Saturday, May 14, 2011

Pool Season Is Here!

Well, this week I had my very long awaited appointment with my Hand and Wrist Specialist. FYI: If you are thinking of becoming a doctor, I would highly recommend becoming a Hand & Wrist Specialist because there are only a couple in all of Phoenix! I had made my appointment a very long time ago and was so glad that May 4th finally came! My diagnosis is that I have tendinitis in both hands so I was told to go on Prescription Strength Alleve for 30 days along with wrists bands/ casts/ not sure what to call them! They say it is very common in new mom's who carry their babies a lot in addition to my daily gym visits, I might have done some damage! I am very relieved it wasn't anything more serious!

On to better times at Resort De La Wilson!

Brendon and I have really been reflecting on what busy lives we live and how we need to slow down... let me tell you, it feels very weird but in good sort of way!

This week also included a pediatric dentist appointment for Daniel! His last appointment was when he was around 15 months and he did great! We took him 6 months ago to our dentist (not a pediatric one) and he had a melt down when he saw the exam room so we decided to take him back to a pediatric dentist thinking he would be fine. This place is very cute... he did great the whole time that the dental hygienist cleaned, brushed and flossed his teeth AND did X-Rays...but as soon as she said the doctor was coming into see him, he flew off the table and grabbed Brendon's leg and said, "LET'S GO!" Well, he wasn't going anywhere and they actually had to move him to another room because he was getting other kids upset! LOL! He finally calmed down enough to let the dentist do his thing then he left with a t-shirt that if he wears the next time, he gets a very nice prize and a token to get a prize out of the machine and a goody bag. Needless to say, I think he was very nervous because he doesn't remember his 1st visit and he has never experienced anything like that but he told me he would be fine to go back... so, we will see in November at his next scheduled cleaning!

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