Saturday, January 28, 2017

Grace's 2nd Birthday Party

Our little angel turned 2 today and we celebrated with an Elmo Party!  Our amazing and talented friend Becky got the best moments on camera - thank you SO much!

 First of all, there would be no party without the "Crew!"  Our friends is what makes a celebration - a few left early (nap time at this age is critical!) and lastly.... have you ever tried to rangle 30+ kids of all ages for a picture - basically, it would be a miracle!  This is as good as it gets!

I love the Sesame Street background I found on Amazon!  What did we do before Amazon Prime?!?

Okay - here is the details of the party - also, what did we do before Pinterest! 

Count Drac - Guess how many blocks there are?  Our 2 older kids really got into helping me prepare for this party this year... they counted the blocks!  Katelyn said 116 and Daniel said 115!  This was supposed to be Katelyn's station but let's just say 15 minutes into the party, she was distracted by all her friends being there!  Can't blame her!

We had Elmo's fish "Dorothy" as centerpieces - and several of our friends walked home with them:)

They got to create their own Elmo puppet.... It took me hours to cut out all of the little pieces for this craft!

We also had a craft station set up where they could make "Abby Cadaby" wands!

And a coloring station of Elmo and his fish "Dorothy"

Grace's treat for going on the potty is "Fruit Loops" - she loves them!  So, of course, we had to make edible fruit loop bracelets!

The Cookie Monster Donuts!  And of course, "C" is for Cookie!  In the background, we also had Rosalita's strawberry/ cream cheese wraps!

Ernie's Rubber Ducky Punch

"Dorothy" the goldfish pops!


Katelyn's freakishly real baby doll she got for Christmas that everyone gets nervous around because they think it is a real doll at first!

We ended with an Elmo pinata!   Pull string for the littles and blinded folded for the big kids!  

Elmo's goldfish cupcakes!

Roses and tulips from her daddy in the background!

This. is. my. world!

Happy 2nd Birthday, Grace Anne Wilson!

We are so looking forward to a year of absolute fun with you!