Sunday, October 31, 2010


Thursday was Daniel's Halloween party at school and he dressed up as a Western Cowboy! We changed the shirt and socks... this was our dry run rehearsal=)

My super-de-duper cute, adorable, sweet, oh-so-pretty (of course! ALL PINK!) Butterfly!

Daniel made the cute pumpkin hat in pre-school and they carved the jack-o-lantern at school... they did a drawing to see who got to bring it home and he won=)

You can't tell but the below picture was when it was pitch black outside and we lit the jack-o-lantern up but you can't tell=)

Friday was his Halloween party with his friends and he was a very buff Spiderman!

Aren't they the cutest???

Michella has BABY FEVER!

I think these pictures of Brooke and Katelyn are the CUTEST! I was trying to get a picture of Katelyn and Brooke but Katelyn was way into Brooke and I just love these shots! By the way, this is Katelyn in her 2nd Halloween costume - a little ballerina!

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this picture!

Jessica hosted the most amazing Halloween party for the kids... her love of Halloween totally shined through...everything from her decorations, to the really cute game, to the adorable craft (they are doing below), the party favors, the food and treats... it was soooo much fun! Thanks, Jess, for all of your really hard work!

Mommas and their new babies!
(Katelyn - 6 months, Keira - 5 weeks, Natalie - 4 weeks)

Tonight, we went to the Festival at our church... wow! Our church knows how to rock a Fall Festival! There were tons of things to do (we didn't even get to half of them!) and there were tons of people! Since my husband works there, we were both working and extremely busy so I barely even got the below two pictures!

But... here is Daniel in his 3rd costume - a fireman! The church had a fire truck there and Daniel thought that was VERY, VERY, VERY, cool!

He also loved the ponies... I saw him ride them at least 3 times but who knows how many times he actually rode them=)

My mom helping me out with Katelyn... she was NOT happy this day! For some reason she didn't want to take a nap after church then we had a late night at the Festival... she was VERY, VERY overtired!

Katelyn also had a 3rd costume... a very scrumptious ladybug one! I will have to post those pics later=)

Hope Everyone had a Happy Halloween!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Another Sewing Night!

Another Mom's Night Out that resulted in a sewing project! This was my second time sewing and I couldn't believe how much more comfortable I felt with a sewing machine the second time around! I am very happy with how my project turned out! It is a crayon roll up "thing!"


Another sweet picture of the babies this morning before church... I call this Katelyn's Audrey Hepburn's look! I wish I had an up close shot of this dress but it was "very Audrey" and her head band even had some netting in it=)

Scott and Marisue just had their twin boys 5 weeks ago and here is one of them (I don't know the difference between the two of them yet!)... they are super cute and chunky! I just can't believe how quickly they grow... just imagine this is what will happen in 5 months!

A few pics I missed from yesterday... she loves this toy! It is an inflatable ball that is connected to a base... it has jingly balls inside and whenever you bat the ball, the base lights up and it plays some fun music.

This is such a sweet story... I was making dinner so Daniel went upstairs (without me knowing) and went into Katelyn's room and picked out a few books then he came back downstairs and asked me to put Katelyn in her Bumbo so he could read to her... talk about my heart completely melting!!! =)

Guess what we did on Saturday?

Yup... you guessed it! We went to a birthday party... LOL! It was Aubrey's party at Desert Breeze Park... unlimited train rides and carousel rides! It was the perfect park day... so refreshing... so rejuvenating!

Katelyn all dressed for the party in her sun hat=)

Brendon and his mom spent the day together... they went hiking, to lunch, to a movie, shopping and just enjoying each other's company... I am so glad that they had such a special day of bonding and memories!

Happy Half-Year Birthday!

Guess who turned 6 months? She truly is a BUNDLE OF JOY! She has 100% lived up to the meaning of her name... she has brought PURE REFRESHMENT to our lives!

Superstition Farms

This past Thursday was a very special day for us... it was Daniel's FIRST field trip! We went to Superstition Dairy Farm and this place was VERY, VERY cool!

Below are some of Daniel's buddies from his pre-school class... it is so cool what good friends they are becoming because they see each other twice a week!

The tour started with class room time from the farmer... he was AMAZING with the kids! I am just LOVING this age because he can grasp things, like when the farmer was asking questions, he totally gave him his full attention and learned so many things that we still talk about today! He also participated by raising his hand, laughing at the farmer's jokes... I just sat in the back with other mom's and thought that is my kid up there! The other thing I love about this stage is that he gets so excited about events he gets to go on... like since Tuesday when they talked about the field trip in his class...he talked about it constantly until we went on Thursday which caused the excitement and anticipation to build up so much for this fun trip!

The Farmer lecturing the kiddos!

MiMi and Daniel at the petting zoo... the animals were so gentle and sweet! The kids could feed them but for some crazy reason, Daniel was slightly scared of them! The chickens are allowed to roam freely and that really freaked him out! I think I just have a little city slicker on my hands - LOL!

Feeding carrots to the horse... the Farmer really wants kids to appreciate animals and farm life and he took Daniel on as his own personal project to MAKE him like these animals! =)

This rabbit was amazing! So soft, fluffy and furry!

Hay ride around the farm!

2000 dairy cows!

These cows and I have a lot in common... let's just say we are both milk producing machines! LOL!

There were two babies born while we were there... this little calf was just taking his 1st steps... awwww! So sweet!!!

2nd baby calf... an average of 5 babies are born on this dairy farm a day!

After the tour, we got to have some fresh milk (flavored with strawberry syrup or chocolate) and real ice cream... Oh My! It was DELISH! Then we had a picnic lunch... by the way, have I mentioned that Arizona is having absolutely the best weather you could possibly ever want!