Monday, November 23, 2009

We are having a.....

That is right!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We are having a girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am starting to cry again just thinking about it! I had NO IDEA I would be soooooooooooooooo excited! This is one of the best days in my life and I am so excited to get swallowed up in pink!!!!!!!!!!!!!! However, my daughter already has some of her mommy's characteristics... STUBBORN! The ultrasound tech got some amazing shots but she REFUSED to move her head so they could examine her brain and face... I think I have bruises on my stomach from being pushed so hard but the whole time they were pushing and punching me.... she kept her head in the exact position! So, I have to go back next week for another ultrasound.... actually I think she knew her mommy wanted to see her again so she did this on purpose!

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Kai's 2nd Birthday Party

Our friend Kai moved to Peoria this past year so his party was at a park in Peoria yesterday. My friend Tammy picked Daniel and I up so we could carpool and we all had a great time at the party.... they had a huge BBQ with so much food!

I only got one picture from the party because I was chatting away with all of my friends and running after Daniel the whole time but Kenzie and Daniel found lollipops and I thought it was soooo adorable!

School Concert and B-Day Party!

Friday night, Daniel spent the evening helping Auntie Leigh Anne and Uncle Aaron (his favorite person in the world right now!) put up their Christmas tree while we went to my brother's Choir Concert! I am so impressed with his school and he LOVES it!

The above pic is of me AND my baby bump! YEAH! I was almost 20 weeks here... tomorrow I am officially 20 weeks which means I am half way! YIPEEE! We also find out the sex of the baby tomorrow morning at 9:20AM.... I don't think I am going to sleep tonight as I am soooooooooooooooooooooooooo excited to find out! Brendon and I are going to post it on our Facebook accounts to make the official announcement! So, Stay Tuned!

The Zoo and More!

Monday... I went to my 19 week pre-natal check up and everything is looking great! After the appointment, we met our Church Playgroup at Bounce Jungle and I love this place! Daniel burns so much energy that he just crashes and takes the longest nap after!

Tuesday... we were supposed to meet some friends at a storytime at the mall but we missed them somehow! We went to part of the storytime but Daniel was not that interested in it so we hit up Stride Ride and the food court!

Wednesday morning, we went to the Biltmore area to get my parent's anniversary gift... we also hit up the new Pet Boutique that the AZ Humane Society just opened. Daniel and I fell in love with these 2 poodle/ Schnauzer mix dogs and I almost adopted them but then I thought about what my husband would do with me... so, I didn't bring them home=(

Thursday morning, we went with our friends Kim and Kendall to the zoo and we had SOOO much fun! We did the exhibit where you pay a little extra but you get to feed the giraffes... it was sooo cool! These giraffes have the most AMAZING tongues... I LOVE the way they feel! Daniel loved the giraffes but he was too scared to feed them.

Friends and Christmas!

Thursday, we went with our friends Tammy and Libby to the Hamilton Storytime then we took the kiddos to the new Toddler McDonalds for a snack and to play... I think I have mentioned these two before but they LOVE each other and they play so good together! They are always hugging/ wrestling but it hardly ever turns into aggression or crying... Tammy and I always hear lots of laughs and giggles when these two get together... it is so sweet!

Please notice the above picture in the car... and the below picture... out of the car! LOL!

Saturday evening... we went to the Borgota with our friends Nate and Janelle and their 2 kids to a Christmas Event! YEAH! They had Pictures with Santa.... Daniel doesn't want ANYTHING to do with Santa but he loved his wife...Mrs. Claus! She had an awesome story time!

We all went on the horse carriage ride with our Starbucks Hot Chocolate!

They lit the tree and it was magical! They also started blowing snow right after and it was a great night!

Crazy Week!

Well, Monday afternoon we met our friends at Tumbleweed... that was interesting as they are a little older than Daniel and they have the razor scooters. I bought Daniel a scooter that is made for toddlers but guess whose scooter he wanted to ride the whole time? The razor ones! To be honest, he is good at it too!

