Sunday, May 15, 2011


My Baby Girl... I can remember the morning that Daddy and I went to the Doctor's office and had our ultrasound and finding out that you were a little girl. Right there, with my shirt up, a cold wand with gross gel on my tummy and a screen right in front of me with you moving around and tears running down my cheeks as I couldn't believe I was THAT LUCKY! Daddy and I left the office and walked in the courtyard of the doctor's office and I threw my arms around him and threw my face in his chest and sobbed uncontrollably because I was SSSSSSSSSSSSSSOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO happy! You were my heart's desire and my greatest wish.... for 20 weeks I was staying as neutral as possible knowing I would be so happy to have another little boy BUT had already warned Brendon that we were going to keep having kids until I had a little girl! I was DEAD serious!

So, the WHOLE ENTIRE world became to pink to me that day! I threw every minute of the day into creating an ultra pink world for you... decorating a new room for BIG BROTHER and a complete GIRLY room for you!

I had also made up my mind that I was just going to completely enjoy you... I wasn't going to worry as much (yeah, right!) or be as strict as far as schedules, etc.... I was just going to go with my mommy instincts since this wasn't my first rodeo... I had TOTAL MOMMY CONFIDENCE!

I also vowed to savor every single second with you... I was going to hold you as much as possible, gaze into your eyes without hurrying on to household chores, and cuddle you rotten.... well, I have tendinitis in both hands to prove I accomplished this one! LOL!

You have brought complete joy and a breath of fresh air in our home... Daniel is completely in love with you! He gets into "your personal space" all the time and you have learned how to push him away quite effectively... LOL! However, the first person you want when you wake up is your brother and when I tell you we are going to pick him up from school, you get so excited!

Daddy is completely obsessed with you... I have a feeling you will be doing some of the "dangerous" stuff with the boys because you are completely fearless!

I am completely and totally IN LOVE with you! I look at you and think.... OH MY GOSH! I can't get enough of you!

You have been the easiest baby to love and enjoy.... never one time have I thought, "How do I console you?" You just love life, have smiled since 3 weeks old, wave HI to every single person you run into... you just have a very happy heart!

So much is going to happen in this 2nd year of life... it is going to be soooo exciting! We are extremely excited to grow as a family, get to know each other more, build memories and watch you blossom from our baby into a beautiful toddler!

Happy 1st Birthday, Princess!

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