Friday, August 20, 2010

Wedding #2... in Italy!

Sunday afternoon, we dropped Daniel off with Leigh Anne and Aaron and we took a road trip to Sedona! Of course, any type of road trip REQUIRES Starbucks! If any of you have ever questioned if we took the right baby home from the hospital, look no further for evidence but the picture below! She is a WILSON child all right! She already has a "thing" for Starbucks! LOL!

I carry your heart with me (I carry it in my heart) - e.e cummings

"And sometimes when I am watching her--all four ripe months of her--I squint my eyes and imagine looking at her years ago...Before I was a mama to a GIRL...and I wonder just how astounded I would have been if you told me she was gonna be mine someday. If I could have quite possible believed that I would be so lucky. Or that I would have understood the magnitude of love and happiness and soul-stretching that would occur." - Kelle Hampton (some editing by ME!)

But... yeah, she is mine! AND I am SOOOO happy!

So, we got all settled in our room - totally refreshed by the cool weather and taking in the magnificent scenery of the beautiful Red Rocks then got ready for a very romantic wedding!

Kyle and Jenny chose the chapel at

Tlaquepaque to get married in and it was nothing short of an amazing atmosphere!

I felt like I had just stepped on to the streets of a cute little village in Italy!

Can we just say... SECRET GARDEN!

I was completely overtaken with the beauty of this place... Italian architecture/ design/ decor has ALWAYS been my favorite! So, with my princess on my hip, we strolled the little streets snapping all the images that were totally inspiring to me!

Mamma and her Baby Girl!

Sigh! My blessings in life (minus my D man!) who I missed so much but who was having a blast with his Auntie (so much so that he kept asking to go back to her after I picked him up!)

Katelyn... mouth open... trying to give me a kiss!=)

Seriously, stone tunnels... AMAZING!

So, she has totally carved a super deep place in her daddy's heart... he was so nervous/ anxious/ worried how he was going to respond to her after she was born since she was a girl... he totally connected and knew how to bond with his boy but he had no idea how this relationship was going to require no effort. Just this morning... I was getting out of the shower and Brendon was lying in bed with Katelyn tucked right against him... they were having snuggle time! I told him it was time to get up and get ready... and he said, just leave us for 5 more minutes... these are some of the most precious moments of my day... then my heart just completely melted on the floor!

Okay... I want my backyard to look like THIS!

The corridor with lamps... B.E.A.U.T.I.F.U.L.

Stone/ Concrete Cross... yikes! Spectacular!

The wedding started at 7:45 in the evening... candle lit, evening wedding/ reception = totally romantic!

What an entrance for the reception!!!!! It was dark by now so my camera wasn't taking very good pics=(

The reception was nothing short of MAGICAL! Just imagine... Amazing food, romantic music, flickering lights, great friends = a SUPER FUN NIGHT!

Oh... and if it didn't get any better, the bride and groom walk across a bridge and enter on a grand staircase into their reception!

Well... the magical, fairy tale wedding ended very late and our Princess Katelyn did amazing the whole night... she is the most flexible baby ever. BUT... that night, she came down with a stuffy nose (I think she has allergies like me because I had started the stuffy nose, watery eyes, sneezing routine a couple of days prior) and she did NOT have a good night that night in the hotel. She had slept like a champion since her birth but this night (and for the next two weeks!) we were up 4 - 8 times/ night! The GOOD NEWS is that we are back to sleeping through the night and an awesome day time routine as well!

The next morning we slept in and had a nice breakfast at the hotel then did a little shopping then did a beautiful drive to Flagstaff for lunch then back to Chandler to pick our big boy up! What a great weekend!

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Matthew, Meghan, Madeline, & Marabelle said...

You look AMAZING!!!! I just love all the beautiful bows in K's hair! Did you make those!? Sounds like things are going well...but, SLOW DOWN girlfriend! :) I just started back at the gym on Saturday- Marabelle turned 8 weeks and was allowed in the daycare...ahhhhh-it feels so good! I know! I know! Hugs!