Friday, August 13, 2010

Inspriation for all my "Mommy" Friends!

So, my friend Jill introduced me to a blog and I am totally addicted to it...

Seriously, this one woman has to be the best mom EVER! I read this for inspiration but then sometimes I don't read it because she makes me feel like the worse mom ever... LOL!

So, my friend Jill has e-mailed her on several occasions and Jill posted one of their e-mail conversations on her blog recently and it just totally made my day and it is something I am going to think about obsessively for the next week or two! Hope you enjoy it!

Hey Kelle, Ok, I love your blog. I read it all the time (sometimes I have to read a months worth in a day cause I get behind). BUT I have so many days where no matter how upbeat and wonderful I want to be and how much I want to suck the marrow out of life, my children just want to suck. No pun intended. They just want to spend the entire day crying, cranky, throwing tantrums, not eating, not napping. Not listening. Doing the opposite of everything I tell them. Getting into things they are not supposed to. Even when I try to distract them with baking, coloring, playdates, picnic, bubbles, etc. Nothing I try seems to be appreciated which makes me feel like a circus ring leader jumping through hoops all day until bedtime and getting nothing in return but more frustrated. You have inspired me to make so many changes but I would love your advice on how you handle these days. Sometimes I am able to distract them enough to turn the day around. But some days I want to sit in the corner and eat my own hair... lol

Interested in sharing a blog post on this subject with your loyal blog followers who may think like me... "how can everyday be so flipping wonderful in her house? Aren't there times she wants to lock herself in a room and barricade the door so she doesn't have to hear one more attitude or tantrum or whining...? LOL Aren't there days when she says I know I don't have a choice but I just don't want to do this today. I wish I had a nanny to come rescue me for a few hours...?"

Have a Happy Fourth Weekend! Heading to Capri? or something even more adventurous?

Jill C.

And here was her reply.

Ha ha. I do have those days once and awhile and I suppose, with more kids, you have more of them. You know what I do when it gets like that? I become a kid. Seriously. If you can't beat 'em, join 'em. When Lainey's is tired and whiney and just demanding my attention, sometimes I know it's going to be like that the entire day because she didn't get a nap or it's just a bad day...and when it does, I just tell myself "nothing's going to get done today, so might as well call it a day" and I give up having to do my stuff and just play. Literally, lie on the floor with her and paint, play-doh, watch a movie (and I try to psych us both up by talking all excitedly and making popcorn and throwing all the pillows off the couch and making a fort)...I try to think what would have totally made my world when I was that age and then I just become a kid and do it with her. Are there days when it just sucks either way? Sure, yes. And there have been a few days where, after she's sleeping, I'll lie next to her and tears will roll down my cheeks and I'll whisper in her ear, "Mama's sorry I lost my cool today. You're just don't know any better."

And when all else fails..."this too shall pass," I tell myself. Tomorrow's always a better day but when you look at things from a kid's perspective and just become a kid for half a day...get excited about what they do, sometimes it helps. There's always a glass of wine too. Ha.

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