Saturday, February 27, 2016

5 months (May 26 - June 25)

Kindergarten Visitation Day!

Katelyn's Early Education program - Preschool Graduation!!!!

When she got home, there were gifts waiting from Aunt Penny and my parents!

The loot from Penny and Larry

I also took her to 5 below and let her pick out a few things!

The loot from my parents

Grace's loot

Daniel loved having a surprise waiting for him when he got home....

His loot from Penny and Larry

Katelyn picked out hair chalk at 5 Below so this was our "After" shot:)

Well.... Daniel playing baseball in our backyard.... $285 later and it is as if it never happened!

Started getting our patio set up - lots of parties were being planned for out here!

It never gets old seeing these 3 play together!

Where we like to spend our evenings!

Park time!

Hanging out in Daddy's office!

Grace had a special surprise waiting for her - my parents got her an American Girl doll because the Doll of the year was GRACE!

What is SO funny is that I have a picture of Katelyn wearing the same dress sitting in front of her American Girl doll as well!

Play time - love this view with my 2 girls!

I had been wanting to try Jamberries for a LONG time - my friend Heather sells them so I invited her over for a a playdate and she showed me how to apply them - I am totally hooked!  As a mom of 3 kiddos, I hardly have time to make any "extra" appointments so nail appointments take a lot of time and they are expensive.  I also bite my nails and this prevents me from doing that too so these have been a winner for me!

I let him play in the rain  = cool mom award!

I don't remember what we were  coming home from but these guys were out!

However, this night..... someone had given me a gift card and I enjoyed every single moment of this pedicure!

Summer vacation means coming up with as many creative things as you can so we had this Crayola crayon maker and we tried it out - I would tell you to save your money - it wasn't that great!  It went into our garage sale!

This is what happens when you play too hard!

Playdate with Cori!

I did Jamberries on their nails!

I found a swingset/ playground on Craigslist and Brendon and our friend Ruben went to pick it up!  This was the picture they text to me!

Took the girls for a ride!

Swingset has to be restored!

Oh!  Those toes!  SOOOOO good!

Coming along.....

I host a dinner for all the female staff members, staff member's wives and elder wives very other month so this was our first one!

My quiet time with this precious one!

Grace's 5 month old pictures!

My sleeping 5 year old angel!

Enjoying some outdoor weather!

Another Jamberry manicure!

Lots of boating trips!