Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Katelyn's 1st Birthday Party!

I told you that I have some friends that are INCREDIBLE photographers... like get your emotions going by looking at their pictures that capture the most important things in life! Jill sent me the link to her blog with some (she took over 400!) of the pictures from Katelyn's 1st Birthday Party and all I can say is that I was SPEECHLESS when I saw them! Yes, even tears came to my eyes because these pictures are EXACTLY how I want to remember the day! I will post more on my blog when I get the CD from her but let's just say that when I was planning this party... I had a couple of words in mind that I wanted the party to be about... princess, pink, Spring Chicks and Bunnies, Easter Eggs and Baskets, lots of smiles and laughter, family, friends (we had to limit it to Katelyn's friends... meaning kids born after her brother was born!), a beautiful, refreshing day at the park with yummy treats (more about the weather later!). So, those were our goals and I think we got to check all but 1 off... it was 99 degrees and the wind was blowing! So, the wind was HORRIBLE for our decorations but it was GREAT since it was almost 99 degrees and made our AZ heat wave bearable... however, the next Saturday it rained ALL day and was like 40 or 50 degrees! So, I am so thankful we chose to have it on this day!
Jill... these pictures made me speechless and I will ever be grateful to you.


Sunday, April 17, 2011

My 30th Birthday!

The morning of my birthday, Brendon and I took a Kick Boxing Class together... it was great! Then my mom picked the kids and I up and we went to Chandler Fashion Mall to lunch and for some shopping! I love Wildflower so we had a nice lunch outside on their patio, then we took the kids on the train and did a little shopping and had some ice cream!

We saw that the Easter Bunny was at the mall and there was no line so we thought it would be so cute to get their picture taken together with him... just as we were walking towards the Easter Bunny and he got in Daniel's sight, Daniel had a complete melt down so if you were at the mall on April 4th and you heard a 3 year old screaming, "Please mommy, I don't like the Easter Bunny! I just want to go home!" then that was my child!

That evening, my parents invited us over for dinner and cake! My mom has made me a bunny cake since my 1st Birthday... she made one for Katelyn as her Smash Cake then she made mine (it wasn't my smash cake!)


When the party was over, the kids took a nap then we let Katelyn open up her presents! She opened the presents from Leigh Anne and Aaron first....

As you can tell, she was really into her presents!!!!

I love this hat!

Giving Babies Kisses!

Check out my new shades!
Overall, Daniel did great too! I wasn't sure how he was going to respond since all the attention was on Katelyn for the party and all the presents, etc but he did great! So proud of him!

Parties, Parties, Parties!

I am not quite sure what I was thinking when I planned to do a Pampered Chef party at my house on a Tuesday night and Katelyn's 1st Birthday Party on Saturday!

Tuesday evening my friend Trudy Maples came over and did a Pampered Chef Party at my house... we had like 20 or 30 women here and it was a blast! She is the #1 Pampered Chef Consultant in the entire country!

Friday... Leigh Anne came over and helped me bake and get ready for the party!

Dipped Chocolate Sticks with Easter Sprinkles drying!

Marshmallow Pops Drying!

Cupcakes... some had little "Bird Nests" which were colored coconut flakes with speckled Jelly beans and some were "hatched" which were colored coconut flakes with Pink Peeps! Sooo cute!

The Birthday Girl keeping us company!
Thankfully, my friend Jill took pictures of Katelyn's Birthday Party which I cannot wait to post but I haven't gotten them back from her yet because she took 411 pictures! YEAH! Thankfully, Jill took those pictures because I didn't even have my camera at the party and didn't even get 1 picture on my own camera!

J's 1st Birthday Party

We went to the park on Sunday afternoon for Jaxson's 1st Birthday Party... his mommy came to my Baby Shower for Katelyn and they are only a week or so a part!

K's 1 Year Pics!

I am so blessed to have some friends in my life that are amazing photographers! Tanya, Jessica, Jill and Kim... they have all given me some of my greatest treasures... pictures of my children! I am so thankful for them!

Kim came over to my house and we sat in the floor with all of our babies surrounding us, climbing on us, etc and she just got out her camera and starting shooting pictures! It was so laid back, no pressure, relaxing, peaceful and look how they turned out!
Thank you so much, Kim!

I love her pink toes that are showing in the below picture=)

K and K!

Brendon just loves these pictures.. they are screen savers on all of his electronic toys!