Saturday, August 14, 2010

August 3, 2010 = Daniel is 3!

Where do I start??? I really wanted a long time to write this out but between you, my little ball of energy, and taking care of your precious sister... this mama has hardly any free time on her hands! This past year you have made some incredible progress... you have turned from my little baby into a full blown BOY! I love how you communicate with me... we can have REAL chats about life now! Like when I sit down with you in the morning and tell you that I am really going to need you to help me out on a certain day by being good, listening and helping mommy because maybe I had a rough night with Katelyn and I am exhausted... then you will get up and rub my back and play with my hair and tell me you are going to make me look pretty! LOL!

I also LOVE how you give me a grocery list before I leave the store or if I take you to the store, you will remember EVERYTHING I need... like if I was talking to Brendon and just in passing mentioned that we will need more coffee soon... it is like you took a mental note of it and you will remind me that we need coffee! Your memory is incredible!

T.V.... well, it is just not your thing! To be perfectly honest, I am so glad! However, you are completely addicted to Barney! This is the only show you will watch... I have tried every other show out there and you will beg and plea for me to turn it to Barney so I have them recorded for you to watch!

You are sooo sensitive to your friends... like today, your friend Asher was crying because he didn't want to pick up the toys for clean up time at school and you went over to take his hands and tell him you would help him... your heart for your sister is huge! You completely have her bed/ nap time routine down... you say, "Shhh! Shhh! Shhh!" just like we do... you give her blankie or silky to her, and you try to bounce her in her seat all the time repeating, "Shh! Shh! Shh!" You also got really mad at daddy yesterday because he was suctioning her nose out and she was screaming and you thought he was hurting her so you started hitting daddy and telling him to stop hurting your Kate-Kate! After the drama, he explained to you that he would never hurt Katelyn and he was helping her but he was so proud of you for protecting her!

You also are obsessed with arts and crafts... play doh, coloring, painting, markers, stickers, rubbing plates, collage projects, and SCISSORS! My nightmare came true on Sunday when you tried to cut your own hair!

You also are pretty obsessed with getting ready in the morning.... you want out of your jammies immediately and you want to pick out your own clothes, own shoes, own socks, and ALWAYS a hat! You also have to brush your teeth at least once if not 10 times... you do your own hair (you prefer spikey... which is the reason you cut your hair because your hair is too long to spike right now so you were trying to cut it short to make it spikey!) then you have to look at yourself in the mirror... this is where mommy and daddy ohhh! and ahhhh! over you and try to make you feel like a million bucks!

You love your sleep... 7PM on the dot you usually start asking to go to bed... wake up at 7AM the next morning (lately it has been a tad earlier) and you still take a min. 2 hour nap in the afternoon!

You also know what you want to eat... you tell me! You love your sugar but we don't keep it in the house so you also love good food... like when you asked me for a cupcake and broccoli and you ate them together because you happen to like both of them A LOT! You also LOVE celery and cream cheese... I think that and ice cream rank in the same spot!

You LOVE church... when we tell you that Sunday is coming up, you just start screaming, "Hoorrraayyy!" My number one desire for you, my sweet boy, is that you will always know how much your Father God loves you and desires to have a relationship with YOU every single day of your life and that you fall passionately in love with your Creator! If you do this, you will be able to face ANYTHING that comes in your life!

You love your family... you have a wonderful family... I can't even tell you how blessed you are! Whenever you get the opportunity to go to Grandma and Poppy's house or Auntie and Uncle's house, you get soooo excited! And, yes, you like me to take you somewhere EVERYDAY... I have cut back on that since having Katelyn because she is on a newborn schedule of morning and afternoon naps and usually a 3rd nap too but we do manage to get you out of the house enough that you don't go crazy!

You love ANYTHING outdoors... like your bikes, scooters, swimming, basketball and helping daddy wash cars or work on the yard! Literally, you could stay outside from the minute you wake up in the morning until the minute you go to sleep at night! You love the park in the nice weather!

Daniel, I feel like the past three years, I have blinked and we are here! How does that happen? However, this is where I have to insert the fact that I have the most amazing husband and you have an incredible daddy that knew how much I wanted to be a stay at home mommy and he has made this possible by providing so nicely for our family. I have been able to stay home the past three years and spend every day with you and not miss a minute of these most precious years... I will always be able to look back and not have any regrets that I didn't spend these precious days with you! I feel sooooooooooo blessed because I know this is a huge gift that has been given to me and I never want to take it for granted. Well, I AM SO GLAD that we still have so many years in front of us and it is just going to be a blast!

So.... here you are 3 years ago... just having entered this world!

I LOVE the below picture as I look how I felt... HIGH AS A KITE! I was on SO MANY (prescription!) drugs with Daniel's birth... it was crazy!

My face and eyes SO SWOLLEN from crying so much after his birth... it truly was one of the happiest days of my life to hold OUR baby that I had carried for 9 months!

Our NEW family!
Daniel, every August 3rd we will always celebrate in style because you made the below dream come true!

So, on your actual birthday we did a lot... first, it was your 1st day of PRE-SCHOOL!!! You have been asking to go to school for such a long time and I think you were more excited about going to school than going to your birthday party! I didn't get a lot of pictures of you on your 1st day of school because you were acting kind of embarrassed when I started taking pictures so I put the camera away! I came home after dropping you off, put Katelyn down for a nap then I had the whole house to myself and complete quiet.... and I HATED IT! It hit me... some days I wish for this but one day I won't have 2 little babies running around and I will want my crazy days back! So, bring on the craziness... I love it (80% of the time!)

We also got you a kids meal for lunch, Cold Stone Ice Cream, opened presents from all of your family and you had your first Build-a-Bear experience!

Trying to pick out which one you wanted...

Out of all of the adorable teddies, bunnies, etc... you chose the ONE that wasn't even close to a bear... a BASEBALL!

Pressing the pedal to "stuff" it!

Sewing up "Mr. Baseball Man"

You picked out a heart, kissed it and made a wish then the guy put it inside of Mr. Baseball Man

Katelyn, one day you will get to do this... but she seemed content to just watch her brother have a blast!

Here he is... all stuffed or in Build-a-Bear Language... he was just born! LOL!

Bath Time!

Off to the dressing room.. he picked out baseball gear for his guy and sneakers!

I forgot to mention Daniel's love of shoes... so, Mr. Baseball Man had to have shoes and he found shoes that matched his shoes!

Now... you name your bear or baseball and print out the birth certificate! Daniel named the baseball "Mr. Baseball Man!"

Daddy helping out on this part!

Katelyn still having a great time!

Decorating Mr. Baseball's Mans' house!

The proud new owner of Baseball Man!

After this fun experience, we hit up the pretzel shop at the mall and had some fun at Barnes and Noble! We all had a super fun day! Happy Birthday, my sweet Daniel!

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