Monday, March 29, 2010

1st Egg Hunt of the season, etc....

So, we have some catching up to do... I have been trying to spend as much time with Daniel as possible and let him spend as much time with his friends out and about so that he doesn't go too crazy when I am having a rough day... so, a couple of weeks ago, we went to the park with our friends and just totally wore him out! The weather has been so amazing here!

Then Wednesday, I had my 36 week appointment and they did the Group B Strep test which I was negative again... yeah! They also did the first internal exam and I was only dilated to 1cm, 40% effaced and she was stationed at -3.

On Thursday, we had a picnic with our friends at the park and it was sooo hot... I actually got some sun... wohoo! I also realized that I needed to buy new sunscreen and new sun hats for Daniel so we went shopping after the picnic for sun protection items!=)

Then on Monday, we had the first egg hunt of the season with our church play group...

Thursday morning I had my 37 week appointment... the doctor was very impressed with the progress I had made... I was dilated to a good solid 2 and was 70% effaced and she had dropped to a -2. Then we went to Brooke's house for a playdate then I dropped Daniel off at my mom's house and I went to Melinda to get my hair done before the baby comes!

Saturday afternoon, we spent the whole afternoon at Joe's Farm and Grill for an early birthday lunch for me... my birthday falls on Easter this year but we don't think I am going to make it to Easter so Brendon wanted to make sure we got to celebrate! Here are some pics of my kool kats! LOL!

Sunday afternoon, I went to my friend's baby shower and it was a lot of fun! Unfortunately, my camera has been MIA or not had a full battery so we didn't get very many pics from the past couple of weeks!

Baby girl is due 2 weeks from today so Daniel and I just have a few days left to have adventures as the two of us!

Visit to the Hospital

So... last Thursday, Daniel and I went to a play date with some of our friends and on Friday night, several people that attended the play date got the stomach flu! Unfortunately, Daniel was one of them... he threw up 3 times but was done by Saturday morning and just took it easy on what he ate after that.

This morning... I woke up at 1AM feeling awful but I am almost 38 weeks pregnant so I am not supposed to be feeling great but it was a different feeling... 6AM this morning, I started puking and realized I had also gotten the stomach flu=(

I called my doctor and the nurse said she wasn't concerned about me keeping food down (probably because she looked at my charts and said this girl has gained plenty of weight for both of them... LOL!) but she was very concerned about me keeping liquids down... well, at 11:30 I had not been able to keep any liquids down. I was still throwing up and Brendon was freaking out... I told him that I was okay but when it comes to his kids, he takes NO RISKS! So, he called the doctor himself and of course, they told him to take me to OB Triage...

The unfortunate part of this whole story is that Daniel saw me throwing up and it totally freaked him out... he went into the living room and curled up in a little ball on our couch and had the saddest look on his face! I went over to him and told him I was okay and he didn't want me to touch him or talk to him.... my heart just broke. My mom came to pick him up and he couldn't wait to get out of our house and see her=( It just makes me so sad as I know he feels sooo insecure and knows something is happening but he just doesn't know what...

On the way to the Triage... Brendon stopped at Circle K to get me an ice pop which my doctor's nurse recommended and it actually made me feel better. We got to triage... they said that the baby's heartbeat was great, her movement was great, and I was having contractions (no duh! I have had those since 35 weeks!) I have also dilated to 3 cm and I was at 2cm this past, we are making progress... I waited for a long time for my doctor to call the nurses back to give further instructions. Instructions were to hook me up to an IV and get me hydrated, 2 doses of anti-nausea medicine and go on the brat diet! Bananas, Rice, Applesauce and Toast... that is it!

I said... since I am here and don't want to come back... let's just induce me and get this baby out... the nurse said, you would make 8 women sitting at home waiting on a bed to open up really mad - LOL! However, my doctor didn't like my instructions either to induce me as he said he wants me in optimum health for labor and delivery! =)

The really cool thing is that every time a baby is born at Banner Gateway, they play a lullaby song throughout the hospital... 2 babies were born while we were there and it was really sweet!

The other really sweet thing is that I was so tired so I fell asleep in the hospital to my baby girl's heart beat beating in the room... it was the sweetest sound I could have heard!

So, Brendon is very happy that his little girl is in doing good... and his wife... hahaha!!!!

So, the wait continues for our princess' birthday!!!

Monday, March 15, 2010

Shower #2!

So... Friday, my sister-in-law surprised me by kicking me out of my house and taking over for a baby shower on Saturday... she decorated my whole house in PINK! This girl should be an event planner... the shower WAS AMAZING! My house has never looked so good for a party before!

A few pics before all the food was out...

Seating for everyone... inside and outside... it was a BEAUTIFUL DAY!

The theme was an afternoon tea... she painted the "Tea Time" sign...

Pink Lemonade, Water and Pink Punch (it was amazing!)

The Desert Line... YUMMO!

Kitchen Table all decked out... flowers and tea bags on the table=)

Living Room Coffee Table Decorated....

Living Room End Tables Decorated... hand painted frames by Auntie

Leigh-Anne decorated every part of the house... she painted the frame and made the gift list...

Baby Girl Props were hung around the house with toule=)

Dining Room all decked out in pink...
Another Hand Painted Decoration by Auntie Leigh Anne...

Entrance... everyone greeted with pink flowers=)

Below are pictures of our courtyard...
Vicky (Leigh Anne's husband's (Aaron) mother made this AMAZING cake.... sooooo cute!!! It was sooo delicious too!

The cupcakes were made and decorated by Aaron and Leigh Anne... of course, Leigh Anne made the sign too=)

Kitchen Table decorated with flowers and tea bags

Sign in Table... Guess how many marshmallows (pink marshmallows!) and the safety pin game!

Pool Side Eating...

Outside Coffee Table Decorated...


Food and more painting by Leigh Anne...

The hostess... SUPER WOMAN!

To the right of me is Heidi (Aaron's sister-in-law) and to the left of me is Vicky (Aaron's mom) and these two ladies although not technically family are considered family!

Below is me with Sharon (to the left) and her daughter Sharenda to the right... very special people to my family!

Me with my mom and Sharon... these two are very good friends!

Thank you so much, Leigh Anne, for this amazing day! I felt so blessed.... also, if anyone is interested in my sister-in-law's painted items, she is starting an Etsy Shop so I will post it as soon as I find out what it is! Baby Girl, you can come now... we are all ready for you!