Sunday, May 20, 2012

January 1 - 7

 So, looking through pictures from the 1st week in January of this year, I didn't really take that many... I guess between taking down Christmas decorations and getting ready for our week long cruise the following week, we were kind of busy.

However, Wednesday morning Brooke invited a whole bunch of us mom's over for a playdate... it was like a high school reunion!  We were so EXCITED to see each other after the Holiday madness!

That evening we had Tae Kwon Do and then met our neighbors at our neighborhood parkfor a pre-dinner playdate!  How awesome is that on JANUARY 4th, we are still having park playdates in Arizona!  LOVE IT!

I think we loved it so much because Thursday after the gym we had another park playdate with friends then had Tae Kwan Do... this was our last week of Tae Kwan Do!

Friday consisted of getting to the gym... Brendon and I did a lot of "getting to the gym" this week because we had a Cruise Ship waiting for us Sunday afternoon to take us to Cabo San Lucas and Puerto Vallarta!!!  I also had a visit to Melinda for her to get my hair up to par for our Cruise:)

Saturday was last minute packing, gym, last day of Tae Kwan Do and dropping our kiddos off at Leigh Anne and Aarons' house so we could leave REALLY early on Sunday morning for LA!

Super great pictures from our cruise next!

Saturday, May 5, 2012

December 26 - 31

We did lots of shopping this week!
We did lots of eating out... including Culinary Dropout!

They dont' have an Ikea in Nashville so my sister likes to hit up ours when she is here... Ikea had fun craft stations set up for the kids to make stuff.    
We had a nice family hike followed by Jamba Juice!
We went to the zoo!
Acting like monkeys!
My sister, Daniel and ?
Katelyn and the ?  (I think these were the monkeys but I can't tell from this picture!)
Poppy and Daniel on a camel ride!

Christopher, Katelyn and Daniel looking at animals... not that I am bitter or anything but this was the day that I lost my camera.... ughhh!  How could someone not turn it in after looking at all of the pictures I had taken of my children around the holidays!

Joe's BBQ
Happy Birthday, Daddy!

Hanging out in downtown Gilbert at a local coffee shop... the kids having fun with Poppy!
Since this was the last night that Christopher and Amanda were going to be with us, we had dinner at my parents house and I think the kids were totally wiped out after this long week!

Christmas Day 2011

Christmas Day 2011!  It fell on a Sunday... so, our family woke up, got ready for church, hit up the local Starbucks then drove to Casa Grande to be at that campus for their Christmas Day service.  I have to say there was something SO SPECIAL about being in church for Christmas morning... it gave the day so much depth and perspective!  Then we headed to my parents house for opening presents and lunch!  Christopher flew in and Leigh Anne and Aaron joined us.


The paparazzi in full swing with cameras filming Christopher and Daniel having a "jam session!"

Friday, May 4, 2012

Joe's Farm and Grill

So, we are going out of "Time Order" with the blog but I just got these pics... I met my friend Kim last Wednesday morning for coffee/ breakfast at Joe's Farm and Grill... someone came up to Kim and started asking about the kids and said that they look "angelic."  I have to say that this particular morning, they were pretty stinkin' cute!