Wednesday, February 22, 2017

June 26 - July 25 (18 months, 6 years, and 8 years)

Katelyn's girl scout troop had a "Bridging Ceremony" where some of the girls crossed over from being a Daisy to being a brownie - it was a family event at a park and we all brought food - it was really nice!

Blueberry Picking - one of my favorite summer activities!

4th of July Fun!

Brendon hung some twinkle lights up on our patio!

This kid was amazing at swimming!

And he is getting really tall!

My favorite date nights in the summer are on the beach!

Family Fun Day at the MRA for the swim team!

Boardwalk rides!


 Our first ride on the ferris wheel as a family of 5 - I was a nervous wreck!

Swim Team Pic!

Swim Meets would last very late at night so we had to bring lots of food, toys, etc to keep this one happy way past her bedtime!

The good thing is we had lots of other friends at the swim meets!

The girls would make forts at the swim meets!

 Taylor's birthday party at another swim club!

She loves her juice boxes!

Yes... our summer was defined by swim meets and swim practices!

One of their swim practices was crazy sock day so everyone swam in socks!

And just like that you turned 1.5 years on me!