Tuesday was a CRAZY DAY! My friend Kendra helps me with Daniel while I am at my BNI breakfast on Tuesday morning... as I am leaving the restaurant to pick him up, I get a flat tire! To put a twist on the story... after picking up Daniel, I was supposed to pick up my parents to take them to the airport so needless to say, they had to meet me in their car so I could take them. I was about 15 or 20 minutes from the airport when my dad called to say that they forgot their coats in the car... so I had to drive back to the airport to give them their coats! I don't know how they made their flight! It worked out as my tires are special order tires so I had my parents car to drive that week while I was waiting on my tires to come in! After that morning, we met Brendon and some co-workers at Ikea for their special $1 meatball platters! YUMMO!

We also had Phillip (my brother) staying with us all week so it was a busy week!

Wednesday was Veteran's Day and my friend Brooke had a playdate at her house... it was so nice letting the kiddos play and all of us moms just getting to chat and drink lots of coffee!=)

Dentist and B-day Parties!

November 5th is where this post is starting... I went to the dentist! I actually like my dentist and enjoy going to him. I had so many problems with my teeth after my pregnancy with Daniel so I am trying to do lots of preventative maintenance this time around... although nothing has changed, as I have always gone for my cleaning every 6 months! However, the dentist said everything looks great and I have my next cleaning scheduled for a couple of weeks after I give birth to make sure everything worked out okay.

Friday and Saturday... Brendon and I went to an AMAZING parenting conference and the speaker's name was Dr. Tim Kimmel who wrote a best-selling book Grace-Based Parenting! We really enjoyed it and got SO much out of it!

My parents watched Daniel so we picked him up in the afternoon and my dad grilled steaks for us for lunch then we went to Peter Piper Pizza for Ella's 3rd Birthday Party...

Daniel and Jacq... also a soon-to-be BIG SISTER!

Ella had an adorable princess cake!

The Birthday girl - she truly is a princess!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Halloween Fun!

Last Monday.... we had our church playgroup over for pumpkin painting, cookie decorating, etc. Daniel loves anything creative and he was totally into painting his pumpkin. I put it by our front door and he makes sure that everyone sees it and says, "Wow!"

Kendra, Easton and Layla

Dawn and Parker

Shannon and Trey

Daniel and I!

Tuesday, we went to another Halloween party at my friend Kim's house and she went ALL out but I didn't have my camera=(

Wednesday... we had another Halloween party to go to at Toy Town... Daniel's favorite area is the dress up room!

His 1st time getting his face painted!


Having a Tea Party!

Some of the kids in their costumes... Daniel is actually wearing his hat here=)

Thursday... my friend Tammy had us all over for cookie decorating and lunch and I totally forgot to take pics so on our way out the door, I took a quick picture!=)

Tammy made the kids the most adorable cards and goody bags!

Saturday night we had SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much fun... this will definitely go down as one of my favorite Halloween's ever! We set up our front driveway and had almost 30 people over between our neighbors and co-workers of Brendon. Everyone brought soooo much food... we had like 3 different kinds of chili... one of our neighbors made pulled pork and there was just tons of food! We ate all night long!

The kids getting ready to go Trick or Treating after dinner! They got so much candy... I couldn't believe how many of our neighbors were giving out full size candy bars!

Our driveway all set up!

We all went trick or treating!


April and I decided they could have a lollipop while trick or treating because they take so long to eat... they wouldn't eat the other candy in the wagon... LOL!

After trick or treating, we hung out so late by the fire pit doing smores and enjoying the beautiful evening!

Monday... we went with our church to Peter Piper Pizza... Daniel finally conquered his fear of rides! Wohooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please forgive Daniel's outfit... I forgot his sippy cup so he was drinking out of a regular cup and it spilled all over his pants... fortunately Dawn had some extra shorts in the car but they were a little small on Daniel but it was better than having ice water all over his jeans=)

Attempting Skee Ball!

Parker and Daniel on the ice cream truck!

Get those sharks, Daniel!

This morning we went to Joe's Farm and Grill to get coffee with our friend Leah and Jackson then went to a local park... when we left, you should have seen the line of cars for free cheeseburger day! We thought it would be fun but there was no way we were standing in that line!

P.S. Last night, Baby Wilson gave us quite the show! I was lying on the couch and Brendon was on the other end and Brendon and I saw my tummy moving all over while Scuba Baby was showing us his/her new gymnastic moves! I remember this happening MUCH later with Daniel but it was a very welcome and exciting moment for us!