Friday, February 25, 2011

Valentine's Day

I took this picture the Sunday before Valentine's Day... Daniel LOVES Moon Sand and I HATE moon sand! LOL! However, as long as he takes it outside, I am okay with it. This stuff is soooo messy... way worse than play doh!

So, I took my crafty son inside to make Valentine's Day cards for Daddy!

So, here is my very romantic Valentine's Day Story... I hear my phone receiving text messages at 5:15AM! Brendon rolls over and says, "Go get your phone and check your texts!" I am still half asleep and say something like, "If someone really needs me, they can call me!" He gets up and go gets it for me... I check my text messages and it had a full breakfast menu of several different options on it from my husband! He decided he wanted to make me breakfast in bed and for us to enjoy it together BEFORE our kids woke up! Thus.. he needed to start at 5:15AM since they wake up at 6:30 or 7AM! It was like heaven on earth!

... When Daniel woke up, he walked in our room and was like... What the heck is going on??? LOL! He thought it was so cool that we were eating in our bed! So we invited him to come join us and had some extra pancakes waiting for him!

Mom! Put the camera down!

Let's just say that our Valentine's Day was CRAZY, CRAZY, CRAZY busy! My mom always hosts a really nice Valentine's Day brunch, high tea or lunch... this year it was at The Foothills Country Club! This group of ladies are some of the most amazing and powerful women... so glad they are in my life!
Then that afternoon was little Aiden's 1st birthday party! This is absolutely crazy... 4 of my friends had their babies in February and all 4 of them had boys! Katie's little boy (Jackson) had his 1st birthday party the same day as Dominick and Brooklyn (just didn't take any pics so I didn't have any to post after theirs), and Valentine's Day was Kattia's little boy's birthday party (no pics again!) The Saturday before V-Day was my friend Lisa's little boy (Landon) 1st birthday and I had the stomach flu for that one (so no pics!)

Anyway, after the birthday party, Daniel had a "Meet the coach/ team" meeting for soccer! The coach was going to be passing out their uniforms for the game that was going to be on Saturday and she had a little practice with them too!

Daniel's friend Asher from pre-school is on the team with him... and his friend Carson from pre-school is too!

Daddy and Katelyn hanging out on the soccer field!

My baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So... I officially have the title "Soccer Mom" now... how is this possible? It makes me feel sooo old! Yes, I think every post from now until my birthday is going to have a reference to me aging... people, I am freaking out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HELP!!!!!!!!!!!

He L.O.V.E.S. his soccer uniform! I think he would sleep in it every night if we would let him!

They get the jersey, shorts and matching socks! Oh my gosh! He looks so stinkin' cute in it!

Well... the Valentine's Day loot... Yes! My babies got a lot of it! I totally forgot to take pictures of everything... Daniel got lots of Thomas the Tank Engine DVDs and books from us as he is back into Thomas now and Katelyn got some cute Valentine's Day books from us too and them my mom brought them some stuff over too!

Since Valentine's Day was so crazy, Brendon and I dropped the kids off with my parents on Tuesday night and we went out to dinner and then went to the movies and watched the most hilarious movie EVER! Daniel reminds me daily to take down our Valentine's Day decorations because "it is over!" but at our house we keep them up until the end of February because Brendon and I got married 2 weeks after Valentine's Day... and I like to keep everything romantic until our anniversary (which is this Monday!)

Happy Valentine's Day from The Wilson's!

Monday, February 21, 2011

My Princess!

She is just so PRECIOUS!

Park Playdate with Friends

My friends Kattia and Leah had our kids around the same time (both our 1st and our 2nd babies) so we met up for a park play date and it was so fun!

Little Aiden

Little Quinn

That's my girl.. Katelyn!

All 3 babies!

The 3 "Big" boys!

Kattia giving the boys some snacks and juice boxes...


Super Bowl Sunday/ Sick Days

Superbowl Sunday... it was the beginning of sickness hitting our house=( We stayed home from church and Katelyn thought it would be fun to "un-fold" all the laundry I was folding!

Max stayed close by my kiddos that day... I think he knew that they weren't feeling that well. He was being very nurturing!

Oh! My Katelyn... she is into everything and climbing in, under, through and on everything!

Our Coffee Table is her favorite!

She is peeking through the glass on the top of the coffee table=)

We watched Church on-line... it was really cool but we missed being there live! We also missed the two Super Bowl Parties we were planning on going to=(

Since I couldn't take my babies to the gym, I took them for a walk everyday and they loved it!

Katelyn is an avid thumb -sucker and she also has a silky that comforts her... she has to have it to go to sleep and she only sucks her thumb when she goes to sleep to... I was the same way when I was a little girl=) Her little eyes look so sick here=(

We are very thankful that the sickness has left the Wilson House!