Saturday, December 26, 2009


Tuesday night, my sister and her husband arrived from Nashville! Wednesday morning, we went over to my parents house for breakfast then everyone went to the gym to take a BODY PUMP class then we went home to get ready and take a family picture for my parent's Christmas Card! Here it is... ta daaa!
Then we had lunch, played mini golf (which Daniel LOVED!), went to Ikea and In-n-out (some places they don't have in Nashville) and had such a great day as a family all together!

Thursday... Christmas Eve we went to our Casa Grande Church Campus for their 4pm Christmas Eve service (my brother-in-law played at it) then went to Tempe for their 6 and 7:30pm services! What a way to celebrate the true meaning of Christmas and put it all back into perspective why we even have this amazing holiday!

Then Christmas Day was sooooo great! This year, we had everyone over to our house early in the morning to open the gifts that were under our tree and for breakfast. After the early morning fun, we all got ready and went to my parents' house for round 2 of opening presents under their tree then at 2PM, my sister-in-law and brother-in-law and the Hyatt's came over for lunch and to open presents again! Then in the early evening, everyone came back over to our house so we could put Daniel to bed on time and all of the adults played tons of games, ate lots more and celebrated having an incredible family and friends!

Daniel really got into present opening this year... this is really his first time he has been into gifts and it was a good thing as he got a million! I took pictures of the bigger gifts for you to enjoy below!

In addition to Daniel having lots of presents, our princess got some ADORABLE gifts as well! Every time I open a "girly" present, I get sooo excited as I just LUUURRRVVEEE pink, lace, tutus, ballerinas, tulle, and everything girl! She got some AMAZING things but I didn't get any pictures because I am the one that opened them for her=)

Christmas Morning at our house! Just waiting for our munchkin to wake up and family to come over!

Grandma and everyone getting their coffee fix so we could wake up all the way to open presents! My parents playing on the floor with Daniel!

My sister, Christopher and Brendon juicing oranges for fresh orange juice! However, don't ask me how it turned out... let's just say the oranges were more like lemons! HAHA!

Dining Room ready for Christmas morning breakfast!

Tummies Full, Coffee in our blood veins, and now we were all ready to open presents!
Some of his presents we set up for him outside of their box and put sheets over them so he wouldn't see them when he came downstairs!
His sand and water table... no more sand box for me... way too messy!=)

Picnic table with Car Garage!

His set of motorcycles from Sharon!

His first ATV!

Cleaning up the chaos!

Our greatest gift... Daniel and our family!

HE LOVES his Power Wheels!

Grandpa showing him how to work his tool bench with power tools!

At my parent's house for round 2 of opening presies and eating and friends/ family! My brother, sister and brother-in-law!

Not only did Daniel open all of his presents but he helped all of us open our presents too!

My mom got him a "brag book" for pictures of his new sister when she is born... what a cute idea, huh? He was confused why it was blank inside! LOL!

Daddy and Daniel in front of the gingerbread house they created on Christmas day!

Round 3 of opening presents with Auntie Leigh Anne and Uncle Aaron... she made him the cutest "Craft Time" box!

Our friends, The Hyatt's also joined us at my parents house and they have a 5 year old little girl Maddie who Daniel adores!

What an amazing Christmas! I feel soooooooooooooooooooo blessed! The desires of my heart have truly come to pass!

Well, today we ended our Christmas celebrations with our final tradition... shopping ALL DAY! That is right... we shopped until we dropped as a family!

We love and appreciate you all for being in our life... being our friends and family... making our life truly meaningful...we pray that as you spent time with those you love the most this Christmas that you felt the abundantly blessed as well! We are very excited about 2010 and what it will hold for us! Merry Christmas from The Wilson's!

Live Nativity @ CLC!

Last Sunday, our church had a live nativity with family pictures and a petting zoo for the kids! DANIEL LOVED IT! He LOVES animals!

My little princess is growing very quickly! I am so glad that she gets to show herself in all of our Christmas pictures this year though... they will be great memories forever!

Last Sunday, our church had a live nativity with free family pictures and a petting zoo for the kids! DANIEL LOVED IT! He LOVES animals!

