Monday, February 22, 2010

Baby Shower!

Awwww!!!! Saturday morning was soooooooooooooooooooooooo much fun... my mom friends had a BEAUTIFUL baby shower for me! It was AMAZING and I had such a wonderful time filled with incredible memories! I couldn't help but think how blessed I am to have such an incredible support system of the best friends! My mom even walked away and couldn't stop talking about how much she loved these women! Every mom needs a village around them and I am so blessed to have just moved here 3 years ago and made such incredible friendships!

So...all of us are pregnant and we are standing in order of due dates... I look like a cow compared to all of them... HAHAHA!

My mom and Kim (Kim hosted the shower at her beautiful home)

Kim knows my FAVORITE meal is breakfast so it was a brunch and tea party... the food was sooo good! Quiche, croissants, bagels with gourmet cream cheeses, fruit, muffins, and so much more!

The cake was BEAUTIFUL! They were upset that they didn't know the baby's name and they had to write "Baby Wilson" on it! It was Red Velvet and I almost cried when I ate it because it was DELICIOUS! I am not sure what bakery made it but every cake I have had from there is sooo good!

The tea party room - soooo girly!

Brooke, Me and Michella!

Sue, Jess, Jill, Me (hiding my HUGE belly) and Adrianna!

Me, Leah (my other pregger friend), Kristi, and Tammy

Tanya made the cutest party favors with tea bags and cubes of sugar!

My mom and I... all decked out in pink!

Michella was the queen of games... she even stumped Jill in the Celebrity Baby Name Game!

Okay... having a girl and opening all the girly presents was sooooooooooooo fun! This little onesie with the ruffle bottom was too cute!

Jess made this adorable Ladybug bib!
The flowers, hats and headbands for her hair... hopefully she will have some hair... if not, she has the hats and headbands for me to attach the big flowers too - LOL!

Susan totally surprised me with gifts for ME from Lush! THANK YOU!
Kim and I... such an incredible hostess!

All the girls that put this shower together... Michella, Kim, Susan and Tanya!

Baby Girl's room after the shower!

Love you girls sooooooooooooooo much! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!

Daniel's Music Class and more

Last Monday night, I dropped a dinner off at Lisa's house because she had beautiful Baby Landon on Friday evening! Talk about getting me so excited for our baby coming home... I could hardly stand it! Congratulations, Lisa!

Tuesday... I FINALLY got some pics of Daniel from his music class....

Wednesday morning we met some friends for a playdate... I just loved chilling with my mamma friends!

Wednesday night, I had a VERY EXCITING FIRST... I played Bunco for the first time! My friend Kristi called me and said that they needed a sub for her club and I had soooo much fun! I actually won... for having the most losses! LOL! I would love to be a part of a club so if anyone knows of one, let me know!

Thursday, we met up with some friends for a park playdate and a picnic...

Friday... Daniel had the weirdest thing happen to him... I have been bragging all winter how none of us have been sick... well, Friday AM, he woke up burning up with a fever! The worse part was that Brendon had the car packed to take him camping with some friends over the weekend! I gave him Tylenol before I went to work and his fever went away but Brendon put him down for a nap at 10AM and he woke up at noon with a 103.5 fever so Brendon gave him Tylenol and his fever went away again then Daniel told Brendon that his ears hurt, his tummy hurt, his head hurt, etc.... so, Brendon canceled their trip and I made an appointment at the pediatrician since it was Friday and I didn't want to be stuck in an Urgent Care over the weekend thinking he had an ear infection... we got to the doctor office and he didn't have an ear infection or even a sign of an ear infection and his fever never came back after that either! He has been fine since then... I think he just wanted to go to the doctor - he told the doctor that he needed a band aid for his hurt ear! LOL! That night... I had a a craving for Chinese food so off we went to dinner!

Monday, February 15, 2010


Well.... I don't mean to rub this into any of my out of state friends' face as I know some of them actually enjoy this misery... I mean horrific weather that everyone is experiencing right now but everyday as I am in my short sleeves and enjoying our AMAZING weather... I can't help but think that I live in paradise! Trust me... most of my life (except the last 3 years) I had to endure winters so I have had my share and can truly appreciate where I live now!

So, back to our life.... Birthday parties OUTSIDE! Yes, Dominick and Brooklyn celebrated their 1st and 3rd birthday's and it was a beautiful day in February for an outdoor party!
I think this was Daniel's first pinata experience and he loved it!

Monday morning... I took a Body Combat class with Brendon then met our church mom's group at Krispy Kreme for donuts, coffee and milk... yummo! After that, we went to this new place that opened up called Jump and Shout! It is a combination of "bouncy things" and "jungle gyms!" However, there were signs posted everywhere saying not to enter these things if you were pregnant... well, that is not happening as I have a very active 2.5 year old and just because I am 9 weeks away from bringing baby girl into the world... he still deserves to have an active mommy! So, off we went climbing and jumping!

Tuesday was music class... I am going to try very hard to get pics tomorrow... then Tuesday night, we had an in-room "Mommy to be" Shower for my friend Kattia. She was due 3 days before me but her water broke at 27 weeks and she has been sitting in a hospital room for 5 weeks hoping for the best. Their goal is to keep her until 34 weeks which is less than 2 weeks away!

Wednesday was a Valentine's Day party with some of our very good friends! I think Brendon got Daniel dressed this day and I forgot to tell him to put him in red... oops!

These two sisters always take Daniel under their wing and although he has a very weird look on his face, he LOVES M and M!
Thursday morning was my mom's annual Valentine's Day party... this time she did it at her house and had it catered from Paradise Bakery... yummo!

The best muffins!

Delicious Quiche!
Then later on that day, we met some more good friends at Tumbleweed for another fun Valentine's Day party!

I came home from work early on Friday and here is how my V-Day started off... a sweet surprise from my men... aka Daniel, Brendon and Max! However, Daniel did not like that I got balloons but he didn't!

Friday, Brendon and I celebrated Valentine's Day as we were so busy the rest of the weekend! Daniel spent the night at my parents house and we spent the whole afternoon and evening together! It was amazing! The funny thing is that Daniel came home and told me everything that he did with my parents... how cool is that!?!?!? That also means no more secrets... he will tell me anything and everything!

Sunday... Daniel had a nice Valentine's Day as well... below are a few gifts we gave him... what a combination, huh? But, he enjoyed giving his new talking Elmo a ride on the monster truck! LOL!
Well, baby girl is due in 8 weeks and I was just telling Brendon tonight that I am very excited for her arrival but I have also made up my mind to REALLY ENJOY these last 8 weeks as they are the last 8 weeks I have with Daniel alone! I am also loving my sleep right now... Brendon told me Daniel woke up 3 times last night and I didn't even hear him once... LOL! I am also feeling fairly comfortable and am so thankful that I am not miserably pregnant... I actually FEEL GREAT! The other thing I am enjoying is the fact that I can still run a thousand errands in an afternoon or go shopping and it is SO easy with 1 toddler but I have no idea how I will do it with a toddler and a newborn!

We hope you all have a wonderful week! Lots of Love and HAPPY BELATED VALENTINE'S DAY!

Monday, February 8, 2010

Finally....Pics of Daniel's New Room!

Of course, there are some final touches still like picture frames to hang on the wall, more pillows on the bed, and adding something to the curtains... however, I LOVE how my big boy's room turned out and he LOVES it too!

We also can't get him a dresser until he goes into his big boy bed... our plan is that Baby Girl will sleep with us in her bassinet until she is 3 months old so he has 5 more months in his crib... then we are moving the crib into her room!