Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Splash Pad

Tuesday night... Brendon and the kids took me out to dinner for my birthday... we celebrate for a good solid week around the Wilson House when it comes to Birthdays! LOL!

The beginning of April means that the City of Chandler turns on the Splash Pads... yeah! So, Wednesday we called some friends to head to Chuparosa Park to enjoy the Splash Pad.... except that it rained off and on the whole day and it wasn't that hot... but did the kids care??? Of course not! They had a blast!!!

I really didn't think the kids were going to go in the Splash Pad so I didn't even bring Daniel's swim shorts! Poor guy just went in his shirt and undies! Now I am prepared... I put together a bag to keep in my car that has swim suits for both kids, swim diaper for K, sun hats, towels, sun screen, etc so we are never stuck again! =) This is kind of a necessity when you like in Arizona as you never know when your kids are going to go swimming or have an opportunity to get wet!

Bring on the summer... we are so ready for you!

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