Thursday, August 18, 2011

K's 1st Class!

Katelyn took her very 1st class yesterday with her friend Natalie at Great Play!

These pics are AWFUL but it was a "Mommy and Me" class which means that I really needed to be right next to Katelyn so she wouldn't hurt herself, etc and the second reason these pics are terrible is that as soon as I took my camera out, I felt like I was getting some glares from other moms so I put it away fairly quick:)

Katelyn LOVED the bubbles... Susan and I LOVED them because they were scented like grapes! We were thinking that we would like to buy a bubble machine for our bathrooms with Lavender scented bubble solution... LOL!

The BIG brother/sister came along and they were so good... they had to sit and watch the "baby" class and they did soooo great!

Cute Kids!

Sunday morning, Brendon and I looked at each other and said, "These kids are really cute!"

Don't mess with this girls' milk in the morning... she will take you out!

Monday... Daniel had his 4 year old well check up with Dr. Jones! He was due for 4 booster shots but we chose to get only 2 this time then he will get the other 2 at Katelyn's 18 month well check up. He is such a rockstar for shots... he gives a little "Ouch!" and that is it! It is so cute!
We ran into some friends at the doctor's office so we hung out in each other's exam rooms while we were waiting on our favorite pediatrician in the world!

After the Doctor, we went for a kids meal as a treat!

Then Paris came over to spend the hour with Daniel. This hour was spent on goal setting and problem solving.... one of his activities is that he had to tell her what he was going to build then he was given lots of things to build with like tape, glue, toilet paper rolls, boxes, qtips, clothes pin, pipe cleaners, Popsicle sticks, etc. It was really fun and I learned a LOT on specific questions to ask and activities that encourage goal setting and problem solving!
We LOVE Paris!

Aqua Sand

Daniel got some Aqua Sand Kits for his birthday and this stuff is VERY, VERY cool! I even liked playing with it! LOL! Don't get this confused with "Moon Sand" which is awful! So, you pour the sand in the water BUT it never gets wet... amazing, huh?

1st Bowling Experience!

Last Wednesday, we met some friends at Brunswick Bowl... we talked to the guy who worked there and told him we were waiting on some friends to arrive so he gave us a game card that was pre-loaded with money to play games! What a nice man, huh?

Our friends started to arrive! (P.S. Daniel wasn't the only boy there... 2 came later!)

How cute are their bowling shoes!

As all of us moms were trying to decide if we were going to buy 1 or 2 games for them to bowl... we decided to start with 1 then we could go buy another one if they wanted. Well, 2 hours later we were still on our 1st game! LOL! When a 3 or 4 year old "throws" a ball down a bowling lane, let's just say it is nice "leisurely" way down the lane!

However, Daniel had a great 1st bowling experience and he is going to a birthday party at this place next weekend so at least he has some "experience!"

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Pre-school, Week #2

This week we hosted pre-school at our house and the class this year is really adorable! There are 6 kids in the class (2 are twins) so one was missing yesterday but we are looking forward to a full class tomorrow!


Snack time!
Rest Time

Practicing Writing Their Names!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011


Last Tuesday was Daniel's 1st day of Preschool, Year 2!
He has been doing lots of workbooks all summer so I think his skills were still fairly sharp!

During Daniel's 1st day back to school, Paris came over to spend some time with Katelyn. Our activity this time was sensory play... she encouraged me to have beans, rice and various kinds of pasta as well as water available for Katelyn to play with along with kitchen items such as measuring cups, spoons, funnels, bowls, cups, etc.

I love sensory play because this is an activity that these two really enjoy playing together! For Daniel, it is not so much sensory play as much as it is imaginative play! They literally played for 45 minutes straight with this activity!

Family Fun Day!

This Saturday.... started with using my new gift to myself!

My new Keurig Coffee Maker!

We had a few errands to run but we decided to do a couple of fun errands for the kids!

1st Stop: Yo Love! It is our favorite ice cream spot EVER! It is a self serve frozen yogurt/ ice cream place... they have done an awesome job styling the inside of this place too!

The walls are back lit and you can doodle on them! They also have an Apple computer at the front of the store with a camera set up so you can take pics then they scroll on this flat screen TV in the store... very creative!

We also stopped by Chuck E. Cheese to play some games and win some prizes!

Fun Saturday!

Four Years Old!

On your actual birthday, you got to wake up and open more presents from mommy and daddy! One thing that you have really gotten into is music! You love playing instruments so we got you a drum set... your uncle plays the drums and I think this is why you are really obsessed with drums:)

Your sister also LOVES the drums and you were very gracious with her!

We also got you the Nerf Dart Tag set and a few other things you are really into like a digital camera for kids!

I told you that I would make you anything you wanted for breakfast so you requested waffles! We had gone to Cracker Barrel the Saturday morning before Daddy left for Haiti and they gave you a little bottle of syrup that you love!!!

Then we surprised you and told you that we had invited Zander over for the WHOLE day! Zander and Daniel have a lot in common... the major thing is their love of music!

Then we went swimming!

Snack Time!

Back to "Band" Time!

Lunch time!

Play Time!

Rest/ Movie time!

Then we went to McDonald's and met your friend Jackson there and had ice cream!

I think you told me this was your FAVORITE birthday ever... however, we still had more celebrating to do!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Celebrating Daniel!

We wanted to take Daniel out one night so we could celebrate him and the joy he has brought to us! Last year for his 3rd birthday, we introduced him to Build-a-Bear so we thought it would be fun to go back and let him pick out an outfit for a bear that he created when his MiMi from South Africa was here!

He liked this Swim Outfit a lot!
... until he saw the soccer uniform and he was sold!

So cute!!!

Then it was time to ride the carousel!

And we had to stop at Barnes and Noble for a treat!

He is totally soaking up all of this attention and loving life right now!
We love making him feel like he is the most special 4 year old little boy ever!