Monday, March 23, 2009

Spring Break!

I know that in the Wilson Family Spring Break doesn't really mean anything yet.... we don't have kids in school, it isn't taking vacation time from work (for me), I am not a teacher but we still felt the need to celebrate so here are some of our fun activities from this week=)

Monday, Kim and I decided to come up with something really fun - check out the Phoenix Children's Museum! So....I am running a few minutes behind (what else is new!) and she calls me to say that it was closed! Why didn't we think to check on that? Her husband says the two of us are like the "Blind Leading the Blind!" HAHA! So, we decided to take the kids to the zoo - we had a blast! The only bad thing was that neither one of us was planning on going to the zoo so we weren't dressed for the zoo and we didn't have the kids dressed for the zoo but we survived!

I LOVE DANIEL'S Shirt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
My son trying to climb the fence to hang out with the giraffes!

Like I said, we weren't prepared for the zoo so we didn't bring them swim clothes for the splash pad!

The last time I took Daniel to the zoo, he LOVED the splash pad but this time he chickened out! I think there were too many kids for him to let loose!

Daniel and his friend Kendall in front of the huge turtles!

They also loved the Fisher Price playground....

Then there was the petting zoo... Kim and I almost passed out at the smell but we said we would stay long enough to get a picture then we took our babies and disinfected those kids like crazy!

Daniel was squatting down to look at the goat under the bench=)

After a whole day at the zoo, it was exhausted!

Tuesday was St. Patrick's Day so we hosted the Hot Mammas St. Patrick's Day Party at our house!

Kim and Kendall looking at Reece!

I wish I would have got a better shot at the table but Michella brought me a beautiful bouquet of roses and lilies - I LOVED THEM!

Daniel getting a lesson in sharing!

Some of the Hot Mammas!

That afternoon, Michella, Kim, my husband and I all went to the gym to take BODY PUMP - one of the two instructors was due with her baby in 5 days and she had more weight on her bar than most guys in that room - we were all like...."What the heck???"
Wednesday, we met Heather and Isaiah at the Toddler McDonald's... I forgot my camera! But we wanted to hang out with them for a little bit before they move back to Michigan.
On Thursday the CLC Play Group went to one of my favorite places - MARLEY FARMS!

This little pony got a little too close to Daniel for his comfort!

Mommy trying to act "cool" around the horse and feed it from my hand so Daniel will realize these cute little farm animals are nothing to be afraid of!

So.... Audrey had a little "blow out" in her car ride to the farm AND out of all of us moms - NO ONE had an extra outfit - isn't that crazy!?!? So, we all learned a lesson!

I tried so hard to get a picture of the little toddlers together but this was the best I could get!

Saturday night we had some friends over and this was my beautiful son on his THIRD outfit for the day because he is just all boy!

Daniel and Easton playing in the rock garden....

The below pic has to be one of favorites.... we even were missing a baby (Izzie) but there were 4 sets of parents and 6 babies under 19 months old! The miracle of this night was that we all got to sit down together and have dinner at one time while the babies all hung out in their chairs!
On a complete random side note.... dinner that night was AMAZING!!! The food was sooo delicious! I am so ready to do it again... whose hosting our next get together??? =)

Please notice in the below pic how Daniel and Audrey are little by little starting to strip off clothes for one reason or another... toddlers and their clothes!

Friday, March 13, 2009

Enjoying Beautiful Arizona Weather!

Yesterday we went to a play date at Erin and Collin's house and look at these adorable 3 blondie boys... are these little guys going to be heart breakers or what? =)

Daniel is getting soooo smart and I can't believe what all he takes in - like he knows how to change out my garbage! It is so nice to have a second male in the house to do the "man's" work!

I also re-introduced Daniel to play-doh this week and this time he really liked it! The first time was when he was 12 months and he thought it was something to eat=)

We have also spending a lot of time outside because the weather has been sooo nice! I bought Daniel this Tonka truck last weekend because he is falling more and more in love with trucks every day!

Daniel playing with his water table!

