Thursday, July 24, 2014

More July Summer Memories - 2013

Every time I look at these pictures or I am sitting in my beach chair burying my toes in the sand - the only thought that goes through my head is. "Delight yourself in the Lord and He will give you the desires of your heart."  If you roll our life video tape (just go back in my blog) 1 year ago, we were living a very comfortable life in Phoenix, AZ when we felt God "stirring the nest" and we decided to step out in faith....  we bet the farm for God and thought we are totally hearing from God or we are completely out of our minds!  I am so happy to say that we heard from God and ya'all.... God can do above and beyond what you could ever imagine or think!  So, bet the farm and go all out for God because He just might have some big surprises waiting for you!


I walked into Daniel's room and saw this laying on his bed...  I just burst out laughing - what is this kid playing???????????????

Just napping on the couch!

More surfing lessons!


Mamma watching proudly at her son!

One night, Brendon and I put the kids to bed and went out on the deck to hang out... Brendon decided to grab a fishing pole to see if we could catch a couple of the fish that we heard jumping out of the water - well, he did and he was so excited that he woke up Daniel around 11 or 12 at night to show him!

I took the kiddos to this place where they can decorate their own cupcake or cookie - what a great idea - I don't have to destroy my kitchen baking yet they get to have all the fun!

Play time!

My cutie!

Hair time!


Auntie sent Daniel some birthday gifts and molding clay was one of the gifts - he loved it!

Found this quote by my hero Mother Teresa and it is so good that I have to share!

So, this is a very funny story.... one afternoon Daniel went out on the deck to go fishing and I heard him screaming, "Help, Mom!"  So, I ran out and had no idea this kid was fishing and he caught a fish and wanted me to get it off his pole!  Seriously?  I don't know the first thing about fishing - this is a father/ son thing... not a mother/ son thing!  So, I called Brendon and was like "What the heck do I do?"  He told me to get a bucket and just put the fish with the pole in it and he would deal with it when he got home... hahaha!

Ridiculously gorgeous!!!!

People would come at the end of the street we lived at and photograph the sunsets - I never took for granted going out on the deck and watching God paint the most amazing sunset every night!