The super cute sweater was an early Christmas gift from Grandma and Grandpa!

On the way home, he fell asleep with his school bus and car in his hands... early Christmas presents from Cedric and Trudy!

Almost Christmas... final Christmas parties!

Last Monday evening we hosted a Christmas party at our house and it was so fun... it was so great to enjoy Christmas festivities with friends, food, games, and a white elephant gift exchange!

Tuesday afternoon, Daniel went to another gift exchange with some of his friends and he really got his practice in for opening presies!

Wednesday night was my turn! I went over to Shannon's house for an ornament exchange and some yummy deserts and food!

Thursday morning, we took Max to get his rabies shot and renew his license with Maricopa county... Daniel thought it was SO COOL to take Max to the doctor!

Saturday night was my turn again! Finally, I decided to get my camera out for the week=) We did an ornament exchange, a cookie exchange AND a white elephant exchange! It was a blast!

Myself, Leah and Kattia.... all preggers with baby #2! I am due April 13th, Leah is due June 4th and Kattia is due April 10th!

All the ladies!

Monday, December 14, 2009


Friday morning, Jill had a HUGE Christmas party at her house and it was soooo adorable! Do you see Daniel lounging on the couch in the midst of the girls=) Jacq is to his left and they play sooo well together... they were actually sharing a plate of fruit here=)

The Whole Gang!

Opening his 1st Christmas present of the year at the gift exchange!

Friday night, we dropped Daniel off at his Auntie and Uncle's house and Brendon and I went Christmas shopping! Around 9:30ish at night, we plopped ourselves on the Starbuck's couch with our latte's and I totally fell asleep... Brendon woke me up and said we still have more to do! So, that was our shopping until we literally dropped!

Saturday Morning was Izzy's 1st birthday party and Daniel loved having his face painted... both cheeks!

Saturday night, we had another party to go to that was catered by Marcello's - I love that place - delicious Italian food!

Sunday afternoon, we had ANOTHER party to go to and Daniel loved playing with his 2 new friends! It made my heart so happy to know he has and will have such a diversified childhood - he loved playing with these 2 precious children that have disabilities... Christopher and Bailey have such a special place in my heart!
This morning, I had my 23 week pre-natal appointment! Funny thing is that I take Daniel to most of my appointments so he can feel a part of the process and he LOVES hearing his sister's heartbeat too! He also is extremely well-behaved in the doctor's office so it makes it very easy to bring him along.... anyway, at every appointment you have to have an urine specimen so they can check for various things... well, Daniel has this whole routine down perfect! As soon as we get to the doctor's office, he says, "Mommy, Potty?" Then we go to the bathroom, he hands me a stick out of the jar, then hands me a plastic cup, and finally he takes the pen and says, "Color Name, Mommy!" He started doing this at my last appointment and I about died! I really hope the title OBGYN is not in his future! LOL!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Christmas Events - Tis' the season... YEAH!

Sunday... our church had an amazing Family Christmas festival with snow, a snow slide, face painting, balloon animals, cookie decorating, smore pits, bounce houses, crafts, food... everyone had so much fun!

Daddy and Daniel going down the snow slide!
P.S. This is how we do snow in Arizona! HAHA!

My mom and Daniel going down the slide! =)

Monday... we went to Sara's house for our Church's Mommy and Me Christmas Party.... Sara organized this cute Christmas tree craft for them to make! It is hanging in our laundry room so everytime we go in and out of the garage... Daniel says WOW! HEHE!

Yesterday, we went to another Christmas party... we had a gift exchange and the kids made a cute Santa craft. I just can't believe how they have all grown up so much in 1 year!

Our group is going to be growing... Andrew who is sitting next to Daniel is going to be a big brother (his mommy is due 3 days before me) and Jackson who is standing up on the left is also going to be a big brother... his mommy is due 6 weeks after me! Asher... all the way on the right has a sister who was born in March of this year!
Today... the staff at the church and their spouses had their Christmas party/ lunch at Cantina Laredo and it was so good! After the lunch, I went to my favorite place for eyebrow waxes... they use mocha scented wax.... it is an awesome experience! Hahaha!