On Tuesday, we went to a play date at Kristi and Asher's house - he is due to be a big brother this Thursday - how exciting!
Monday night, I went to my ladies Bible Study at church and I am loving the book we are going through called CAPTIVATING!
Saturday night we went over to my parents for a little get together - we spent some time in the spa and my mom made us homemade chocolate chip cookies to eat while we were hanging out in the spa - ahhhh! Still nice to be spoiled by mom!
Friday night we got third row seats (thanks to my famous brother-in-law) to see Joyce Meyers! Loved it!
The other highlight of my week was that I took a gym class EVERY SINGLE DAY this week! I feel so great and am really proud of myself... I am so glad that I found a routine that works with my schedule... one of my favorite classes was Kickboxing!
Have a great weekend!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Where Have We Been?

I know! I know! We totally dropped off BLOGGING planet! I know you really don't want to hear my excuses but we have been SUPER busy! Unfortunately, I have forgotten my camera to just about every event we have been to the past couple of weeks - ugghhh!!!

So, the week after MiMi left... My brother came to stay with us and a friend of Brendon's... the pictures below are sooo cute as Daniel is "vacuuming" (with his toy vacuum) one of the guest bedroom's with his daddy!

On Wednesday of that week, we went to this event with some of our friends called, "Bikes, Bounce and Boogie." They had a little highway system set up for the kids with bikes for all ages and then they had a bounce house, bounce balls and some music. Daniel had a blast - he makes sure he tells me every single "bi" (aka "bicycle) that he sees!
Then Thursday was a SUPER busy day for us as we went to a morning play date at our friend Sheila and Kai's house because his mommy is going back to work and we are very sad that she won't be able to come to as many play dates anymore! Then we headed from that play date to our church's play group which met at a park and it was sooo nice and relaxing to enjoy this incredible Arizona weather we are having!
That Saturday my parents came home so they picked up my brother and they had a special treat for me - Tom's Black Wrap boots! This organization is so amazing as he sends a pair of shoes over seas to a poor nation for every pair of shoes you buy - and his shoes are super trendy!
Then that night we went to Hon Machi for our friend Carol's birthday! We had a great time stuffing ourselves on Sushi and Chicken Teriyaki served by the very entertaining chef=)
Then on Monday night, I went out with a group of my girlfriend's for Leah's birthday - we went to Brio and if you like Italian food, then you will love this restaurant!
Tuesday, I had my much anticipated Annual "Female" Appointment - the only good thing is that I have switched OBGYN's and I really like this guy - and he comes highly recommended by two of my friends!
One of my friends that recommended him was Kristi and she is due in the next two weeks with her second baby so we went over to their house on Wednesday to let Daniel play with his friend Asher!
Then on Thursday we went to our Hot Mamma's play date at Kim's house - she moved into a new home recently and it is a beautiful home!
SATURDAY WAS OUR 5th WEDDING ANNIVERSARY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yeah!!!! I woke up to a beautiful bouquet of roses, a romantic breakfast at my favorite place of all times - The Farm at South Mountain! Then was dropped off to my surprise at LaVida for a wonderful massage! That evening we went to dinner and a movie and Auntie watched Daniel during the day then he spent the night with his grandparents!
Sunday we went to Dominick's 2nd birthday party and got to meet his new baby sister too - so precious!
Then on Monday we went to the zoo with friends and Daniel had a blast ESPECIALLY in the splash pad... this was his 1st experience in a splash pad because last year he couldn't walk and let me just tell you this kid had a ball!
I had a blast on Monday afternoon as I finally joined a gym that I love! I have heard amazing reviews about their classes and now I have gotten to experience them for myself! I have gone to one everyday this week - I am a total addict! The environment is so motivating - the trainer is on a very high stage with a camera on him that projects him on two large screens on each side of the stage... the room is totally decked out with an amazing sound system and lighting system!
Tuesday, we finally wrapped our taxes up with our CPA - YEAH!
Yesterday, I went to a really cool event called ISES... stands for International Special Events Society it was at the Botanical Gardens and it was an interesting networking opportunity for me to promote our business to some high profile businesses in the Valley.
Today, we went to the park for our CLC playgroup and got to feed the ducks - Daniel LOVED IT!!!!

Then we came home and I let him play outside some more - that is all he wants to do is to be outside.... such a boy, huh?

Well, there is our SUPER POST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!