Thursday, January 1, 2015

December 2014 (Pregnancy Weeks 33 - 36)

To finish the ladies connect group I was leading, we had a movie night!  We watched "Mom's Night Out" - highly recommend it!

These are some of the kiddos that joined us before!

Elf also came back!  Every parent (I believe) has mixed emotions about this guy!

We normally go to Phoenix for Christmas but this year I was not going to be able to fly at Christmas because I would be too far along in my pregnancy so we did lots of fun things to celebrate here.  One is that we booked a hotel room that had an indoor pool in New Hope, PA and got tickets for the Polar Express!  We started our drive with a stop at Cracker Barrel for breakfast!

Our kids relaxing in the hotel room!

New Hope, PA is rated one of the top 10 small cities in America - it is absolutely charming!

Hot Chocolate and Cookies!

This lady came around with her guitar and sang Christmas Carols!

Santa and Mrs. Claus giving the silver bell to the kids!

You know they had a good trip when the drive home looked like this!

The next day we did a little shopping at the Cherry Hill Mall!

Katelyn had a Build A Bear Gift Certificate she had never used from her birthday so she chose the Elsa Bear from Frozen that sings "Let it Go."

33 week Baby Bump!

We hosted the Fusion Staff and Elders Christmas Party at our house - wow!  What a year this has been for Fusion Church!  This party was much bigger than the last one and we have come a long way!  This was by far the EASIEST party I have hosted... an amazing woman we hired this year to do church cleaning came to my house in the morning and cleaned like no body's business!  Then the church has an amazing woman who does catering for most church functions now and she came and took over in the afternoon - all I had to do was show up!  It was AMAZING!

God has given Brendon very clear direction for Fusion in 2015 - not all can I disclose now as it was only laid out to the team this night... but each person walked away with this amazing framed print of New Jersey that we had a guy from Etsy create for us!

Seriously, we have the best team around!  I cannot even tell you how we LOVE these friends!

This team knows how to have fun, how to be loud and how to laugh... but if you ever needed anything, they also know how to pray and be there for you!  We are all so blessed to have each other!

My husband - our amazing leader - laying out the vision for 2015!

We got to see our princess again - she was 33.5 weeks here!  Look at those chubby cheeks and that beautiful profile - her mouth is wide open and her little hands are right in her mouth!  Can't wait to hold you, baby girl!  We had an ultrasound each trimester and we took the kids to all three.  We also had the same tech at all three.... he became like a close family friend to us - haha!  These have been very special times and bonding with our new baby girl!

I had a doctor's appointment to go to but they called me on the way and said the doctor was running about 30 min late because of a C-Section so Katelyn and I had a coffee date and I finished sealing Christmas cards and got them to the post office!

Brendon thought Katelyn would love this - she actually freaked out!  She thought Elf was going to take her baby!

We made cookie platters for all of our neighbors!

Daniel requested a hair cut before his Christmas Program

All dressed up for her brother's program!

One Saturday morning, the kids pediatrician requested that they both get blood test as part of their well check up routine.  They both had to fast so we made an appointment for first thing Saturday morning.... however, when we went out to our car, it wouldn't start.  Thank God for Tay.... we had to wake him up but he came and rescued us:)  It would up being a loose wire:)

Making a gingerbread house!

This year we decided to bring Daddy and Daniel with us to see the Nutcracker... we think they really enjoyed it!

The girls at work threw me a sweet baby shower with lots of yummy food!

We also had our white elephant exchange which always guarantees some laughs!

Hippie costumes, Bump Its....

My sister and her husband decided to do a trip to NYC and invited us to join them!

Ferry Ride from Staten Island to Manhattan!

We had lunch at a delicious Thai restaurant!

Bryant Park!

The weather was SO mild this day and with my crazy pregnancy hormones - I was super hot!  So, this day called for iced coffee AND sitting outside!

The NYC Public Library is right by Bryant Park so there was a few really cool things on display like the Gutenberg Bible!

NYC Public Library Christmas Tree

Central Park - almost 35 week Baby Bump!

My sister and I are about 6 weeks a part in our pregnancies and we are both having girls!

They picked out this really yummy Spanish Restaurant which is going to earn its Michellen Star in January (we didn't know what a Michellan Star was until they explained it to us!)

They also got us tickets to an incredible concert at Carnegie Hall with the Getty's - talk about getting in the Christmas Spirit!

My Ergo came for the new baby so Katelyn decided it was time to get her carrier out and start "baby wearing!"

Her Christmas Program at school!

Putting together treat bags for all of their class mates!

Bob and Barbara like to take the kids for a morning at Christmas time to take them to breakfast, make trail mix and let them pick out some Christmas presents... can you guess what was one of Katelyn's gifts she picked out?

Kids Choir at Church!

Official 35 week Baby Bump Picture with my twin!

Daniel's Class Christmas Party - Breakfast and a Book Exchange - White Elephant Style!

We took the kids to get hot chocolate then to go look at a few amazing Christmas Lights!

Katelyn's class singing at the last chapel of the year!

Christmas Eve Service and these two took my phone and started taking selfies!

SO, I stole it back from her and took a selfie of us:)

Christmas morning!

My husband had soaked the turkey overnight in a brine!

It literally took us all morning to open presents - we called Mimi and spoke to her, then we Facetimed with parents and opened all their presents, we Facetimed with Aaron and Leigh Anne and opened all their presents, we Facetimed with Amanda, Christopher and Jack and opened all of their presents, then we Facetimed with my grandparents in Florida and opened all of their presents then they had the presents from us to open.... it is amazing with technology how we actually got to spend Christmas morning with our whole family virtually!

This year we took the kids to pick out gifts for each other and for us - Katelyn picked out this plate for Daddy so we could decorate it for him:)

Mr Jerry and Mrs. Connie got them these awesome shirts!

A really fun package from our friends in India!

Playing with Christmas toys!

My grandparents in Florida got us this awesome plaque for our home!

Mrs. Amy and Mrs. Dawn gave this great kids book to each child in their Sunday School Class by Max Lucado called You are Special - it is just awesome!  You will cry as an adult reading any of his kids books - they are just amazing!

More Christmas toy activities!

The day after Christmas, Jill and Bill picked up the kids at noon and didn't bring them home until 8 - they had a whole day planned for them... so Brendon and I went to lunch and went to our first movie ever in NJ - we saw Unbroken!

Christmas outfit from Grandpa and Grandma that she is wearing to church - she loves the outfit but hates her shoes - she thinks brown shoes are ugly!

Baby Bump Picture - 36 weeks!

Of course, we end every year on December 30th celebrating my amazing husband's birthday!

We had a few people over to celebrate and did a taco bar!

Happy New Year!  We are totally ready for 2015!!!!  IT IS GOING TO BE A GREAT YEAR!