Saturday, May 28, 2011

Arizona Museum For Youth

Last Friday called for getting the kids out of the house! First of all, our carpets were getting cleaned (yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) AND our house project was starting! So, we had a lot going on at our house and a lot of people at our house working so I took the kiddos to one of our favorite places called Artville or Arizona Museum for Youth!

Above... Katelyn enjoying the big BLOCK PIT they have in Artville (the section for under 5)

My kiddos enjoying the fun "light" table
Katelyn LOVES sitting in a chair now... she thinks she is so big when she gets to sit in a child size chair all by herself!

Below, she was pulling blocks out of the drawer... she LOVED this place so I think we will get a membership as it will be perfect for summer... something fun to do indoors with A/C! For my "non-Arizona" readers, we consider our summer your winter.... it is really too hot to do much outside except swim so we try to stay indoors as much as possible! LOL!

We met my friends Kim, Susan and Paulina there as well and our kids were putting on a play for us! LOL!

They have this adorable "baby" area that is enclosed with mirrors and I thought the below picture is the BEST!

Katelyn with her girlfriends.... Natalie and Keira!
Katelyn playing in the "kitchen" room!

Then we ventured out of the Artville section and went into the main museum for tons more fun! They have a Fairy Tale theme going on right now so Daniel is dressing up as the "wolf" in Little Red Riding Hood!

Kendall getting all dressed up as "Little Red Riding Hood!"

Of course, there are tables and tables of really cool art projects for the kids to do throughout the whole museum!

Daniel LOVED these spinning chairs!

They had a Baseball Field set up and Wii Stations for the kids to play baseball... I don't think Daniel has ever played Wii before but he caught on VERY QUICK!

Below there was a video camera set up and the kids could see themselves on the TV Screen... they were totally digging this!
Thanks, Friends, for such a fun day!

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