Wednesday, August 25, 2010

American Girl Doll!

So.... Saturday afternoon I came home from the shower and there was a box on the front porch... Brendon told me it was to Katelyn from American Girl.... I almost screeched, "ARE YOU SERIOUS?" It totally brought me back to Christmas when I was 8 years old... I couldn't open that box fast enough to find out what was inside!!!!!!!!!!

So, if I back up several years... my roommate from college from my sophomore year became one of my very BEST friends. One of our favorite conversations was finding out we both LOVED American Girl dolls when we were little... we would laugh and reminisce about which dolls we had, which outfits we had, furniture, etc! We would talk about looking through the catalog for what seemed like hours at a time!

So... guess what she sent Katelyn???? That is right... an American Girl doll to look like her... blond hair, blue eyes, and fair skin! And a rose petal outfit to match her room!!!!!!!!

My husband thought I had lost my mind!!!!! I handed him the catalog and told him TO GET READY because this was going to be the talk of our house in a few years!

I know you think I am crazy but since I have been pregnant, I have been trying to decide which birthday I was going to take Katelyn for a trip to LA or NY to visit the American Girl Store and attend one of their fashion shows and tea parties... take her doll to the hair salon, etc! I know I will have no problem talking Sara Grace into joining us for this excursion... honestly it will be an excuse for us to re-live part of our childhood again!!!

So, for now, Katelyn is my REAL LIFE American Girl Doll!

The best part is that one day I will be able to show Katelyn these pictures of when she was the same size as her doll=)

Thank you, Sara Grace, for the very thoughtful gift! It was just too perfect!


The Juarez Family said...

Good to know someone loves American Girl as much as I do! My husband also thought I was crazy when we were in Chicago a few years ago and I drug him into the American Girl Place...he was raised with only brothers. I can't wait to get Rylie her own doll as well as get my old ones out for her to play with! :)

Danielle, Brendon & Daniel said...

Oh Bethany!!! Our girls HAVE to be BFF's now!!! LOL! So, which birthday are we taking them on their American Girl trip???? =)

Jill Carilli said...

OMG this post was so hilarious! Danielle you are too much. I love how much you are enjoying your baby girl. XO

Unknown said...

Yes!!! I am ready to plan our trip now..."NYC 2016 American Girl Doll Besties and Their Babies" trip!! I need to have a baby girl soon:-) The AG catalog just arrived today and I found myself wishing it was Katelyn's birthday:-) Love you so much! SO ready to you and your beautiful "doll"!