Thursday, September 15, 2011

This Week's Happenings...

Monday... Paris came over during Katelyn's nap time to work with Daniel. They did science projects/ experiments... his favorite was magnets!

Then my parents called and wanted to pick the kids up for an ice cream date! When they got back, there was a package waiting on my door step for them from my mom's sister in Indiana! My Aunt Penny sent them some adorable things!

Katelyn wanting what was in Daniel's bag!

Wednesday morning, we met my friend Michella at Chick-fil-a for breakfast. O Fearless One had no problem climbing the whole structure!

She made it! Of course, Protective Brother was right behind her the whole time making sure she was safe!

Guess what? Brendon and I got to go out another date last night! YEAH! We went to the movies!


This past Friday, Daniel was invited to Sophia's 4th birthday party at Jump Street... what a great place for kids to burn energy!

It is wall to wall trampolines and they have several bounce houses as well.

Pizza Time!

That evening, Brendon and I got to go on a date night and have a nice dinner! It is so much nicer not to have to rush home because of Katelyn not being able to get to sleep, etc. We are so proud of her!

This past Saturday, I had the opportunity to go with a few ladies to a Beth Moore Conference... I soooo love her! It was awesome! Brendon took Daniel and Katelyn to Logan's 6th Birthday Party at Chuck E. Cheese!


The Bad News: Lauren who used to come to our house and highlight and cut my hair, wax my eyebrows and cut Daniel's hair decided she was going to close down her business because she wanted to spend more time with her new baby. It was so convenient!

The Good News: Haircuts were not my pampering time anymore because sitting in a chair with 2 kids running around was actually stressful. I am back to Melinda at Adorn Style Lounge in downtown Mesa. I spent almost 3 hours of "Me" time being pampered and it was AWESOME!

Here is another thing that I love about Adorn Style Lounge is that it is a clothing boutique too! Melinda goes to LA every 4 - 6 weeks and purchases the boutique's inventory and she has amazing taste so since I hadn't been there in over a year, I walked out with quite a wardrobe too! Sheer bliss!!!!

Labor Day Weekend and More!

This week was a lot of fun... Monday night, Brendon and I went out for a great date... dinner and shopping! Katelyn finally goes to sleep at my parents house so that means more date nights AND vacations coming up!

Tuesday... Paris came over while Daniel was in Pre-school and we did activities with Katelyn.

Wednesday morning I got in to see the Rheumatologist... I was on a waiting list and they had a 7AM appointment come open.... way too early! I had more blood work and X-Rays to see if they can figure out what is going on with my joint pain issues.

Wednesday evening... Daniel could hardly wait until Katelyn went to sleep because Daddy and him had a special gift for me (For no reason!) A NEW CAMERA! YEAH!

Trying it out! Had to edit the below picture because my makeup was already off... LOL!

Friday evening, we started our Labor Day weekend off at Mesquite Aquatic Center with our Friends, The Olson's.

Guess who is an amazing swimmer now???? That's right! Daniel!!! We are so proud of his swimming/ diving skills!

Guess who else is a pretty darn good swimmer? Yes, Ms. Fear-less herself! She actually hates to be held in the pool... definitely prefers to be independent in the water!

After Church on Sunday, Zander came over to play with Daniel. The Sunday before, Daniel went to Zander's house to play... they start at noon and play until 7pm or bedtime! Andrea and I can't believe they can play for 7 hours straight without meltdowns, fights, etc!

Labor Day we spent at my parent's house... grilling, swimming and relaxing!

Cosmic Bowling!

So, the following Saturday we headed to Brunswick XL Bowl for L's 4th Birthday Party! Parents Magazine named this one of the top 10 places to have a birthday party at and I have to say that for a franchise, it was definitely one of the most well ran parties we have been to. My only complaint is that it is COSMIC BOWL which is soooo fun but if you have ever been to a Cosmic Bowl event... it is like turning a bowling alley into a club! In this case, I think the DJ forgot that there were children present and the songs he chose made me cringe!!!!

Unfortunately, my camera didn't pick up how awesome the bowling alley looked pitch black with everything glowing!!!!
They even have a full gaming center at the Brunswick Bowl and the kids got a "Players Card" to go have fun... Brunswick is "token-less" and "ticket-less!" Unlike Chuck E Cheese or Peter Piper Pizza with a prize counter, they have a prize store with really cool stuff in it! I was really impressed with this place!

We had a great week as well... Monday, we had a playdate at my friend Kristi's house!

Wednesday we went with my friend Erin and her cute boys to the Children's Museum and our kids had a BLAST! I totally forgot my camera in the car but she is a professional photographer and took tons of pictures... I can't wait to see how the pics turned out!!!

J's 4th Birthday Party

Well... Hello Blogging Friends! I am way behind and I honestly have to say I have had no urge to blog... nope! Not even one iota of motivation to want to sit down and do this until tonight:) So, I am baaack!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:)

So, we are going back to August 20th.... it was a Saturday of celebrations!

First... it started out by going to my friend Michella's baby shower! It was so cute and so well planned and attended by some of my besties! Unfortunately, I had to leave early as Daniel had a birthday party to go to. We were also going to be bringing Katelyn along as Brendon was working on a huge design project for one of our clients.

The party was at Tumbleweed Rec Center

One thing about Katelyn is she is completely FEARLESS! She is very active and a gym style setting is perfect for her because climbing, crawling, jumping, running, etc is totally her thing!

J's mom made these really cute cupcakes.... the top is made out of a donut hole and a marshmallow.... so cute!

Happy Birthday, Jackson!