Friday, December 30, 2011

Food for THE SOUL!

If you follow my blog... I am not sure if anyone follows my blog anymore because there haven't been any posts to follow...hehehe!

Anyway... one of my favorite bloggers is Kelle Hampton... she posted some really good things on her last post... things I want to reflect back on, so here they are:

...there is a part of me that recognizes the importance of being broken, of never knowing too much, of being so vulnerable that the possibility for transformation is breathtakingly real. I don't ever want to lose that-

It was her birthday yesterday so here are some things that she has learned... at least my favorite ones she listed:

4. There is nothing so time critical that you can't stop for ten minutes and play with your kids.

5. You can never ever say "I love you" too much.

6. I've learned not to push away uncomfortable feelings. Embrace them. Learn from them.

8. Find things that make you happy. Do them.

9. I like to travel. But I like coming home just as much.

11. It's okay to define the kind of mom you are as you go along. And it might look different than everyone else's definition.

12. Keep learning. Push yourself. Ask questions. Read books. Google topics. Try something new.

13. Family is everything. Family is everything. Family is everything.

14. Friendships get better with age. Every year, I sink into friendships a little more comfortably. I love my friends. I need them.

15. Admit your faults and embrace them. Never give up on changing, and be patient with the time it takes.

16. I've learned there are so many ways to be grateful and to express it.