katelyn would have been a disaster and I probably would not have enjoyed it but it would have been his 1st field trip that I missed. I decided to stay home and let Katelyn nap and knew he would be totally fine!

So, when Katelyn woke up from her nap, I asked her what she would like to do with mommy since brother wasn't around and the only thing she wanted to play with was her baby!!!!!!!!!

The only books Katelyn is interested in right now is if they have babies in them... she goes completely neurotic if she sees a baby in a store (a baby in her mind is under 2 years old... she sees babies way older than her and tries to "mother" them!)

Above... she is nursing her baby! LOL!

I find it very flattering how she cares for her babies so well... she can only do to them what has been done to her and she is wonderful with them!

So, I tried to introduce some other toys for us to play with but No! Playing Mommy all afternoon was all that she wanted!

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