Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Sick Days!

So, I pick up Daniel from pre-school and he is whining and begging me to go home... the teacher said that he wanted to sit on his mat most of the day and it was hard to get him up to participate in activities... she said he was in a very observant mood. I was thinking this is NOT the Daniel that I know... we get out of the neighborhood of pre-school and everything he was trying to hold in, he just totally let out and started bawling his eyes. I pulled over and asked what was wrong and he said he wanted to go home. Now, I am totally freaked out thinking what happened at pre-school... I called Brendon basically hyperventilating that something terrible must have happened... we finally get home and he goes straight to the couch... asks for Barney and for lunch. I turned around and he was out!

Now, I knew something was really wrong so I went over to feel his head and he was burning up... this poor kid was sick! So, he slept the rest of the afternoon!

Now, my juggling act is keeping K away from Daniel so she doesn't get sick!

So, this morning we painted with the new paints he got for his birthday!

Then we had movie and popcorn time!

I have really fond memories of being sick when I was little because I actually had fun with my mom waiting on me hand and foot... hope its the same for my kiddos too!

Get better soon, Daniel!


Tanya said...

Poor Daniel. I hope he is feeling better soon. I hope he liked all his birthday gifts from the group!

Jill Carilli said...

That stinks D. I hate when my kids are sick. Hope he is better soon and K doesn't get it. Kisses to them both.