Sunday, January 24, 2010

Just another week...

Well, I tried this "pre-school" type of thing for Daniel... we decided that we didn't really like it for several different reasons... but here he is doing his craft! He is truly amazing me with how much he is growing up... his conversation skills have been growing so much!

Monday, we had our church playgroup over for a playdate... so, that morning when he woke up, I told him that his friends were coming over and said that he needed to share his toys with his friends. He has a hard time sharing HIS toys with others... so, it is something we are working on=) Well, he told me that he wasn't going to share... I thought he was just saying that but he ACTUALLY meant it... when his friends came over, he totally was NOT in a sharing attitude!

Tuesday morning, we had our weekly music class and here is the funny story from this class... there are two songs where you march around in a circle and sing the songs with activities. Most of the kids march with their moms but Daniel likes me to be like 5 people in front of him... he wants to march behind me... at one point in the class we caught up with each other and he pushed me and said, " Go, Mom!" It is just so funny how his little personality and INDEPENDENCE is totally coming out!

Wednesday was HAIR DAY for me! Yeah! I went to Melinda to have her work her magic! Well, with 11 weeks left in my pregnancy... my face tends to blow up and get very round so I told her that her goal was to thin my face as much as she could! Someone complemented me today and said that my face looked thinner to them... she is truly magical!

I have replaced ice cream in my diet with smoothies and Daniel LOVES the diet change! He asks for one every morning!=)

He also got a new step stool and he LOVES it! Again, I think it has something with his 2 year old independence stage!

Friday afternoon... I had the most amazing pre-natal massage ever! I truly have to say this was the best massage I have EVER had! If you live in AZ, you should DEFINITELY try her out!

Finally, this past weekend and week has been crazy moving Daniel out of his nursery and moving him into his new room! I have to say it was VERY EMOTIONAL on me as I feel like I am saying "Good Bye" to my baby... he is my only baby right now and it is hard for me to think about my baby being replaced with another baby! I am so excited about the new baby but it is all hitting me about Daniel growing up! I also spent a lot of time this weekend going through our baby stuff to see what we have and organize it all in her new room... can you say NESTING?????????? Brendon painted her room this past weekend and we have started decorating it and I am loving how it is turning out!

Have a wonderful week!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Mommy Porn!

So, the title of my blog... I found this hysterical book a while back in a Kids Boutique called Porn for Mom's... basically it is fully clothed men doing chores around the house and taking care of kids! There are men doing the dishes, vacuuming, changing diapers, etc! I told Brendon about this book and I have decided that I could make my own porn book - LOL! With exactly 3 months from today until my due date... I have been in a MAJOR nesting mode! I have been a complete slave driver to my incredible husband because I feel this pressure to get Daniel into his new room and finish the baby's room! So, he has been working every free minute he has to make my dreams come true so enjoy some of the prelim pics of Daniel's new "Big Boy" room coming together which is THIS mommy's porn!

This past week, we had tons of fun but I am seriously lacking on pictures=( We have done everything from having to dinner with some awesome people who live part time in South Africa (my husband's native country) to lunch with one of my great friends from college that I haven't seen since the last time I was pregnant (hahaha!) to Toddler McDonald's (Daniel asks me EVERYDAY to go there and I say "no" and he says, "When I wake up?" meaning tomorrow?) to a morning of play at Family Time (climbing in tubes, slides, etc when you are a 27 weeks pregger is not the most comfortable thing in the world!) to having a playdate with some of our friends at our house to Kendall's 3rd B-day party at Toy Town to Building a cool bank at Lowe's kids clinic to having an awesome date night with my husband to my 27 week doctor's appointment to Daniel's 1st music class to Peter Piper Pizza today!

What a great friend Adrianna is by helping Daniel play basketball... one of those activities that is not comfortable for me in my pregger condition!

Daniel's way of playing Skee Ball - HAHA!

Hopefully this week I will be better with the camera!

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Happy New Year!

Last Sunday, we went over to Sharon's house after church for a dedication celebration of Jamison! She had the food catered from a Mexican Restaurant that is a part of the resort called The Pointe (I think it has changed names but I can't think of the new name) and it was very good! After Sunday afternoon naps, we went back to my parent's house for an evening in the hot tub (Don't worry, I only put my feet in!) and we made smores in their backyard fire pit!

Monday morning, we went to breakfast at Cracker Barrel with the whole family including Aaron and Leigh Anne for Brendon's Birthday! We always do family birthday celebrations out to breakfast as that is our favorite meal! After breakfast, the guys went on ATV's all afternoon and the ladies went shopping! That night we watched a movie and had dinner at my parent's house... also, Christopher's parents sent my parent's a cheesecake from the Famous Junior's restaurant in Brooklyn, NY and we tore that thing a part! The best part of the night was watching Christopher and Daniel playing the piano together! I pray some of Christopher's musical talent can rub off on Daniel because he doesn't have ANY musical genes from Brendon or I!


Tuesday.... we stayed home in the morning and in the afternoon hit some last stops that Amanda and Christopher wanted to hit before returning home the next morning. THEN, we had a whole evening planned out..... and WHAT AN EVENING IT TURNED OUT TO BE!!!! Amanda and Christopher had heard about a restaurant here called Pizza Bianco (supposedly the pizza is a life-changing experience... if you think I am kidding, read the reviews on-line!) and we heard that every single night, there is an extremely long line! So, we dropped Daniel off at Leigh Anne and Aaron's house at 4PM to head to Pizza Bianco to get in line so we could be there when they opened at 5PM! We got there around 4:45ish and there were over 140 people in line already! Are you ready for this? It was a 4 HOUR WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is a typical wait time for this restaurant! We wouldn't not have ate until 9PM or later!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Only 3 months away from having a baby, I am STARVING ALL THE TIME and I was not mentally prepared to wait that long.... there was a pub across the area that I could have ordered appetizers but then I probably wouldn't have been hungry for the pizza at 9 or 10 at night! We are definitely going to check this place out (supposedly starting in January, they are going to start taking reservations!) but I have to come mentally prepared for this one and lots of things to do to pass time!

So, we heard of another pizza place that is comparable to Pizza Bianco in Tempe and it actually was fairly good UNTIL we asked for our check... we asked for our check to be split and the lady made a HUGE deal about it and took 30 - 45 minutes to do this.... the problem was we were trying to catch a 7:15 Avatar 3-D show! We made the show but there was only 20% availability left in the theater by the time we got there so none of us got to sit together and some didn't have the best seats! When the movie ended, we noticed that my mom, Amanda and Christopher weren't there... Christopher had gotten sick and had to go home 1 hour into the movie! So, we didn't even get to say BYE to them as they left really early in the morning! WHAT A NIGHT!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday was my husband's actual birthday and we stayed home most of the day relaxing, going to the gym and catching up on things around the house. The past couple of days, we also started working on Daniel's room and it is going to be sooo cute... I am so excited to get it done!

Final funny story from Daniel... last night we went out to dinner and on the way home, I warned Daniel that he was going to go to bed when we got home. So, he started asking Brendon about cutting something... we thought he was saying a candle and we were like, "What the heck!" As soon as we got home, he dragged Brendon to the fridge and opened the fruit drawer and he was saying that he wanted Brendon to cut the cantaloupe! I was so amazed that he remembered this as I told him at lunch time that daddy would do it and it was so funny that he remembered on his way home... definitely a tactic to hold off bedtime!

I pray you have a Happy New Year!