Wednesday, September 23, 2009

September 6 - 10

This week didn't get very many pictures because we were trying to unpack from San Diego and pack for Nashville=)

Monday was Labor Day and we did lots of catch up around our house then spent the evening with my parents.

Tuesday... our playgroup went to the new Toddler's McDonalds and then I left Daniel there with my friend Michella while I went to get my hair done. Michella, I owe you one still!=) I love spending time with my hairdresser Melinda.... I have been going to her for 3 years now and it is amazing how much we know about each other!

Then Wednesday morning... my friend Christy started a program at her house for a month. She has a degree in the theatrical arts and she is extremely creative! She made this program that centered around a different animal every week... there were songs, stories, crafts, games, snacks, etc that all centered around the specific animal. It was very, very cute!

Thursday was his sports class... then Friday my mom, Daniel and I flew to Nashville!

August 21 - September 5

Wow! This week Brendon and I went to San Diego ALONE! My incredible parents watched Daniel for us so that we could go on this much needed vacation. When I told Daniel that he was going to Mom (that is what he calls my mom) and Poppy's house for a week... he threw his fist in the air and yelled "HORAY!" My mom said he maybe asked for me twice the whole week - he just loves being with them! This makes it easy for me to leave him for this period of time because I know he is being taken care of and that he is having a blast!

Brendon and I felt like teenagers this week... totally carefree! We slept in late every morning.... went to the beach every day... had late night dinners at the most amazing restaurants... biked the whole island of Coronado... did a kayak tour of the caves in LaJolla Cove! Honestly, we were total beach bums=)

We really didn't take that many pictures (or pictures that can make it on this blog... haha!) but the above was the Del Hotel... I should note that we stayed at the Westgate Hotel which was BEAUTIFUL! It was built after a hotel in Versailles, France.... totally romantic... the whole lobby smelled with the most amazing aromas of fresh flowers all day!
You can get some fresh, delicious SUSHI in San Diego and we totally indulged ourselves!

We spent some time at Mission Beach and we loved watching these surfer dudes!

Us totally fried after a day at the beach!

The seals at Children's Beach... this was an interesting experience with all the environmentalists out!

We explored just about every part of San Diego and our favorite beaches were on Coronado and LaJolla... we stayed in the Gaslamp Quarter and we loved that area too!
Babes, thanks for making this happen... it was the most awesome week!

August 26 - 30

This was a busy week! Wednesday we met our play group at Toy Town... this place has every toy ever created under one roof - haha! Daniel loves it... below he was bouncing in the bounce house!
Daniel with the police car....

Daniel brought the baby and the bottle in the firehouse to feed it=)
Getting dressed up as a police officer!

Daniel and Ella in the play kitchen...
So cute!

Thursday was Daniel's sports class... here he is stretching=)

Doing the butterfly stretch...
Friday morning was Libby's Birthday Party at her community splash pad... the kiddos eating away!

Saturday was Logan's birthday party... Logan is my sister-in-law's husband's brothers' son.... did you follow that? LOL!
Daniel with Jenna... he loves her... he has a thing for older women!

Trying out Logan's power wheels!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

August 19 - 25

Wednesday morning we went to a playdate - I think it was all girls' but you loved the toys because you don't have those toys at your house - haha!

That night, I was so eager to get you back to the Tumbleweed Rec Center for Family Night because the Phoenix Zoo was coming to show off some of their animals... I heard the time was from 5:30 - 7:30 so I went to my 4:30 gym class, took you home for a quick dinner and was there by 6 for the last 1.5 hours EXCEPT it was practically over by then=( Sorry! You got to pet a ferret!

Daddy was away on Thursday and Friday for a work trip so Thursday morning was your 1st Sports class and it was sooooo adorable! You have a coach and the class is in a full size gym... you had to do full stretching, running, jumping, bear crawl and the first two weeks was soccer! You did awesome! I was sooooo proud of you - you are all boy!

Then we met our church playgroup at the Toddler McDonalds and then you crashed for a very long nap=)

Friday... Grandma watched you so mommy could work and she took you for a hair cut! Again, you get a zillion comments on your hair EVERY time I take you in public! I LOVE IT TOO but people just go crazy over it.... it is sooo curly and has such a beautiful blond color but it is totally crazy and uncontrollable - hahaha!

Saturday, I went to Jessica's baby shower which was so cute! It is so nice getting together with my friends without the kids on occasion=)

Unfortunately, after the baby shower we had to go a memorial service for a 13 year old boy who had a ATV accident....

The other highlight of our week was taking our friend Jenny and her son Owen out for her birthday on Tuesday night... Happy Birthday, Jenny! We love you!

Aug 11 - 18

So... Blogging is definitely not one of my strengths - haha! However, I am forcing myself to catch up 1 week at a time so that Daniel can look back at his life...

Saturday was Jackson's 2nd birthday party... it was choo-choo train themed and Jackson's mommy Leah made a very cute cake!

That evening we had dinner at my parent's house with April and Jason... Daniel thinks that my parents and brother are supposed to live with us - it is really funny!
I am going backwards in my week... That Thursday we went to our incredible community library for a special event they were having for the month of August... called PLAY AND LEARN. Basically they set up approximately a dozen play stations filled with great toys and projects to do with your child then at each station explained why that type of "play" is so important to a child's development... it ended with stories, songs, bubbles, stamps and goody bags! SOOOOO FUN!
That night I went out with some of my friends for Kattia's birthday - we ate at Catina Laredo.... yummo!
I love living in Chandler/ Phoenix because of the incredible amount of family centered activities they offer... for example, Tumbleweed Rec Center in the summer had Family Night on Wednesday nights... Kim and I took the kids to see this incredible woman who does puppets, sings, etc. The kids LOVED her!

Daniel and Kendall mesmerized by her....

They played a game with paper plates and Daniel wouldn't let go of his paper plates for the rest of the night!


Daniel and his buddy!

Scarves, music, dancing... learning colors!

That morning we went to Mesquite Groves pool with our playgroup... it was so nice and empty because kids are back in school! I will remember this for next year!
Lastly, we discovered this incredible toy store that has a mommy and me on Tuesday from 10 - 12... we love it! If you live in the area, you HAVE to check this place out...

That was our week... so, while I was blogging, I watched Josh Groban sing AWAKE and cried my eyes out.... I love him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I think I have to download that song on my iPod now=)