Friday, August 28, 2015

3 Months

I really felt this was to be our family's motto/ theme so it went on our chalkboard....

2 month Dr. Check up!

She had Cubbies Drive in Movie night so she had to decorate her box car!

Easter Egg Drop!

Daniel made the Press of Atlantic City

9 weeks!

Poppy and Grandma got her this outfit when she was born!

Grace watching me working out!

Katelyn's class party!  Her and her bestie's birthdays are 24 hours a part!

Daniel's Easter party at school - all these kiddos go to church together and are in the same class:)

Sweet Baby after her bath

Boiling Eggs to Dye!

Good Friday Dinner at the England's!

Pool Birthday Party!

Good Friday!

Easter Morning Baskets!

Easter Sunday!

Tried so hard to get a good picture of them together!

A sweet gift that she received!

We invited some friends over on Easter - we made our own pizzas!

Cuddle time with daddy!

Strolling down the streets in Philly!

Dentist in Philly!

Tummy Time!

Our birthdays are only 3 days a part so Happy Birthday to us!

Her last day of being 4!

Katelyn's 5th birthday!

In her "BIG" stroller:)

Picture time!

Katelyn all ready for her 5 year old pics!

Hair cut time!

Family Trip to Please Touch Museum

Please Touch Museum!

Getting ready for her birthday party!

Her birthday party at Kiddie Korner

At home opening presents!

Daniel and Brendon went out shooting with friends!

Ready for church....

She moved up to her crib!

Everything goes in the mouth - including clothes!

Baseball Season for Daniel and TBall for Katelyn!

Working out again.....

Volcano - Science experiment

Throwing a tantrum - being 5:)

Wilson Girl Selfies!

Date Night while Daniel and Katelyn are at Awana on Friday nights!

Cori's birthday party!

Katelyn treats her Olaf like a baby - dressing him and all!

More baseball and Tball....

Trampoline Hair!

Daniel taking pics of us:)

Then he wanted me to take pics of them...

Showing her teeth!  Her silver cap!